22 Perfect (and Easy) Summer Dinner Party Ideas

The summer season is one of the best times of year to do some entertaining. Aside from the fact that the weather is warming from dawn to dusk, the blooming flowers and trees serve as the perfect backdrop to do some entertaining of family members and friends.

Whether it’s a small group of couples or an even larger crowd, dinner parties are a great way to celebrate all that the summer has to offer. And these summer dinner party ideas will make you the kind of host that no one will soon forget!

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Use light bulbs as mini vases

Use light bulbs as mini vases/via

If you’re planning on hosting your party before the sunsets, you won’t need much artificial light. That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of your light bulbs, though. If you unscrew the base of the bulb and pull out the light, you can then replace it with water and some small flowers. Then with the help of a bit of wiring, you can hang them from your porch or tree branches.

Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad/via

Fresh fruit goes hand in hand with summertime. If you’re thinking about making a summer salad, ditch the bowls and serve it in some champagne flutes or wine glasses instead.

Make some peach lemonade

Make some peach lemonade/via

Lemonade is basically the official drink of summer. Adding a bit of peach will turn the tart taste into something extra sweet.



So, what about your party’s decor? Bohemian is a big fashion trend. It’s also a beautiful way to decorate your event as well. A printed tablecloth, some big throw pillows and sheer pieces of fabric (that you can hang from the trees) will make all of your guests feel easy, breezy and beautiful.

Citrus and floral centerpieces

Citrus and floral centerpieces/via

If you would prefer that everyone gather around a table, how about these centerpieces? All you need are some clear vases, some sliced citrus fruit (preferably lemons or limes) and any flowers of your pick.

A boat cooler

A boat cooler/via

If you’re lucky enough to live by a lake or (even luckier) a beach, you may own a boat that you fish out of or go kayaking in. For your party, pull it out, fill it to the brim with ice and put some bottled drinks instead. Trust us, it’s one of the coolest coolers your guests will have ever seen.

A taco buffet

A taco buffet/via

So, what should you serve that’s delicious but doesn’t require a ton of work on your part? How about a taco buffet? All you need are some taco shells and a variety of ingredients like shredded beef, chicken, fish, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and condiments like salsa and sour cream.

Drink bar

Drink bar/via

When it’s hot outside, people tend to do a lot of drinking. Rather than constantly refilling pitchers, pour some iced tea, water and lemonade into big glass containers. That way, people can easily serve themselves throughout the evening.

Paper bag menus

Paper bag menus/via

Don’t you just love this idea for a menu? Just get out a Sharpie and write out what you’ll be serving on some brown paper bags and then place the menus on some cloth napkins. (It’s a crime that something this cute could be so easy to make!)

Super sweet kabobs

Super sweet kabobs/via

There are all kinds of ways to serve up kabobs. One of them is with the help of some strawberries, chocolate and marshmallows. It’s a great appetizer or dessert.

Cucumber cups

Cucumber cups/via

Speaking of appetizers, something else that you might want to try are some cucumber cups. Simply slice some large chucks, cut a whole in the middle of them and fill them up with some sour cream, chives and bacon bits. They’re both light and yummy too.

Ice cream bar

Ice cream bar/via

It’s an absolute must that you have some ice cream! Creating an ice cream bar is how people can enjoy everything from an ice cream cone to a fudge sundae to a banana split.

Serve some popsicles (with alcohol)

Serve some popsicles (with alcohol)/via

If you want to offer up a way for your guests to beat the heat, serve up some popsicles—only with a twist. Rather than fruit juice, freeze some margaritas or sangrias. It’s a “grown way” to enjoy a childhood treat.

A watermelon punch bowl

A watermelon punch bowl/via

Another creative idea is to serve your drinks in a watermelon bowl. First, with an ice cream scooper, create some watermelon balls. Then once the shell is empty, pour the drink of your choice instead. Another bonus to this tip is that it’s biodegradable. Great for your guests and the environment. Awesome.

Design and drink-and-dessert table

Design and drink-and-dessert table/via

Presentation is everything. Some flowers and candles are all you need to make a drink-and-dessert table appealing.

Mason jar place settings

Mason jar place settings/via

Are you planning a down home BBQ? Or maybe you’re going to dish up some homemade soul food. Either way, these mason jar place settings will fit the bill. The handkerchiefs are perfect for napkins and the mason jars are ideal for drinking out of.

Fruit and meat kabobs

Fruit and meat kabobs/via

Another tasty kind of appetizer is a fruit and meat kabob. Grilled pineapples go well with everything from ham to turkey sausage.

BBQ prepping

BBQ prepping/via

Barbeque tastes so good! But there’s no way that you can really enjoy it unless you make a bit of a mess. Some warm and damp hand towels, rolled up with a ribbon, will help everyone to clean up nicely after digging in.

A burger and fries buffet

A burger and fries buffet/via

Here’s another great idea: Who doesn’t like burger and fries? The only thing that can top that is a burger and fries buffet (especially if there are beef, turkey and bean burgers to choose from).

Tie-dye napkins

Tie-dye napkins/via

Tie-dye napkins are pretty easy to make. All you need are some white cloth napkins, some paint or food coloring and brushes. Your kids will have a ball helping you design them.

Label the glasses

Label the glasses/via

This idea serves two purposes: They can be a place setting and then can be an adult-style party favor. All you need is some chalkboard paint. Apply a small amount, allow it to dry completely (preferably overnight) and then write each guest’s name with some chalk.

Easy wine bottle candle holders

Easy wine bottle candle holders/via

If you want to have a romantic table setting, instead of traditional candle holders, use some empty wine bottles instead. It’s a great way to recycle any that you may have in your home, plus they are a nice conversation piece.

Sophisticated Printed Skater High Low Dresses for Party Ideas – Designers Outfits Collection

Printed high low skater dress is one of the lovely cool summer evening wear. This colorful floral stripped printed style skater high low dress is stitched with modern style. Sleeves, below the elbow sleeves design illusion neckline backless or deep V neckline style skater high low short summer dresses.

Chiffon, cotton, or silk made pretty luxurious dresses bring versatile glam on their modern look and get dreamy charm on their wearing look. You may also try for your gorgeous styling and get tremendous glam on their modern look.

Silk floral printed skater high low dress looks:

Colorful floral printed high low skater dress is designed with sleeveless V neckline silk made skater dress can style up their look with two different pose. Their front or side pose dress detail can appeal their look with ankle strappy heeled sandal. Their evening party styling make impressive their look.

Sleeveless floral skater high party dress:

Floral printed illusion neckline sleeveless skater high low dress is looking fabulous and get luxurious charm with their cotton made dress. Their lovely summer styling skater asymmetric dress can paired with silver metallic strappy heeled sandal. Let try for your evening gathering and groom up their gorgeous summer look.

Spaghetti strap deep V skater high low dress:

Spaghetti strapped deep V neckline skater asymmetrical floral printed evening dress can glimpse tremendous charm on them with fancy heeled sandal. Their fancy sandal can also paired their matching earrings is ready for any formal occasion and grab the attention with their trendy summer floral asymmetric dress.

Chic yellow flora printed backless skater high low attire:

Here you can see front back pose of their chic floral printed high low skater dress. Lemon yellow colored chic colorful printed illusion neckline sleeveless high low dress is backless on side pose look. Their cool summer dress can paired with silver metallic ankle strappy chunky heeled sandal and flap over hand carry bag style.

Summer floral print high low skater dress poses:

Backless u shaped neckline style skater high low floral printed white dress is contrasted with gold strappy high heeled sling back sandal. Their lovely summer chic cool style cotton dress can get comfy hue on their wearing wit stylish heeled sandal. Let try for summer evening look on your friends gathering party and get center of attention with their unique outfit style.

Stripped print with floral boarder skater high low dress:

Black and white stripped elbow sleeves skater high low floral boarder dress brings versatile hue on their modern styling. Their trendy summer outfit can paired with statement necklace or round earring style jewelry can scent their summer evening look and give enchanting glam on their modern look.

Off shoulder floral high low dress style:

Wow! Off the shoulder floral printed high low summer skater dress can appeal their evening styling with black ankle strappy sandal and give enchanting glam on their modern look. High quality material is used in this dress and gets luxurious hue on their wearing idea.

Pretty high low skater floral print party wears:

Illusion neckline sleeveless high low skater dress is designed with red floral printed peach color summer outfit. This fantastic floral printed high low skater summer evening dress can groomed their gorgeous look with their black high heeled ankle strappy sandal. Let try on this summer and get splendid touch on them.

Craft DIY: Squash Book Party – Ideas 4 Women’s Ministry

“What is a Squash Book?”, you ask?


A Squash Book is a three-dimensional “scrapbook of sorts” which opens up in such a manner that it resembles a squash!  The idea is not new, and many Squash Books were hand-made during WWII by sweethearts who placed photos, love notes, and mementos from their soldiers into the pockets of the Squash Book. I’ll never forget discovering Grandma’s Squash Book, filled with memories of “Charlie”, my grandfather, who died long before I’d ever been born. The stories that she told me, as she ran her fingers over each note, bible verse, postcard, stamp, button or photo tucked inside the pockets; were priceless. They revealed her love for him and introduced me to a man I’d never known.  Aren’t Grandmas wonderful?

The Squash Book Party has great potential for bringing generations together, for celebrating family, loves, and friendship.  You will find that it has great cross-over value for many of your programs!  Children love it (Create the best Mother’s Day cards ever!), seniors, young adults…But TEACH A WOMAN, and you will have created interest, self-esteem- and they will teach others! Inspiration is contagious.

Setting the Scene for your Squash Book Party: 

  • Print off the document*: Squash Book DIY Tutorial.pdf and make a sample. Invite others! Show it off!…Your sample will sell the program!  “Wow!” Your women will say, “I have got to go!”  *found on your accompanying ResourceCD.
  • Place supplies on the table. (all listed in the tutorial). Print enough of the DIY Tutorials for each of your women. The cost for these supplies is minimal, and you may already have most on hand.
  • Program Elements:
    1. Refreshments: Tastes from a generation gone by. Grandma’s best Banana Bread, Zucchini, or Pumpkin Bread. If sharing a meal: Crockpot Vegetable Soup and muffins. Let the scrumptious smells fill the room!
    2. Shared Traditions: If not done as a group activity, the Squash Book can be made ahead and shared as a “demonstration”. Instead, focus on memories and traditions shared which connect us generationally. You might request that each woman bring a trinket or treasure that she would “put in a pocket” to be found by the next generation… Take turns sharing the significance of these items (loves, lessons learned, inspiration).
    3. Making the Squash Book: Following the DIY Tutorial Instructions, with step by step photos, creation of these books should take 45 minutes to an hour.   It is important to have made a sample, so that you will be able to help your women be successful!  Be sure to generate positive conversation around the table, noting how each one looks so wonderful!
  • Devotional:

“Glory Stories”

Luke 24: 1-2 is a “pause” in scripture where all of the Old and New Testaments’ come into focus, and we are left breathless…”It is absolutely, without a doubt TRUE”, we whisper.  From the very beginning, God knew just how far we would fall and He set his rescue plan into motion. The prophets foretold it, history marks the date of Christ’s coming, of his ministry and death; and in what seems too horrific to imagine, the obedient, innocent Son, is put to death. “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” he cries (Luke 23:46). And the sky goes black, and the thunder roars…the curtain of the Temple is torn in two. It’s over.

These women saw the whole gruesome scene play out.  There is no record of their hiding themselves away as did most of the disciples. Joseph of Arimathea is granted permission to take Jesus’ body, placing it in his tomb, and scripture tells us that the women went with him. They are eye-witnesses, seeing firsthand the One they love now laid to rest.

Early on the morning after the Sabbath is over, they come to the tomb. They, with tear stained faces go to wrap him and gently prepare his broken body with spices as was their custom. These are women who had seen Jesus’ in his day to day ministry as he’d loved, taught, healed… and Oh! How this Son of Man reached out the poor, to the untouchable, the unclean, and treated women in a way that went against all cultural norms!

“Is the Father like the Son? Could it be so?” they might wonder.” The Father smiles.

The risen Christ shows himself first to women.  This gender, whose testimony would not stand up in court and whose voices were rarely heard. Even the disciples thought their words to be nonsense. (vs 11). Yet to the marginalized, He comes.

“And the stone was rolled away” (vs.2).  All of history converges on this moment where yesterday and tomorrow meet. “They remembered his words (vs 8).  In an instant it all came flooding back! Christ’s teachings, his love, the prophecies, and God’s promise that forgiveness is now given to all people in all generations as they reach out to him in faith, believing.  It’s true! God is with us!  Immanuel.

The finest news in all creation is that there is hope and that it is ours to live and to share as a personal “glory story”. I would ask each of you today; “If someone were to look through the pockets of your life, what stories might they find? And would they find Jesus?” I challenge you, as loved women of God, to tell His story over and over; carrying on the legacy of the women who walked through darkest pain and sorrow, only to see him face to face.

modern kid party ideas

Such good party ideas from around the web lately! I’ve got parties on the brain with my soon to be 6 year olds birthday tomorrow! You can catch all Small Fry’s original party ideas in our Party tab but here are some of my favorites: Dinosaur Party // Big Hero 6 // Cal’s Favorite Foods.…

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Sweet Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Celebrate love with your little ones with these sweet Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids.

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Hi friends, I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! We’ve been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures lately which have been a nice change from the deep freeze we had a few weeks ago. The sun has been shining in between bouts of rainy days, and the best part is the snow has almost completely melted. It’s a nice little break before we get hit with more winter weather.

It almost feels as if spring has arrived, which I think is why I had so much fun with today’s post. It was one of those projects that I really enjoyed putting together…it was simple, fun and creative. Bringing in fresh flowers and decorating with pops of blush was a breath of fresh air and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂 

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I didn’t really put much thought into before we had Zoe. Nick and I would always buy each other a little gift of some sort and we would always make plans have a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant, but truthfully it always seemed just like any other day.  But just like every other holiday since our little one arrived almost three years ago, Valentine’s Day has become extra special. 

So I thought it would be fun to put together this cute little Valentine’s Day party so that we could have a bit of extra fun on a sunny afternoon, and share a few simple Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids with all of you.

get the look

When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of the color pink. This soft, sweet color is both playful and romantic, which makes it perfect for this holiday, whether you’re celebrating with your kiddos or your partner. And it was definitely the starting off point for planning this tablescape (and another one I will be sharing next week!). 

I came across this beautiful velvet table runner in blush earlier this week and fell in love. It is simply so pretty, but I debated whether I really needed a blush velvet table runner…I mean how often would I actually use it? But in the end, my heart beat out logic and I left the store with it in hand, along with these two beautiful velvet blush pillows with gold zippers. And after thinking about it, I decided I’ll be able to use it plenty throughout the spring months and Easter holiday (blush really is a neutral in my opinion). 🙂 

While I was out I also grabbed a few yummy treats and pretty florals to complete our little party. 

This was such an easy table to set, but I think it’s so beautiful in its simplicity. It is effortless and inexpensive, which makes it perfect for any kid-friendly Valentine’s Day party. 

For the centerpiece, I used three pale pink hydrangeas placed in a small white pot and stacked it on a few of our beaded white dessert plates to give it a little bit of height. I accentuated it with four small arrangements, made up of a white hydrangea, a pink rose, and a few carnations buds. I actually used stemless wine glasses as the vases for these, but any small glass vase would do the trick. Flower arrangements don’t have to be grand (and expensive) to make a statement, small clusters of inexpensive flowers will have just the same impact. 

A small white pitcher also in the center holds a few pieces of gold flatware.

Each place setting is simple and informal. I used our everyday dishes and placed a blue and white striped kitchen towel in between the plates to use as napkins. Kids can get messy and in my opinion, the bigger the napkin the better.

Instead of glasses, I used vintage-inspired milk bottles and paper straws. I thought it was a fun element to incorporate, and what kid doesn’t love using a straw? To stick with our pink Valentine’s Day palette I used strawberry milk. We’ve never had it before, but Zoe thought it was the best thing she’s tried in a long time. 

On top of each plate, I placed a wood berry basket filled with mini powdered donuts and tied it with dainty pink ribbon. Now, giving each kid at your party a basket full of sugar is probably not what you’ll want to do, but I thought if you wrapped it in cellophane or a cloth napkin (before you tied it with ribbon) it would make a sweet party favor to take home.

But as you can see our little one dug right in and shared a few bites with her furry friend. 😉   

I also placed a piece of art and a little bunny from Zoe’s bedroom on the sideboard, a simple touch added a youthful element.

And that’s all it took to plan this simple, but sweet Valentine’s Day party. My best advice when planning a party for your little ones is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it with elaborate decorations or food, they are there for the fun and the memories and want you to be a part of it too (not running around trying to make sure every detail is perfect). Enjoy yourself and enjoy making those memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

Alicia xo 

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Camp Themed Birthday Party Ideas


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Throwing a summer camp themed birthday party is a great idea for the kid who just can’t get enough of camp! Whether it’s summer and your child is missing out on camp, or if you’re looking to bring a touch of summer to the cold winter, here are some easy ways to bring summer camp to you!
Camp Essentials
Décor plays a major factor in bringing in the summer camp feel. Decorating ideas could include:

  • Campfire! Even if you don’t have a roaring fire, you can evoke one using votive candles surrounded by rocks, twigs, pinecones, or whatever other outdoorsy touches you’d like to add.
  • Classic outdoorsy prints like plaid or gingham create a cozy camping atmosphere.
  • Lanterns will add to the magical atmosphere; you can find affordable ones at Ikea!

Food And Drink
Because of the camp theme, you can keep the refreshments simple. Fresh fruit, especially summery fruit like watermelon, veggies, trail mix, dried fruit, and chips are all easy munchies that will remind everyone of their summer camp days.
For a more substantial meal, nothing beats a barbeque! Hotdogs and hamburgers are easy and satisfying meal. Sides could include corn on the cob, potato salad, or fries. The main event however, is of course the S’mores! There are so many ways to incorporate this classic dessert into the party.
DIY S’mores are also a great activity for the kids, provided there is a space for cooking. Providing graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate is fun enough, but you could also get creative with the toppings. Peanut butter, cookie dough, banana slices, butterscotch… the list of sugary delights goes on and on! If DIY S’mores isn’t an option, they can always be incorporated into the birthday cake itself, as in the example here. S’mores inspired recipes are endless—cupcakes, cakes, pies, ice-cream—all can be found within a single internet search.
One of the best parts of throwing a camp themed birthday (aside from the s’mores), are the many choices of activities to keep the atendees occupied. A big part of camp is sports. If you have the space, setting up areas for kids to play volleyball, badminton, frisbee or soccer will keep them occupied for hours.
There are still lots of camp themed activities that guests can do indoors. Arts and crafts are a big part of camp. The guests could weave friendship bracelets, or work on their painting or drawing. Buying items like pillowcases or volleyballs that the kids can then decorate themselves is a great way to combine an activity with a party favor!
Between the decorations, activities, and refreshments, it’s easy to bring summer camp to you and your family!

    Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 2018

    Your little princess is turning one and you’ve made it this far, so it’s now time to celebrate her 1st birthday and you being an amazing mum of course!

    This 1st birthday girl event and the more you put in the more you will get out. This old proverb and your beautiful little girl are 2 great reasons for you to celebrate in style.

    There are loads of different 1st birthday party themes to consider and you have probably been to a few in your time yourself. I personally remember a friend’s little girls mermaid birthday party and there were themed decorations, cupcakes, and balloons to match. Everyone was stunned and all the effort she put in has lasted right up unto this day.

    There are loads of 1st birthday ideas for baby girls and throughout this, you will find some of the best.

    Considerations and planning

    Make sure to plan out everything you will need and the planning is what makes this easy remember! Normally for a good party with 20-30 guests, I recommend giving yourself an 8-week window to get everything perfect.

    8 weeks to Birthday  – Themes and locations are always an essential beginning. This involves research and sees if the theme is compatible. Then make a guest list of all the people coming and with these thoughts fluttering think about a length of time. Most parties are around 2-4 hours for babies and no-doubt your baby girl will want a sleep too.

    7 weeks and counting – Send invitations to the party, reserve locations, and tables/chairs if needed. Sometimes hired entertainment makes the party stand-out and fun, especially with a fun kids clown. Researching the necessary foods, wear and cake options.

    4 – 6 weeks –  Games make the party loads of fun and the more the better. Find good music and make sure to order the cake with a name on it, if doing so.

    3 weeks and counting – Decorations, high chair ones and gift bags as a gesturing touch to finish. Make sure to create a menu that won’t go out of date quickly. This will decrease the stress on the day.

    2 weeks and slightly panicking – party wear and the outfit must look amazing. Make a schedule and a plan for the day’s events, because moms like to plan ahead. Food labels are always a good idea and make sure you have props and table wear.

    1 week until she is one – Make sure to get everything spotless and looking great. Plan the food prep and making. Call venues and make sure all reserved is on schedule.

    Last minute madness – Ice, pick up all last-minute items, cakes, and drinks. Flowers are nice at a birthday party, so if not get yourself some. Arrange furniture, tables, chairs and have the venue ready.

    1st Birthday Party – Inflate the balloons, curl the ribbons, arrange flowers and get the place ready. This includes the high chairs and decoration both on the ceilings and floor. Make sure the camera is out and loads of pictures of the cake are taken. Smash the cake and get a picture with a banner behind her. Lights on and off for the candle moment and don’t forget to sing happy birthday… hehe…

    The day after – Sending a thank you note of appreciation after the birthday party makes them recall and remember the special day. This classic touch makes memories last and friendships too…

    Planning and organizing this kinda event can be kind tricky and sometimes deciding on a particular theme or structure is the hardest part. Part of you might be saying Disney themed with Mickey-Mouse and another wanting it to be a Peppa-Pig. Whatever you do choose will be amazing, let’s get that straight first of all, however, let’s explore some of the weird and wonderful, glitter&glam and find one your heart screams out as PERFECT!!

    I have put a list of some of the best 1st birthday themed party ideas to get things started and hopefully, something screams out at you:

    • Peppa pig party ideas
    • Marvelous mermaids party ideas for kids
    • Twinkle twinkle little star ideas
    • Under the sea thankyou mermaid birthday
    • Pink and gold first birthday
    • kitty cat 1st birthday theme
    • Unicorn party theme
    • Rainbow party colorful and bright
    • Perfect little princess and all in pink
    • Butterfly 1st birthday theme
    • Winnie the Pooh birthday theme
    • Disney lion-kings first birthday theme
    • Mad hatter tea party theme with all the weird and wonderful to go with it
    • Candy land ideas
    • Minnie mouse all red and fabulous
    • Winter wonderland ideas
    • A bohemian baby party for all to enjoy
    • Wild and wonderful elephant theme
    • Enchanted fairy themes for their imaginations to run wild

    These are some amount to choose from out there and you might already have seen some listed that have your imagination buzzing with ideas. I have a few I personally love and hope you don’t mind me sharing…

    Peppa Pig is a favorite among many and you have loads of beautiful ways to make your themed party amazing…

    There are loads of ways to customize your party and make it extra-special for everyone to see just how much your little girl means to you. I have put together some that might spark some interest and get ideas flowing to you..

    Peppa Pig customization birthday invitations 

    This is a great way to go above and beyond most and this will make sure to set the tone and type of party this will be.

    • This allows you to fully customize and make it your own, so the little birthday girl can have all her friends come along.
    • This is highly glossy and stands out with rich vibrant color.
    • There are 20 invitations with 20 envelopes.
    • They will not print until your final approval, but once your happy with it just approve and they aim to delivery really quickly.
    • Super-easy to stay in touch – themelangemarket@gmail.com

    Once you have chosen a type of invitations it’s time for choosing the decorations and there are loads to choose from. Remember a lot of decoration always makes the day special and that’s why everything from Balloons to twirly-swirls highlighting the princesses 1st birthday is a must-have! Here are some ideas of possible decorations to brighten your space up and let everyone know it’s party-time.

    Decoration kit with every type of balloon 

    • Making the magic happen needs party balloons and organizing any party without them seems sad to me.
    • Baby girls love balloons and this mix will make things bright and wonderful.
    • The pink, gold, white mix is a decorative collection and adds a dynamic element to brighten things up.

    Fluffy decorations with danglers and 1st birthday themes in pink 

    • These fluffy decorations dangle from where you choose and make the room stunning and glamorous.
    • The fluffy feel and look is great for adding a sparkle to the day.
    • There is only 3 in this pack, but with a few additional you can make an average birthday space turn into an awesome event.

    Once the invitations, decorations, and balloons are out the way the next thing to tick off the list is what kinda of a cake should you get. There has been a growing trend to get a mud pie birthday cake theme, one that they can really enjoy the way a baby wants. Messy it is and yes you’ll have some wiping up to do, but the photos will last forever. The smash cake idea means, if you’re going ahead with it, you’ll need an outfit and a cake to match, both are gonna get messy, but only one will get eaten hopefully..
    Another thing to consider is the 1st birthday outfit and this is gonna be important for her special day. Pink is most popular and for a party, the more she glows with cuteness the better in my opinion, so go bright and beautiful.

    Birthday tutu onesie skirt 

    • This is a soft cotton material and ideal for young girls on their birthday.
    • The golden one with crown theme mixed with multi-colored skirt makes this adorable and a must-have dress for the day.
    • This would work no matter them and the princess will look perfect in this, especially with the headband.

    Here are some ideas on what things to consider when choosing the right colors, decorations, and food when getting the party started. The unicorn themed party for a baby girl is another special one and the ones made to look like a magical unicorn will be a treat for everyone.

    The rainbow theme is just stunning and the color is vibrant, which all young girls like. This is an easy choice of theme because of all the bright toys, foods and unlimited potential decorations.

    Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 2018

    Super Sizzling Disney Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

    Super Sizzling Disney Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

    Zahida |


    Disney is considered as cartoon world which is directly connected with mentalities of kids on behalf of their exclusive and funny cartoon series like bugs bunny, Donald duck, loony tunes, princess stories and a lot more.

    Current presentation

    Our currently mentioned presentation is correlated with display of accessible and surprising ideas to give out Disney style birthday party toward your kids as a present.

    Disney princess style birthday party idea for kids

    Kids seems to be obsessive regarding disney world. They usually made their minds that they are part of disney world too and want to meet their favorite characters and also to dress like them as well.

    While seeking through likes and dislikes of kids and for ease of parents, we have drafted several birthday party arrangement ideas for kids which are wholly inspired from disney world and its characters as well.

    our current drafted segment is correlated with disney princess party decoration in which every single thing is based upon disney princess style.

    Mickey mouse style birthday party idea for kids

    Micky mouse: micky mouse is considered as oldest and utmost favorite cartoon character of disney world which is seen by every person in his/her young age as well.  nowadays mickey mouse still considered as utmost favorite cartoon character as well.

    We have drafted mickey mouse inspired birthday party theme ideas for kids which involves each and every segment in mickey mouse style from decoration to feast table and feast items as well. it would be loveable present for your kid on his/her birthday.

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    3 last minute party ideas for the summer

    Summer is in full swing here in South Africa. What an amazing time of year it is to be in South Africa. The weather is warm, the skies are blue and the atmosphere everywhere is one of happiness and joy. It is a gorgeous season to celebrate so spend some quality time outdoors with family and friends while the evenings are longer and the temperature is balmy.

    Summer parties do not need to be immaculately planned events, rather they can be spontaneous events such as a pool party on the weekend. Celebrate Summer at home with a fun and vibrant pool party with friends. Spend time floating in the water on lillos or taking a cooling dip in the pool in between tanning sessions in the sun equipped with large sun hats, dark glasses and SPF. Set up a braai and ask your friends to bring a food dish to the party and share amongst everyone. Here are some food ideas that are wonderful for sharing – watermelon, basil and feta salad, garlic bread, creamy potato salad and grilled meat to help keep your guests happy. Top the day off with an ice cream to complete the perfect summer meal. To compliment the food spread, we recommend preparing a fruity punch to enjoy under the sun. To make your punch mix lemonade, fruit concentrate, ginger beer, alcohol of your choice, fresh fruit pieces and, finally top it up with loads of ice to keep the punch nice and chilled.

    We suggest buying/ hiring some blow up pool toys such as lillos in the shapes of swans or donuts to add elements of fun to the event. Why not get some sporty toys such as water cricket or volleyball? Remember to set up a few large standing garden umbrellas to protect everyone from the sun and keep a bottle of sunscreen close at hand to lather up and keep your skin protected from the harsh UV rays.

    Another great way to celebrate Summer is to meet for a picnic at the local botanical garden, forest or dam. Summer should be celebrated in the great outdoors and by enjoying a picnic you can go almost anywhere to enjoy your meal with friends. It is an easy way to meet a lot of people with minimal work as everyone is responsible for their own meal. Pack your picnic basket with finger food and drinks and take your picnic blanket with you. Follow your nose to a picnic spot where you can enjoy nature in all its glory. The wonderful thing about going on a picnic is that it truly is a family affair. Everyone has a great time, mom and dad are able to sit back and relax as all the cooking and preparation has been done while the kids can play all day with soccer balls, skimming stones, building forts, climbing trees and so much more. You may even be tempted to close your eyes and have a nap in the sunshine or read your book while enjoying the fresh air.

    Remember to pack your insect repellent to repel those irritating bugs that come out in the heat including (but not limited to) mosquitoes, ants and other creepy crawlies. The most important thing is to have is sunscreen on hand as well as hat to protect yourself from the sun. It is very important to protect yourselves from the harsh African sun that can cause skin damage.

    The final last minute party idea we have is to throw a garden party outside. Gardens in summer are full of beautiful green plants, happy flowers and ancient trees. The trees make for a shady canopy over your table, protecting you from the harsh sun while enjoying the gentle breeze blowing through the leaves. Set up your table under the trees and prepare a summers meal filled with fresh vegetables and use seasonal fruit such as mango’s, litchis, pineapples and more. Play some soothing music in the background to compliment the sounds of the birds tweeting in the background. Light some candles to add to the atmosphere and pick a colour theme to celebrate the warmth and vibrancy of the season. Summer is all about bright colours and fun, do not be conservative rather be bold and pick vibrant colour combinations such as pink and orange or why not blue and purple? Hang some paper Chinese lanterns in the trees in the same/ complimentary colours to add some pops of colour to the natural surroundings.

    For all these parties remember to have lots of hydration available for your guests. The African sun can be very hot and the last thing you want is to end the party with heat stroke due to spending too much time in the sun and not drinking enough fluids. So have fun enjoying this glorious time of year – remember everything does not need to be perfect, it is more important to celebrate spending time with friends and family laughing together and creating memories that will last a life time.