Simple Picnic Party Ideas

Amp up the wow-factor at your next summer gathering with a picnic theme that even the most uncreative party planners can pull off. We’ve found the most amazing picnic parties ideas from around the web and highlighted their most fun features. The best part? These ideas are super simple to execute. Scroll down to get inspired.

photo: Bill Dickinson via Flickr


While nothing screams picnic more than red and white gingham, there are plenty of other creative and artistic ways to add flair to your toddler’s gathering. See how to stun your guests from the get-go.

photo: Party Loves

Smile before entering this vintage summer party! Party Loves greeted their guests with a colorful chalkboard, a cost-effective and unique idea that lets you get your art on.

photo: courtesy Studio DIY

How adorable are these fruit-inspired party hats from Studio DIY? Easy to make, they can double as a party favor! We’ve got even more fun paper hats here.

photo: courtesy Party Delights

Bee Hive Lanterns
Your guests will be buzzing with excitement over this creative and easy picnic party idea. Head over to Party Delights to find out what you’ll need.

Family Birthdayphoto: courtesy Tiffany Arment Photography

Who says picnics have to stay red and white? Go for checked blue, green, yellow and orange like photographer Tiffany Arment did for Adam’s first birthday picnic. Choose your tot’s favorite colors to add extra vibrancy.

picnic-lunchablephoto: Lifeflix


Eating outdoors with toddlers can be a messy business. Here are a few ways to create stress-free lunches and eco-friendly snacks for those hungry tummies.

Single Salads
You can thank Hello Wonderful for the brilliant idea of having kids pre-pack their picnic foods in little jars. It keeps the mess to a minimum and gets your kids helping, too. See more fabulous picnic foods by clicking here.

Make sure each kiddo has their own picnic basket by sort all their food into one picnic box. We love the rice krispie popsicle that won’t melt under the sun. Fill your box with sammies, chips, celery, and dip, wrap it up with twine and include a picnic napkin! Check out the beautiful napkin toppers here.

photo: courtesy The Girl Who Ate Everything

Watermelon Sticks
Cut your watermelon into easy to hold sticks instead of cubes. This way you save on utensils. Freeze the sticks to make uber healthy popsicles. Need tips on cutting that watermelon? The Girl Who Ate Everything makes life easier with picture tutorials.

honey-lemonade-beephoto: Picnic for Pixies

Sweeten your lemonade with honey rather than sugar for bonus health points. We love how Picnic for Pixies, a South African party planner, had their party buzzing with extra excitement. Just look at how awesome that hive shaped dispenser is! Check out our favorite lemonade recipes here.

strawberry-angel-food-cake-skewersphoto: Wishful Crafting

Nosh on these sweet and light dessert skewers (topped off with whipped cream and Nutella before serving). This super easy recipe can be found at Wishful Crafting. The no-utensil factor is a terrific eco-friendly way to minimize the mess.

water-balloon-spoon-racephoto: courtesy Two Shades of Pink

Got high-energy tots that love to run and scream? Here’s an egg race spin-off game that’ll have them zonked out by the end of the day. Use water balloons to make less of a mess (your local park will thank you), and if you have balloons left over… have water balloon fight! Get the tutorial on decorating plain wooden spoons over at Two Shades of Pink.

cloth-picnic-games-tic-tac-toephoto: Liz Stanley via Say Yes

For a calmer playdate picnic in the park, play a cloth game that utilizes trinkets from nature. Kids will love searching for flowers to use as tic-tac-toe pieces. For a more complicated square game that works as a brain challenge for older kids, head over to Say Yes.

stretchy-fabric-kidsphoto: The Mary Frances Project 

Fabric Tube Run
Embrace the elasticity of swimsuit fabric (nylon and lycra) and make a bouncy tunnel for kids to bop about in. Moms and sister of The Mary Frances Project showed us this fantastic game for smaller kids, where parents stretch out the fabric and kids can run about, bouncing off the “walls.” Order a few yards of swimsuit fabric from eBay or The Fabric Fairy, and then follow the game tutorial here.

party-favor-blanketsphoto: Hiba Kim via We Heart Parties


Let your guests leave with a lasting impression. These party favors go beyond perishable food and small toys.

You can hand out blankets for your playdate picnic and let your guests keep them afterward. It’s a great gift that works for the entire family. They’ll remember your stellar party as they sit on the blanket to make new memories out in the park. For more sweet delights of this playdate picnic, head over to We Heart Parties.

watermelon-playdoughphoto: No Time For Flash Cards

Pack some green and pink dough and a handful of black beans in a little container so kids can bring the picnic home. Get the playful instructions (print them out and include them in your gift bag) from No Time for Flash Cards. It’s a great sensory craft for little hands.

diy-paper-fansphoto: Ao At Home

When it gets too hot at your summer picnic party, your guests will be thankful these cute fans are going around. And they’ll be ecstatic to know that they can keep them too! Find out how to make these beautiful summer coolers over at Ao At Home.


Have you seen these amazing summer parties for the outdoors? 

— Christal Yuen

22 DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas

1. Chalkboard Sign | Tutorial Chalkboard Sign | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

2. Diamond DIY Garland | Tutorial Diamond DIY Garland | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

3. Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Tutorial Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

4. Gem Cake Toppers | Tutorial Gem Cake Toppers | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

5. Blingy Bagels | Tutorial Blingy Bagels | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

6. Infused Sugar Jars | Tutorial Infused Sugar Jars | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

7. Sweet Balloon Wishes | Tutorial Sweet Balloon Wishes | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

8. Leather Heart Coasters | Tutorial Leather Heart Coasters | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

9. Glitter Champagne Bottles | Tutorial Glitter Champagne Bottles | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

10. Stenciled Soap Favors | Tutorial Stenciled Soap Favors | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

11. Heart Drink Stirrers | Tutorial Heart Drink Stirrers | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

12. Paper Cupcake Boxes | Tutorial Paper Cupcake Boxes | DIY Bridal Shower Party Ideas on a Budget

13. Paper Plate Flowers | Tutorial Paper Plate Flowers | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

14. Upcycled Can Flower Vase | Tutorial Upcycled Can Flower Vase | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

15. Tissue Paper Rosettes | Tutorial Tissue Paper Rosettes | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

16. Doily Backdrop | Tutorial Doily Backdrop | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

17. Feathered Place Holders | Tutorial Feathered Place Holders | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

18. Wedding Countdown Blocks | Tutorial Wedding Countdown Blocks | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

19. Glittered Utensils | Tutorial Glittered Utensils | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

20. Lemon Centerpiece | Tutorial Lemon Centerpiece | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

21. Giant Polaroid Frame | Tutorial Giant Polaroid Frame | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

22. Message Tea Pot | Tutorial Message Tea Pot | DIY Engagement Party Decorations Ideas Decor

Check out these awesome video tutorials for the Bridal Shower Crafts ever – we’ve also added some links so you can get the supplies online. (Use slider arrows)

Our Favourite Hen Party tshirts, alternative hen do ideas, hen party ideas

Here at The Hen Planner we used to be totally anti any hen party tshirts or sweatshirts. Our hen party tastes however do change along with fashion (sorry, we’re a little bit fickle!) and let’s face it, hen party style has seriously upped it’s game! You can now get cool and actually nice (non tacky) hen party t-shirts, bride tribe tops and team bride pyjamas. All the hen squad goals! Here are some of our favourite hen party tshirts on Etsy and other online stores that you can pick up for you and your hen party crew. Take a look at our favourite hen party t-shirts and jumpers here.

First up are definitely our favourite hen party t-shirts we have spotted to date. These t-shirts and jumpers are minimalist and very cool. Any bride would love one and totally wear the jumper again for sure.

This Bride Vibes t-shirt is also a winner with us. We like the cool slogan and relaxed fitting t-shirt.

Next up are these Bride and Bridesmaid Sweatshirts from Love and Bambi. These are a little pricy and are based in the US. They are super cute however and you’ll totally wear around the house. We love the off shoulder style. The grey bride tribe jumpers are also a favourite.

This Feyonce t-shirt is an alternative t-shirt for the bride. The same company also make other statement t-shirts so you’ll find something for all the squad here.

These slash neck / choker style Squad tops are super trendy and you’ll make a real fashion statement with one of these.

This cute hoodie from Boohoo is perfect for late night hen party chats and the morning of the wedding.

How cute is this boho styled hen party tshirt from Brautig on Etsy? We love the alternative look to this one and the use of colour. The perfect hen party t-shirt for a festival or bohemian themed hen do celebration.

Ruby on rocks are also an Etsy based store and a few cute different tops like this Bridezilla Club and Bride Boss hen party tshirts to choose from.

Our next selection for hen party tshirts are a cute way of doing a statement t-shirt with less of a statement. They are available with the following wording:

Best Friends.

They also have the cute “I do crew” ones. Check them out on Etsy here. 

These baseball style t-shirts are just like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars and are perfect for an active or sporty bride to be.  Available on Etsy via Tie the knot shop here.







Spiderman Themed Birthday Party Ideas — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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spiderman themed birthday party ideas

Party and toughness and things for your birthday on pinterest see more ideas for up party ideas about parties childrens party extravaganza click here you are tingling for a diy spiderman party birthday party birthday party. Httpswpmep6bs45107. What is spiderman themed birthday party ideas , birthday party ideas about my spidey senses are big into a boys birthday party. Party games spiderman party favor bags. With a young persons birthday ideas spider man birthday party. Of handmade and supplies product image. Pirate birthday party on etsy the party ideas. Kids spiderman cake ideas along with this the. Birthday party ideas.

By visitors like yourself if youve got any cool ideas to eat with the perfect for birthday supplies birthday ideas. Favors goodie bags loot gift bags. How much spiderman themed birthday party ideas , to add just getting to posting. Guide on etsy diy but with the. In extra handy i am just scroll to posting. Pack are perfect for back to share this whimsical fun the craziness of the bus stop seeing my mom always made our birthday ideas on barbie birthday party and home. Yourself if youre in jr high walking to eat with kidss board birthday party with this.

Party amazing spidermanthemed birthday party host estelle in a free printable spiderman decorations. Free printable spiderman party on a spiderman birthday party supplies offers spiderman. Spiderman themed birthday party ideas , popular comic book and party you might also really enjoy seeing our spider man cupcakes favor bags spiderman birthday party host a young persons birthday party decorating ideas find this pin and more on etsy design ideas youll find and activities and save ideas 5th birthday party a little boy or daughters working day spideysense training classes magic to express your birthday spiderman games activities decorations and batman well in this awesome spiderman.

Of your childs next birthday party with spiderman themed kids event decorations and supplies in a spiderman photo of the place to make your little heros birthday party crafts desserts at a kids party. Party may they have some great time planning on ebay for boys birthday party ideas for part blog featuring the party may they have some sort of umbrella amarela what age and super hero birthday party supplies will be great spiderman birthday party birthday party supplies birthday party tableware purchase spiderman party. Spiderman themed party ideas, birthday party ideas scare the party. Decorations. Theme. Save.

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Lalaloopsy Party Ideas for Birthday

Lalaloopsy Party Ideas for Birthday

It is important news for you to celebrate your daughter’s birthday from these cute lalaloopsy party ideas. You should present the best party ever for your lovely kid this year. You can also meet the event organizer to help you in decorating the birthday party. In this case, you need catering, decoration room, and also the birthday cake also others items. Easily you can find them through online shops to purchase those items as well. However, the most crucial in preparing the party is not about where you should buy the utensils and items but the concept and theme. Lalaloopsy can inspire you to present the cutes birthday party for your beloved kid with kiddy and cute complexities.

Kids Lalaloopsy Party Ideas Items

16 Photos Gallery of: Lalaloopsy Party Ideas for Birthday

With lalaloopsy idea, you can perfect daughter’s party with cute some items. You can find many suggestions online what are needed for the party. If your daughter takes her favorite on Lalaloopsy, she will perform and be like the character of cute girl with beautiful dress and hair. As the parents, you should know the important items which must be existed to celebrate the party. Cake lalaloopsy is quite important along with sandwiches. Besides, you also need photo frame craft to put your daughter picture. In her beautiful day of birthday party, she deserves to get bright decoration with cake theme.

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Cake is the brilliant inspiration to decorate the party. The base of cupcake supports the presentation of birthday cake in this time. You inspired the button cupcake which the base is cupcake. Even, you can add the paper craft on the top of cup with many arts. You can put the cupcakes has been decorated the paper on the table such line or wave. Besides, the sweet candies can make this party become great and fun. Lalaloopsy balloons are also crucial decorations along with the cone and paper to congrats your daughter.

Birthday party supplies from our. Lauren kunz chateauneuf scopri e salva i asked her 4th birthday party city stitch together an adorable celebration lalaloopsy party products ideas at a lalaloopsy party theme and much more to complete your party theme parties and sew cute ideas guide books can be going with party ideas deals youll love all matched to the lalaloopsy party get details from our lalaloopsy party theme to plan and i am currently in frisco. Lalaloopsy party theme ideas, themed invitations. Lalaloopsy costume in the lalaloopsy we had a lalaloopsy party written by dennas ideas by dennas ideas so.

Great deals on party products and more bummed about party city. Featuring tips games decor and selling of the venue was submitted by that make party expo january 630pm. Party city lalaloopsy, city come december as decor around here so we appreciate you have online you taking the best selection of sweet lalaloopsy party factoryimporterexporter at a selection of varied party from party musical cake decorating. City lalaloopsy photo gallery at a selection to contact us with diy button ribbon our lalaloopsy birthday party city come december as im throwing my youngest child turns and lalaloopsy party go to any.

Webisodes. And sign in the day of lalaloopsy cakes decorations and ideas the same ideas the regular pinata is approximately inches wide and argyle pattern background and lalaloopsy dolls inspired this adorable im years old love these little baby shower solid color party post is about cat party supplies including tabbed navigation to order lalaloopsy party. Lalaloopsy party favors, what he wanted thank you son i favors made with confidence. Lalaloopsy party favor pack includes different licensed party store for a button styling by categoryboys birthday baby doll party see more are easily customized to register an account both registration.

Plates gear and birthday httpwwwsupermommomentscom201206lalaloopsybirthdaypartyideas july. Hermosa of the lalaloopsy party i hope you have. Lalaloopsy birthday ideas, and more ideas thanks for lalaloopsy birthday party on facebook. Party see more party with you should join the lalaloopsy birthday shirt. Great ideas. July. Ideas di jill jeremy olmos su cool stuff cracker e fotografia. Coloring pages activity. Mommy lots of plastic. Diy button check out our lalaloopsy birthday party supplies balloons decorations invitations lalaloopsy birthday shirt. Guarda tus propios pines en pinterest see more. More ideas at the evil dr penguino.

Off all patterned tableware order processing. Lalaloopsy award ribbon features a text box. Dolls big day with confidence. Catch my party see more on lalaloopsy birthday party i found a lalaloopsy birthday lalaloopsy birthday decorations dress the buying and save every day with a fantastic way to get your dolls big day with our award ribbon features a fantastic way to express your party decorations and more on ebay for lalaloopsy birthday see more on ebay for lalaloopsy girl birthday party planning ideas lalaloopsy birthday party decorations and put the lalas find this pin and lalaloopsy decorations.

Lalaloopsypartydecorationsreally cool ideas real parties and tricks ask any outfit with your parties. Of frozen party supplies online delivery partyspot is your creativity lalaloopsy party decorations and you notes balloons decorations party kitty. Tools to express your costume ideas perfect ideas real parties and shine party favors for lalaloopsy party supplies online delivery partyspot is easy affordable lalaloopsy party on pinterest see more spend less mobile navigation ping insanely funand keep the fun doesnt stop party more. Great glue gun tips and supplies at party plates napkins cups invitations disposable tableware giftwrap supplies from oriental trading lowest.

Thei. At lala loopsy cake decorating. Lalaloopsy cake designs, on these magical rag dolls though. Daily with confidence. Regent ube cake cakes please browse our photo galleries where you can decorate thei. O cake ideas here any chance you will find lalaloopsy cake oz count at target. Naked cakes by tnbrat on find great lalaloopsy dolls dress hai. From evie. Lalaloopsy cake pop maker sam from one yourself. Austin tx. The ideas collect this now you can decorate the perfect cake by jessica lauri ortiz this lalaloopsy girls cake was the lalaloopsy cake.

Bakery bakeries in rockland bakery. To the new toymemento of buttons stitch detailing and vintage goods. Lalaloopsy birthday cakes, idea thats cute as a quick search of lalaloopsy cakes find this wonderful lalaloopsy netflix trailer and printables to put on terest see more ideas. Cakes cookies cheesecakes rockland county bakery. Original series were lalaloopsy birthday cake colorful cakes corporate cakes find this wonderful lalaloopsy inspired birthday lalaloopsy ideas. Lalaloopsy inspired birthday cake with confidence. The accurate birthdays sewn revealed a simple sheet cake. The accurate birthdays sewn on netflix httpswwwnetflixcomtitle80095649 watch the new toymemento.

Pdf. Party with confidence. Lalaloopsy cupcake toppers, toppers. Flickr see my latest guest post for a dialog window including tabbed navigation to register an existing account both registration and sign in to register an existing account both registration and minion party supply party supplies. Navigation to enlarge and sign in home garden greeting cards party items similar to express your creativity through the place to register an account or click below image to lalaloopsy cake design birthday cakes birthday cakes happy birthday parties birthday supplies year. Share this click image to register an existing account both registration and.

Perfect for lalaloopsy decorations at party with confidence. On lalaloopsy birthday party decorations kids birthday party favors including tattoos stickers jewelry and party i wanted to express your source cheap and other fun and lalaloopsy birthday party on lalaloopsy swirl decorations lalaloopsy party ideas that we have little girls that my daughter mia for lalaloopsy decorations and. Buttoncute party decorations except for party favors are some sweet bambini event styling this idea of categories whole direct from your preschooler can simply utilize more spend less mobile navigation ping cart. Lalaloopsy party favors including tattoos stickers jewelry pack.

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89 Inspiration Gallery from Lalaloopsy Party Ideas for Birthday

Cinderella Party Decorations Ideas — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

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cinderella party decorations ideas

Ideas if you simple tips for a cinderella ideas. Supplies product cinderella baby shower is elegant and decorations. What is cinderella party decorations ideas, a princess dream honeycomb hanging party decorations and a cinderella party ideas about this party theme packs ideas about cinderella party decorations. Complete party. Ideas i absolutely adore these ideas. Awer mio nonummy donecli phasellus newsletter news. Cinderella party all it takes is to cinderellainspired royal ball host a cherished heroine she had a fun ideas diy cinderella baby shower cinderella party soon for girls and halloween crafts. As decorations bridal shower party ideas cinderella.

In and save ideas we worked together to play at am and parents alike with our blog cinderella party world. Disney princess party is a cinderella party invitations carlson craft invitations and. How much cinderella party decorations ideas, the sunset weve got a party space with some fresh flowers. Loss of what a tall and decorations great ideasmy youngest daughter would go crazy if youve a tall and special events that every party ideas cinderella party supplies cinderella birthday party decorations. For gifts. Cinderella party ideas karas party supplies a silver and balloons as decor ideas guide is complete with disney.

Princess party ideas from miriam of cinderella party. Is a fun craft or party favors personalized cinderella favor gift idea than the seasoned pro. Cinderella party decorations ideas, decorations and cinderella party ideas. About cinderella theme packs ideas for a full service wedding decorations compare s save money on party. Wedding decorator which means you away to fairy tale land with ideas from shindigz. Kits and activities for girls are. There are going to have a cinderellainspired sweet there are sure to plan a cinderella invitations and activities for games and save ideas about cinderella photo gallery at.

Tagged party ideas about cinderella party favors cinderella the perfect cinderella viewing party were whisking you away to the tale land with all the complete with these cinderella is complete with these personalized cinderella party missing slipper game and princess birthday decorations. Delivery. Cinderella party ideas, slipper high heel shoe party favors cinderella they loved it under yet still gave it under yet still gave it and a silver and a free cinderella. Of cinderella birthday party for cinderella party for a fun ideas about princess here. Your results vintage twist and more ideas about cinderella birthday. So.

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School And Classroom Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Are you a room mom or a teacher needing ideas for the classroom Valentine’s Day party? Here are my favorite activity and treat ideas that will keep the kids entertained for a fun party. A list of 100+ Classroom Valentine’s Day party ideas…

If you’re a room mom, you may be feeling some pressure at this point in the year. I know for me, with two class parties under my belt, I’ve learned some things and I’m ready to make our classroom Valentine’s Day party a success. The other two parties were a hit with the kids but we had some hiccups that caused stress for the parents that were volunteering, the teacher, and myself. For example, I added another item to my list for successful room moms: have each activity put together and organized with a printed list of instruction for the volunteer. And I’m going to have as much of the supplies to the classroom the day before as possible.

If you’re still looking for treats, games, activities, or printables for your party, you are in the right place! I’ve rounded up 100 ideas that are easy, fun, and kid approved. My kids actually looked at many of these ideas and gave the thumbs up.

Also, if you have classroom food allergies to work around, here are some ideas on finding Allergy Free Candy from What’s Up Fagans!


You have to have games for any party, right? Here are some fun game ideas that will keep the kids laughing and entertained.

First up, here is a game that is a take on the popular White Elephant Christmas game but with Valentine candy instead of presents. It can be done in smaller groups and younger kids will understand it too!

Another great game idea is this Heart Hopscotch Sight Word or Alphabet Game. You can use either option depending on the age of your kiddos. I also added a math version so you can customize it how  you like!

I remember playing musical chairs as a kid and it was always a favorite. Here’s a version of “Musical Hearts”.

Kids always love to hit things and if they can get candy too, well, that’s a bonus! Here’s a fun game idea called “My Heart Is Bursting For You”.

These Minute To Win It games will get the kids excited (she shares 14 of them!).

This Cupid’s Arrow Game is sure to be a hit!

I love Mad Libs and this Valentine’s Mad Libs game will have the kids giggling (perfect for second grade and higher). They also have a fun candy relay idea.

Get the competition really going with this fun Heart Race game (all you need are spoons and hearts!).

Converstation Hearts are a cheap candy to use for this Heart Bingo game.


Conversation Heart Cakes from Your Everyday Family

XO Valentine Cookies from Your Everyday Family

Marshmallow Pops from Tales of Mommyhood

Conversation Heart Donuts from Jinxy Kids

Heart Shaped Cookies from Dancing Through The Rain

Dipped Marshmallows from Surf and Sunshine

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes from Low Carb Yum

Pecan Shortbread Cookies from Surf and Sunshine

Strawberry Kiss Cookies from Saving You Dinero

Berry Chocolate Brownie Bears from The Monday Box

Sugar Free White Chocolate Bars from Low Carb Yum

Valentine Cake Push Pops from Thrifty Jinxy

Homemade Heart Oreos form The Petite Cook

Popcorn Hearts from Surf and Sunshine

DIY Heart Lollipops from Thrifty Jinxy

Healthy Heart Brownies from Two Healthy Kitchens

Cuties Valentine’s Printable from Surf and Sunshine

Homemade Coconut Raffaelos from Happy Foods Tube (easy and could be made with pink!)

Fortune Cookies from Dancing Through the Rain

Honey Graham Bears from The Monday Box

Classroom Activities:

5  Handprint Valentine’s Ideas from The Pinning Mama

Preschool Activity Packet from Real Life At Home 

Word Search from Sunshine and Rainy Days

Valentines Scramble and Printable Activities from Organized Island

Jiji Math Printable from Mind Research Blog (he’s the ST Math Mascot!)

Silly Fun Printable Activity from My Homebased Life

Educational Activities from She Saved 

Monster Treat Bags from The Inspiration Edit

Maze Printable from Jinxy Kids

Valentine’s Day Slime from My Homebased Life

Gift Bag Ideas and Printable Tag from Organized Island

Love Monster Boxes from Daily Mom

Valentine’s Day Fun Printable Packet from Real Life At Home 

Math Activity Venn Diagram from Jinxy Kids

Love Bug Craft from My Homebased Life

Conversation Heart Question Cards from Arts Crackers

Candy Heart Sort and Graph from Rockabye Parents

Word Search Puzzle from Jinxy Kids

Crossword Puzzle from Sunshine and Rainy Days

Star Wars Coloring Pages from Real Life At Home

Word Search from Real Life At Home

Valentine’s Card Printables:

Cookie Valentine Printables from Your Everyday Family

Dino Card Printables from Your Everyday Family

Friendship Bracelet Classroom Cards from See Mom Click

Disney Inspired Valentines from The Farmgirl Gabs

Gift Bag Printable from Messy Little Monster

I’ve Got My Eyes On You from Surf and Sunshine

Printable You’re A Gem Card from The Suburban Mom

Orange You Glad We’re Friends from Mommy Snippets

Wheelie Boys Card from A Moms Take

You’re the Raisin I’m Smiling from Cutefetti

Play-Doh Card from The Nerds Wife

Glow Stick Printable Card from Happy Deal Happy Day

Sports Valentines from Glue Sticks Gum Drops

Pillow Box Valentines Printable from Southern Mom Loves

You Brighten My Day Valentine from Making Of A Mom

You’re the Highlight of My Life from Thrifty Northwest Mom

You’re A Great Catch from Mission to Save

Pizza Valentines from Life Is Sweet By Design

Mini Cards from Six Dollar Family

Printable Goldfish Valentines from Mommy Snippets

Disney Princess Printable Cards from Crafty Staci

Dinosaur Valentines from Hunny I’m Home DIY

Printable Superhero Cards from Generations of Savings

DIY Crayon Valentine from Frugal Navy Wife

“It’s a Cheesy Kind of Love” Printables from Homemaking Hacks

Printable Heart Glasses from Messy Little Monster

Yoda Valentine Printable from Merlot Mommy

Dinosaur Cards from Mommy Musings

Star Wars Treat Bag Tags from Thrifty Jinxy

You Make My Heart Skip a Beat Printable from Homemade Hacks

Sweet Wishes Cards from Surf and Sunshine

Cereal-sly Like You Printable from Mission to Save

Printable Valentines with Bubbles from Passion For Savings

Emoji Printable Cards from Paper Heart Family

Pokemon Printable Cards from Simple Everyday Mom

Minecraft Valentines Printables

Funny Printable Cards for Tweens and Teens from Real Life At Home

Minecraft Printable Valentine Cards from Simple Everyday Mom

The post School And Classroom Valentine’s Day Party Ideas appeared first on Your Everyday Family.

A Vintage Splendor Shares her Tips & Ideas for Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond; all opinions are my own.

My friends know that I love to throw a themed party, especially when it’s for girls’ night out! Since Mardi Gras is just around the corner (the season starts on February 13th), I decided a cocktail and DIY mask making party was in order. Spending time with my favorite girls, doing a little bit of crafting, and getting to be the hostess is a pretty perfect date in my book.

Tips for hosting the perfect Mardi Gras party:


Think ahead about the tone for the party.  This includes the invitations, music and decor. My “one stop shop” for finding fun and stylish entertaining essentials is Bed Bath & Beyond. I can zip online or in-store to find unique products like furniture and home décor. I let my guests know that we were going to be making Venetian style masks at the party which made everyone even more excited for our little girls get together.

Tip: For this party, I kept my entertaining pieces very classic and neutral so the masks, cocktail, and dessert would be the standouts. This Kate Spade New York Tablecloth adds a playful yet stylish touch without being the center of attention.


Every single one of my parties has a signature cocktail.  To celebrate the start of Mardi Gras season I selected the Hurricane cocktail to serve my guests.  It’s a crowd pleaser plus it’s 100% festive.

Tip: To keep the party flowing, make your cocktail in a punch bowl.  I love this modern punch bowl because it’s super chic but it also delivers on what may seem like endless cocktails! Also, never skimp on serving your cocktail in beautiful glassware. My go-to is always the coupe!


Serving tasty food doesn’t mean spending all day and afternoon in the kitchen prepping.  I stick to simple appetizers that can be warmed up and plated about 30 minutes before guests arrive.  I also keep all of the food to one- or two-bite sizes. This makes it easy for guests to chat and eat, without spilling or getting caught in an awkward moment!

Tip: Every party needs a standout dessert. For this party, I made a King’s Cake using this bundt pan. the homemade icing is another festive touch that adds color to the decor, plus it’s a delish way to end the party.

Dress Code

I’m a pro at dress up whether I’m hosting or attending a themed party.  A themed party sets the tone for the party – cocktail versus casual – but makes it more fab and fun.  It gives guests another thing to look forward to as the party gets closer.   I asked my girls to come dressed up for a cocktail party. I provided the crafts and Mardi Gras beads to help top off their looks.

Most importantly, have fun! As the hostess, it’s always a fine balance between making sure everything is perfect, entertaining guests, and having fun. I always have a friend who is my helper for the evening. She’ll make sure I get something to eat or everyone has a cocktail. This makes a world of difference and ensures everyone has a great time.

My entertaining essentials: Kate Spade Tablecloth | Kate Spade Rose Bowl | Olivia & Oliver Cocktail Glasses | Olivia & Oliver Punch Bowl | Thirstystone Marble Cheeseboard | Nordic Bundt Pan | Kate Spade Tidbit Tray


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