Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4)

Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4)


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Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4)

Howdy guys, this picture is about Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4). It is a image/jpeg and the resolution of this attachment is 530 x 795. This image’s file size is just 68 KB. Wether You desired to download It to Your laptop, you may Click here. You might also download more photos by clicking the image below or read more at this post: Gingerbread House Decor.

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Is the Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4)? I understand first. Toiletries of the drain in the back. The medicine cabinet was dirty with products, unusual containers, and gels. The attire under the torpedo was crammed in spots with sheets of toilet-paper and everything was not suitable elsewhere.

Among the best Evite Party Ideas (delightful Gingerbread House Decor #4) I’ve observed lately requires, not remodeling, but only rethinking your toilet style. When you have an area, you’re able to enter invisible shelves that show and may keep from your make-up to some decorative knickknacks. And when you need to make your toiletries unseen, it is possible to constantly put units and hidden cabinets.

Start with thinking tiny than you wish to manage if also that sounds like more work. How will you increase the space you curently have? One of many suggestions is always to arrange the area. Everybody includes a dresser there, before the mess isn’t organized, but factors just place in there. Alternatively, are you marking them and considering getting some storage containers that are little?


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10 Enjoyable Halloween Party Ideas and Themes for 2017

Have you decided to be the host of Halloween 2017 party? We are going to help you in figuring out the best theme for your Halloween guests. Of course, you must be looking forward to making the party interesting and memorable for years for which you need a perfect Halloween theme everyone could enjoy from kids to adults. We have designed and worked on such interesting themes for your Halloween party. Choose any of these Halloween Party Ideas and Themes and please (Scare) your guests to the extreme. You and your guests are going to have best Halloween party this year with such amazing ideas and themes.Check some wedding tips to make it unique.

Halloween Party Ideas and Themes

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Show your creativity with mystery!

Image Source

Yeah! You are pretty much creative as you are thinking for Halloween Party Ideas and Themes. You can use your creativity to arrange a fake murder mystery at your venue. Let your guests solve the mystery and have fun.

Monsters get-together at your home

Image Source

Invite your guests with the monster attires and makeup. You will have a monster get-together in your Halloween party. Serve the dinner with scary foods like cupcakes with a monster eye over it. You can prepare such monster body parts with chocolates at home.

Get glowing in the dark

Image Source

Radium theme can add a twist to the party. Let all wear scary radium masks and switch off the lights. This theme is ideal if you are having a Halloween party for adults only. Kids can’t enjoy the darkness you will have in the party. If you are inviting kids you need to think about some other Halloween Party Ideas and Themes from this list.

A dangerous cooking experience

Image Source

Experiment a cooking competition with scary raw food. You can arrange it in your backyard by using chocolates of bone shape, veggies in scary designs etc. Your guests will prepare some dishes with them and you can announce the winner then.

A Hollywood fancy dress theme

Image Source

You can invite your guest with the costume of their favorite Hollywood character. It may be a horror character also. Arrange the ramp walk for the stars to make it a Hollywood party of stars.

The unique political theme

Image Source

Politicians are also scary sometimes. Just kidding! Anyways, you can have a politics theme party with the guests having fancy dresses with their favorite politicians. Elect the best one with the use of ballots to create the political environment.

Set of a Zombie movie

Image Source

Create a set of the movie with zombie characters. Your guests will be the zombie characters. You just have to decorate your venue with the zombie movie set. Use horrible textures and trees to make the set alive.

Creepy characters from favorite movies

Image Source

Wear the costumes and makeup of creepy characters from movies. You can arrange games for them which guests have to play as if the character is playing it. You can design your invitation cards with respect to the theme. And you can try some Halloween nail art ideas to give more life to your character.

Treasure hunt for pirates

Image Source

Keep a treasure for your guests in pirate’s getups. Ask them to find the treasure. All age groups love to find the treasure. It’s interesting and fun.

Welcome superheroes at the party

Image Source

This is a must include the theme in the list of best Halloween Party Ideas and Themes. You can arrange games with the superhero props like the hammer of Thor to smash monsters or the shield of Captain America to throw the pins.

These are the interesting Halloween Party Ideas and Themes you can have fun with. Use the simple decoration ideas and spooky Halloween dinner to create a perfect environment of the theme you chose.

10 Fun and Creative Party Ideas for Boys

If you are planning a boy’s party, then you know how important it is to make sure it has a cool theme that he will be proud to show his friends. Kids’ parties are some of the most fun to plan because there is no limit on creativity and possibilities. You can fully embrace a theme.

Of course, it all depends on the child’s individual interests. What activities does he love to do? What are his favorite books, movies or television shows? Is there a particular character he looks up to, such as a superhero? Choosing a theme that he personally loves will put you on the path toward a hugely successful party.

Here are ten fun, creative ideas for a boy’s party to give you some inspiration.

Boys’ Party Ideas

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comIf he’s a gamer, this video game themed party is a perfect idea.
Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comWhat little boy doesn’t want to be Batman? The pops of yellow add a lot of fun to the theme.
Source: Catch My Party

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comThis construction-themed party puts a fun twist on some classic treats.
Source: Catch My Party

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comEmbrace his love of shooting hoops with a black and orange color scheme and game-day treats.
Source: Michelle’s Party Plan-It

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comHow cute are these DIY Lego-inspired popcorn bags?
Source: Shelterness

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comLittle ones are sure to get excited over a Mickey Mouse theme in black, white, red, and yellow.
Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comTake everyone “fishing” with this adorable fishing-themed birthday party idea.
Source: Sunshine Parties

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comA soccer fan is sure to find this party to be a winner.
Source: Pizzazzerie

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comThis Lego Ninjago party even includes sushi-inspired cake balls to keep with the theme.
Source: Spaceships and Laserbeams

10 Fun Party Ideas for Boys | HomeandEventStyling.comBring the fun world of Toy Story to life with a whimsical party like this one.
Source: Catch My Party

So many cute ideas!

Warm regards,

9 Holiday Party Ideas for Small Offices (especially those in the Bay Area)

OrgOrg, I was able to compile a list of holiday party ideas well-suited to small offices. (Don’t worry, no potlucks included.)

1. Escape Room
In recent years, escape rooms have become very popular across the US. While the names may vary by region, it’s easy to find one that fits both your puzzle-solving experience as well as price range. These excellent hour-long diversions not only test your mettle, but also provide a great team-building opportunity. Our San Francisco office decided to do the Ryptic ‘Escape the Mad Scientist’ Room, which currently runs at around $30 per person.

Bevi’s San Francisco office at Ryptic Room Escape.

2. Feastly
On a budget, but still want to get fancy? Feastly is the way to go. Serving pop-up meals made by world-class chefs at an affordable price, Feastly offers meals for a party of at least 10 people at a starting price of $55 per person. On their website, they also include suggestions for alternative locations for you feast or you have the option to propose your own location. Check first to see if they’re in your area.

3. Rent a Boozy Cable Car (San Fran only!)
This was my favorite suggestion from my peers at Orgorg by a landslide. Events West Tours & Travel (an event company in SF) can help you organize a holiday cable car tour, complete with an open bar; your office can get tipsy, touristy, and in the holiday spirit all on the same ride! The cable car holds up to 40 people, so grab your co-workers and get ready for a night on the trolley.

4. Attend a holiday-themed show
This may not appeal to every office, but if your office is into musicals, ballets, or anything in between, a holiday-themed show could be the perfect fit. For die-hard ballet fans, a performance of The Nutcracker could be appealing. On the other end of the spectrum, something a little more campy could be fun, like the Beach Blanket Babylon show in SF. Get creative: you don’t have to live on Broadway to find quality—or quirky—shows in your city. And if it turns out to be a disaster, it will be something to make fun of on Slack the next day.

5. PaintNite
Explore the artistic side of your office with a night of group painting. Companies like PaintNite hold boozy group painting classes in which an instructor leads a group step-by-step through a painting. For corporate events, PaintNite can arrange the activity in a venue of your choosing. They’ll bring the paint, easels, canvases, aprons, and any other supplies, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Their corporate party pricing starts at $840 and covers up to 20 guests. You would be surprised how many ways there are to paint the same picture…

6. Museum Hack
Museum Hack prides themselves on leading “renegade adventures” in well-known museums. According to their website, experienced tour guides tell “sassy insider stories” about a museum’s collections, and sometimes even sneak goodies into the museum for their tour attendees. It’s truly an engaging experience that is both classy and educational.

7. Wine Tasting (primarily California, but not only!)
You don’t have to go to Napa Valley to have a great wine tasting—but if your holiday budget is bountiful, why not? There are plenty of nice wineries in the Bay Area, as well as a few spots in the South Bay and Santa Cruz that often have more affordable tastings and pairing events. Even if your office is not located in California, there may be a winery in your region that you never knew about.

8. Brewcade Get your team gaming at an arcade bar. In San Francisco, we are big fans of Brewcade, while our Boston office loves the local spot A4cade. Arcade bars are a great place for first dates and corporate parties (but not both at once…). Grab some tokens, order some pitchers of beer, and get ready to kick everyone’s butt at Alien Invasion. It’s typically easy to organize group events with these venues, and some even serve food or have private rooms to rent.

9. Bowling

Photo from our Boston office’s Holiday Party, including a few employees visiting from our other offices. We went bowling, of course!

While it isn’t the most original idea, bowling is a beloved Bevi-bonding activity I could not omit. Whether you have your own shoes or you need bumpers to hit a single pin, bowling parties are a fun way to engage your employees in mild competition. For Bevi’s Boston holiday party, we rented out private lanes at King’s new location in the Seaport, and had food and drinks provided by the venue.

Is your company holiday party already planned? Hold on to these suggestions: they double as great team outings anytime of the year.

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Bachelorette Party Ideas to host in New York City – Allure Day Spa

Instead of the typical booze-fest, plan a party that really reflects the bride’s interests. Here’s what’s hot now at Allure Day Spa in Manhattan.
Allure Day Spa NYC

katie-day-bridesmaidsGirlfriend’s Celebration Package NYC
Get the girls together for a luxe weekend escape at Allure Day Spa & Hair Design were you can get together and relax . Enjoy 30 minutes body massages, spa manicures and perfect spa pedicures along with champagne and chocolates. For an extra celebration bring your own booze and food our spa coordinators  will help you to make it special.
$125 per person 

img_2293Relaxation Package
Treat your bridal party to pre-wedding
day of pampering .
Enjoy 45 minutes relaxing Body massage and luxurious Mini-facial, then get together with your friends and enjoy few glasses of champagne or mimosa and chocolates . Spend relaxing  time together .
$149 per person

Pure Luxury
Take your time , relax and enjoy aromatherapy body massage 30 minutes, Skin rejuvenating facial and spa manicure. Get complimentary champagne and chocolates.
$190 per person

bridesmaids-toasting-sara-jayne-photographyNight out on a Town
If you planning to go out to a special place for dinner or drinks this package is perfect for your party !
Allure hair design team we’ll make sure you look your best ! You get shampoo, blow-dry and style., professional make-up , spa manicure and of course champagne and chocolates. You’ll be ready to  rock this town …
$135 per person  

Save on spa packages, spa deals New York, bachelorette spa parties, massages, facials, spa saving, spa in New York, best spa parties in New York

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Celebrating Hijab With Parties – Hijab Party Ideas

Are your eyebrows going up thinking what is a hijab party? Hijab wearing party, also known as takleef party or buloogh party, is a new trend that’s popular among Middle Eastern families who want to celebrate their daughters’ willingness to wear . Living in the West, it is not easy to go from not wearing a hijab to being covered specially for young girls. However, more and more brave young sisters as young as 10 to 12 are deciding to wear the Islamic head covering. And no, most of them aren’t forced.

In many cases they are one of the few in the community and in their school to take that bold step. Many of these girls also grow up without having a Birthday party every year like their friends, so parents do something special to celebrate this monumental event in a girl’s life when she decides to wear a hijab.

The party does not have to be extremely elaborate or expensive to make a girl feel special and loved. In my opinion, as long as these hijab parties are low key with close friends and family, and without losing sight of the important motivation and reward of wearing hijab – not the party, not the gifts, not the desserts, not the recognition, but ONLY the pleasure of Allah, the parties are a great opportunity to foster support for young hijabis .

Islamic schools and many families mainly from Arab background organize the Hijab parties for young Muslim girls around the girl’s ninth birthday to prepare her for regularly wearing hijab and praying by the time she turns ten years old. For many, the celebration happens when a girl is older and/or has made her own commitment to wearing the hijab. Popular Lebanese Arab-American modest fashion and lifestyle blogger, Heba Jay, had a hijab wearing party when she was 9. She says –

“I wore hijab in the 90’s…it(the party) was a very simple get together with family, friends, cousins, etc. I wore a nice dress and hijab for the first time and my parents bought me a cake to celebrate with everyone! I was so excited and happy to finally wear hijab like my mom, aunts and cousins.”

From Heba’s experience, it is apparent that the celebration helps girls understand how brave they are for taking this step in the world full of distractions. It also helps them to get excited to start a new chapter in their lives. A quick invitation to close family, friends and cousins, decorations in her favorite colors, festive cakes or cupcakes, games is sure to make any girl feel special.

One easy and meaningful game maybe “who is your mahram” game. Write down different family members names in small paper and have each girl take turn to pull one paper and read it to the new hijabi girl – “is your cousin Abdullah your Mahram?” Such games are fun and educational.

Since I’ve never attended such parties, I reached out to New York based event decorating company Firefly Co. They have provided some awesome decoration inspiration, in case any of you ever want to throw such a party for a friend, daughter, niece, etc.

Let’s hear what they have to say.

“We adored every second of planning the Beautiful Hijab slumber party for an adorable little hijabi. Her parents and family were so proud of her for choosing hijab as were we! While planning the party, we came across this awesome backdrop by Handmade Mood and just knew it would be the perfect inspiration and starting point to create a party that reflected our guest of honor’s strong shining personality and glam style.”

Popcorn boxes were adorned with a mini heart and set up for each guest to enjoy while watching a late night movie. Two geronimo balloons were dressed up with cascading fringed streamers in shades of pink, pom pom trim and mint glitter hearts. Of course, no party would be complete without an ice cream sundae bar and with homemade waffle bowls. The toppings were all lined up with thread-wrapped wooden spoons so the girls could build their own tasty creation.

A gorgeous ruffle cake with a little hijabi on top and beautiful watercolor swirled cookies were served! At the end of the festivities every girl went home with embellished hijab pins packaged in cute little handmade pin holders.

Have you attended HIjab parties before? What are your thoughts about such parties to mark the beginning of wearing ?

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Hijab Party – Encouraging & Announcing Hijab For Young Sisters With Positivity

10 Awesome House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget

Buying a new house is a pleasure that can’t be expressed in words. And when this longstanding dream of yours turns into reality, you probably wish to do everything to make the experience feel more special. The first way you try to express this joy is by inviting your friends and family over who come, congratulate you and share your newfound joy. But having invested in a property recently, you are probably short of funds. So, throwing a lavish party is not just impossible but also unnecessary. So, what you can do instead is arrange for a cordial yet economic house warming party without making it look too ‘down-market.’ How? We tell you here. Just read on-

House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget

Play the welcome card!

Image Source

Don’t have the funds to throw a lavish outdoor party with an attendant at the gate to welcome everyone? Well, no worries! Organize the party indoor and keep the main door open, it will not just look welcoming but also help you save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent hiring a doorkeeper.

Have the menu on display

Image Source

So, you have spent a limited budget on the food, and of course, there isn’t a long menu to tempt the guests. You also don’t want your guests to be anticipating great food only in vain. The solution? Put the menu on display.

Paint chip garlands

Image Source

This is one of those amazing House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget, you can’t stop praising. Decorate your home with long paint chip garlands. They look colorful besides making the party space appear lively.Say thanks to anyone with some easy thanksgiving craft ideas for adult to try.


Image Source

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your party. Keep a diary on the table or small bits of papers glued to the wall for your guests to leave remarks on. You will not just get special notes from your guests; they will also love to leave their feedback.

Arrange for Games and Contests

Image Source

Yes, House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget like these, always work. If you don’t have special arrangements to engage your kids, this will act as a great source of entertainment.

Mind your invitation cards!

Image Source

An invitation is an invitation and you don’t necessarily need a card printing professionally for the purpose. Design some amazing cards or download free samples, write a creative invitation note on the design and e-mail it to the people you wish to invite. This is one of the most clever House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget.

Save a few bucks on the food

Image Source

Food is an essential part of any housewarming party. But hiring a cook can get expensive. Do the cooking yourself. If you are not a culinary expert, browse through the Internet. There is no dearth of recipes online.Check some wedding card designs.

Skip renting additional seating

Image Source

You ask how? Simply by throwing an open house party.

Find unique ways to impress

Image Source

So, you haven’t spent a lot on the food, neither have you splurged on the decoration. Are you going to upset your guests? Well, not at all, if you know how to impress them. Hand over a hand-written note to each of the guests before they leave, it will show you care. You can also prepare some easy DIY gifts for your guests as a return gift. These things will certainly make them overlook the flaws.

Avoid balloons!

Image Source

A lot of people use balloons for decoration. But aren’t they short-lived? Then, why waste money on something you can’t keep till you throw your next party. Instead, invest in lights and other paper décor items that last for a long time. Isn’t this one of those unusual House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget you always wished you knew?

With these and many other economic ideas, you sure will throw a memorable housewarming party without breaking the bank.


10 Awesome House Warming Party Ideas on a Budget

Top Best Happy New Year 2018 Party Ideas with Friends, Family & lovers

Hey guys!! New Year’s Eve is approaching near, The people around the world have a great enthusiastically, eagerly staying to send there warm wishes and greetings of the New Year 2018 occasion. And its time to celebrate the New Year’s Eve occasion by keeping  your problems, work tensions a side for a while and start partying with friends and family. People in different places are celebrating New Year 2018 according to there customs, religious, tradition and culture. On this new year people are planning on how to celebrate and have  best Happy New Year 2018 Party Ideas with friends, family and beloved buddies. Here are some of the greatest party ideas for New Year eve.

New Year event will be exceptionally sentimental for every one of the sweethearts, Girl friends, spouse, wife, recently married couple and much more. Are you searching for the best New Year 2018 Party Ideas for Girlfriend? In case you’re investigating on the web for the all the best, cites, welcome, SMS, messages, pictures, HD pictures, recordings and numerous more crosswise over different informing and moment messaging stages and online networking sites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Hike, Snapchat, and numerous different stages. Here is the best accumulation of Happy New Year 2017 Messages for Girlfriend and other living ones. Have a look!

Best Happy New Year 2018 Party Ideas with Friends:

New Year brings crown of wonderfulness for a few and pack of stresses for a few. What it brings isn’t what makes a difference, yet how we handle it is what is important. At whatever point New Year comes we set our brain to undaunted for something new in life. We endeavor to give an attempt to new things by leaving the side of negative behavior patterns. We have a tendency to do it consequently now and again even without having any thought. New Year will instigate us to spread joy to each one of those individuals who make their visit into our lives.

  • Improve your place with inflatables, lights and different things.
  • Request that your companions go to your place to commend the start of Happy New Year. You may have a gathering at a disco, club, open rooftop or any feast lobby as well.
  • Some like to go in a pleasant eatery and host a delectable supper gathering with their companions.
  • On the off chance that you need to spend a decent measure of cash and need to have a fantastic get-together then you ought to mastermind drinks as well.
  • Mastermind tasty nourishment and deserts for visitors.
  • Take a determination and kick out the unfortunate propensities that you need to leave this year.
  • Orchestrate music and move.
  • Contract a picture taker and spare recollections.
  • Play diversions.
  • Wish each of the an upbeat new year and dispersing new year cards 2018.
  • Do a Flash Mob for popular signature sign steps songs.

Happy New Year 2018 Party Games to Play with Family and Friends:

Give us a chance to wish that New Year brings enormous happiness and good fortunes for us that encourages us make another stride in life to reach more up to date statures of success. We will welcome this New Year 2018 with a good and happy startup by gathering all of our friends for New Year 2018 Party. And there are many ways to spend happily on this New year’s night like playing funny and enjoyable games. Happy new Year quotes 2o18 Party Games with Friends on this coming year, dream big. It isn’t critical how huge our objectives and dreams are, the thing that is essential is the manner by which we will strive to contact them and make them true. A New Year brings loads of new duties to shoulder. We should be constantly arranged to bear our obligations without simply passing on them to somebody else.

  • Song matching
  • Kiss Collecting
  • Resolution Guessess
  • Truth or Dare
  • Guess the Number of Candys, Jelly’s in a box
  • Make Two Resolutions and a Lie.
  • Cotton Ball Race
  • Ribbon Dancing
  • Passing the hat
  • Bannana JUmp
  • Guess the candy by closing your Eyes
  • Dancing for a beat

Happy New Year 2018 Party Celebrations with Beloved Ones:

Glad New Year is appropriate around the corner. The days are passing so quick and we are soon going to advance into New Year. Most of you individuals must consider the profession thoughts and individual objectives to meet in the coming year. If along these lines, at that point you are at the privilege place. We are here to advance some great focuses about vocation thoughts and individual objectives.

  • What about a chocolate pool party. Get a pool loaded with fluid chocolate. This can be a sweet plan to begin the new year on a sweet note.
  • Welcome every one of your companions and have a “causes” diversion. Request that everybody get one social reason and give 3 proposals on what should be possible to settle it.
  • Assemble every one of your companions and visit a maturity home. Attempt and brighten up the old individuals who have been allowed to sit unbothered by their own particular youngsters. Spread love, spread grins. Make 2017 upbeat for them!
  • A Big drink party with all mixed drinks and moctails.
  • The ideal party thought is welcome every one of your companions and additionally those whom you despise. New years day is the best time to deal with your disparities and begin once again.
  • Flame Light Dinner Party at the terrace..Have tables laid on your patio and welcome every one of your companions. Keep a couple passage framework. Begin the gathering with a paper move. Have light sentimental music playing out of sight. The night will be critical for all.
  • A full container of wine should now be your buddy. So that from now onwards a glass can be lifted time to time with an acclaim from the heart. An exceptionally Happy New Year.
  • Endeavor to Party harder Drink drain to end up plainly more astute Take a determination this year Only bourbon, no brew.
  • A cheerful new year! give that I may convey no tear to any eye when this new year in time might end give it a chance to be said I’ve lived, cherished and toiled here, and made of it an upbeat year. Glad New Year 2017.”
  • Another approach to party we going to have full desi blast nothing official about no shopping centers party at a punjabi dhaba with enormous lassi da glass, te makke ki roti aur sarso ka saag, guud ke sath, no pizza burger frank and cool beverages.
  • With the clock striking 12 o clock on the 31st December you begin communicating you delight and joy to welcome New Year. You pass on New Year wishes to your friends and family as well as to each individual to meet on this eve. Make your New Year wishing in one of a kind path by sending statements, axioms and sonnets to all your precious ones.
  • Start the existence with new expectations, new resolutions and new thoughts, Forget the awful things of life, Go ahead with positive energies. I trust year 2017 will give you joy and flourishing.


Top Best Happy New Year 2018 Party Ideas with Friends, Family and lovers

5 Arts and Craft Party Ideas for Your Kids

5 Arts and Craft Party Ideas for Your Kids

It seems there are a plethora of ideas when it comes to your child’s birthday parties. Visit places like Michael’s Crafts or Pinterest, and you can quickly be overwhelmed by the multitude of favors to recipes from people like Mommy Bloggers to manufacturers. In fact, there are so many different themes, it’s astounding. However, one idea that seems to be sweeping South Florida children’s events is one we’re highlighting in this week’s blog. The Art Party is all encompassing when it comes to loads of activity and fun for your celebrations.

Tip 1.) Go to your local craft or dollar store and buy a few plastic palettes used for mixing craft paint. Use this to decorate cupcakes by adding fun toppings such as sprinkles and edible glitter. Kids love to decorate their food with interesting products.

Tip 2.) Pick Your Craft Activity Carefully. Which art you choose can be rather tricky as you know because kids tend to spill, break and do all kinds of thing that can make a mess. If the paint is going to be used look for something that’s non-toxic. Put tarps down from the Home Depot or Lowes to secure flooring from becoming a hot mess, and keep plenty of large garbage bags around.

Tip 3.) Set up Work Stations. Have parents help out at multiple tables with different crafts at each one. Having several stations allows each child to work on a couple of various works and it also keeps the party moving. If you are going to have a few different craft tables, be sure to keep the crafts simple. If it’s too complicated, you might lose their attention. But, you might also lose your mind.

Tip 4.) Decorate with Interesting party favors, such as streamers, tissue paper flowers, and a cute banner. Use vinyl paper instead of crepe paper or poster board for a durable yet waterproof surface.

Tip 5.) Assign a clean-up crew to help you. If there’s going to be other parents around, give each person a unique cleaning task to make your party end a happy one.

By following these quick and easy steps, your child’s arts and crafts party will be a huge success. Another great point to make is while your kids are outside playing in one of our fabulous inflatables, you can kick back and relax after a birthday well done.

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5 Arts and Craft Party Ideas for Your Kids