A Painless Guide to Social Media Marketing for Dentists

By 2021 the dental industry is projected to be worth around $36.8 billion. That’s a lot of teeth for the tooth fairy. But if your practice wants a piece of the profit, it’s incredibly important to start a social media marketing plan for dentists and your specific industry.

For decades, dentists relied almost exclusively on reputation and word of mouth marketing to help them build their practice. But it’s 2018 and more likely than not, your audience is on social. Whether it’s blogging, video marketing, paid social ads or even podcasts, you have to learn the specifics of social media marketing for dentists. Just like any other industry, there are ways to better attract, retain and ultimately market to your patients. And for the sake of this article, we’re looking at the dentists needing the extra push for social marketing efforts.

Let’s get started!

Why Does Social Media Marketing Matter For Dentists?

Social media marketing for dentists is still in the early roots of adoption, but more dental practices are seeing the power of being active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For an industry that leaves 15% of the population quivering with dread, what better way to earn a loyal patient than to consistently show them there’s nothing to fear?

Dentists are in a bit of different position than many other industries. Clothing stores, software companies, restaurants and other industries have to convince people that what they’re selling is worth their money—even if it’s something they don’t need. Dentists on the other hand don’t need to convince people they need to get their teeth and gums checked. Everyone knows they need to visit the dentist.

The challenges most dentists face are simply getting people to remember to schedule their appointments, and helping them overcome the fear and anxiety associated with dental visits.

Ultimately, it comes down to building trust and earning a patient’s confidence.

You should take the time to switch your toothbrush every 3 months to be sure it is working properly! When was the last time you changed yours?

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Social media marketing is the ultimate way to build relationships with your audience. For a dentist that means convincing your patients that you can deliver a pain-free experience.

Use social media to help patients feel more comfortable before they even visit your office. Showcase your authority, track record and industry experience by letting clients know they’re in safe hands. Remove some of the stigma around going to the dentist through fun and light hearted social content. By giving your practice an interesting personality, you ensure that people look forward to seeing you. Again, it’s all about trust.

Remember that you’re not just selling toothpaste and root canals–you’re selling comfort, good health, confidence, trust and above all a good experience. Social media gives you the platform you need to connect with your patients. Remind them that you’re all about people, not just teeth.

The Benefits of Social Media for Dentists

For dentists in both big and small cities, advertising is a bread and butter tactic to gain new customers. However, how much of this time and effort are you spending on social media? If you need more convincing, Facebook ad revenue is expected to outpace print ads by 2019.

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The more digitally focused the world becomes, the larger amount companies from the healthcare industry realize that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t just channels for sharing cat pictures. They’re a place where businesses discover new clients, interact with prospects and build a better brand name. Here are just some of the ways social media benefits dentists:

1. Better Establish Relationships

Many people consider going to the dentist to be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact some people are so scared that they avoid going to their appointments. It’s no wonder that marketing toward this experience is well, like pulling teeth.

Fortunately, social provides you the chance to create relationships with your audience through customer testimonials, client experiences, friendly office images and most importantly, the results of your work. For instance, when it comes to relationship building, responding to a question through social media about dental care demonstrates your effort of care and knowledge. You want to show you’re there to help. Tweets, Facebook shares and liking patients’ Instagram posts shows support on a friendlier level.

2. Attract New Clients

People take their healthcare decisions very seriously–and a lot of folks turn to Google for help. More than half of people use search engines to find a dentist. However, another survey discovered 15% of people said their No. 1 reason for not booking a dentist appointment was due to trouble finding an office.

At Collins Bay Dental, we think that prevention is key in maintaining a healthy smile and proper dental hygiene. Book your appointment with us today! https://t.co/z2FjHUecwGpic.twitter.com/cyzd4Nwco9

— Collins Bay Dental (@collinbaydental) April 30, 2018

When we invest in a dentist we’re not just buying a one-off product. Instead, we’re committing to a consistent relationship with someone we feel we can trust to keep us looking and feeling our best. When your patients start looking for a new dentist, they’re going to do their research and you need to be there.

In fact, 75% of people admitted they purchased a product or service because they saw it on social media. If you’re active on social, the things that you post help answer the questions customers have about your practice, making you into a more credible option for your prospects.

3. Showcase Your Leadership

Finally, the viral nature of social media means it’s easy to spread information about your practice far and wide. By writing articles, posting videos and sharing information that demonstrates your expertise, you can begin to show off thought leadership. For example, Imperial Dental uses social media to build trust through showcasing experience and professionalism by sharing industry content.

Proper #OralCare prevents cavities and plaque build-up, eliminates bad breath and stops gum disease. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can prevent serious medical problems and help you keep your teeth healthy for life:https://t.co/SE9eFLGwM1#HealthyMouth#ImperialDentalCenterpic.twitter.com/i3Sd9forRU

— Imperial Dental Cntr (@ImperialDentalC) April 30, 2018

It’s hard to trust brands, but when you have the proof to back up your claims, it makes all the difference. That’s why becoming a leader within the dental industry and showcasing it on social media not only attracts new patients, it also gets the attention of peers in your field.

Best Social Media Platforms for Dentist

Now that we’ve covered the importance of social, it’s time to take the next step and figure out where you’re going to launch your campaign. There are several platforms out there and each one has the power to attract new patients. However, some social channels naturally work better for dentists than others. Let’s go over the big networks to see what works best for you.

Remember–it’s always best to work slowly through your network adoption rather than try to increase marketing on all your channels at the exact same time.


Facebook attracts billions of visitors every day, which makes this platform one of the broadest networks for dentists. However, through Facebook advertising, you have the chance to dive deep into customer personas and audience types. If you haven’t already, check out our guide below to help get you started on a social media advertising strategy.

Facebook is an intimate social platform used by friends and family members, so it’s important to learn about and work with the Facebook algorithm accordingly. Use Facebook to build deep and trusting relationships with your audience by trying a few of these options:

  • Sharing photos of your team and office, as well as any happy clients
  • Linking to blog posts and news articles relevant to your area
  • Providing updates about your practice and asking customers for input
  • Running promotions and contests
  • Showing off a patient or team member of the months
  • Running Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Providing dental tips and answering customer questions


Because dentists often rely on the visual impact of their work to attract patients, channels with a focus on imagery and video are often an obvious choice. YouTube is a great way for dentists to expand the trust-building content they share on social media with:

  • Office tours
  • Q&A sessions or team interviews
  • Patient testimonials
  • Demonstrations
  • Dental tips

Educational and entertaining information in video form will help to build trust with your target audience. Companies with videos get 41% more web traffic than their non-video using counterparts.


Twitter is another fantastic channel for dentists on social media. Like Facebook, it appeals to a broad collection of customers. The difference is that the messages you share will be more compact and refined. Twitter is about engaging with clients quickly and it also helps you to attract attention using branded hashtags. Ways to use Twitter for your dental ads include:

  • Using hashtags related to your industry to draw attention like #TeethWhitening
  • Sharing relevant content from industry peers
  • Live-tweeting from dental conferences
  • Responding to questions and concerns about dental care
  • Handling customer service questions


When you’ve finished giving your patients a photo-ready smile, where do you think they show it off first? Instagram is the ultimate way to demonstrate the confidence-boosting visual side of your practice, particularly if you focus on cosmetic dentistry. Remember, don’t overuse filters here. The aim should be to appear as professional and authentic as possible. Some things dentists on Instagram might take advantage of include:

  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Reposting pictures patients take in your office
  • Showing before and after images (with patient permission)
  • Promoting events
  • Running competitions for #BestSmile or something similar
  • Branded hashtags

The Mouth Mobile kicked off its 2018 tour today in Augusta, GA. The team treated 36 veteran patients and chose Mr. Crabbs – a Vietnam vet – as their A Smile for Your Service patient to receive free continued care. He’ll have a brand new smile just in time for his 50th high school reunion this summer! #healthymouthmovement #aspendental #aspenstrong #veterans #dentistry #mouthmobile

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Social Media Secrets for Dentists: Best Practices

Once you’ve decided where to campaign, it’s time to finalize your social strategy. We’ll say it again, but the key to a truly incredible marketing campaign will always be understanding your audience.

Start by considering your USP (unique selling point), what you can offer to your customers and the kinds of clients you want to attract. Building user personas will help you figure out not just where you should launch your social media campaign, but what kind of content you should share.

Once you know your audience, don’t forget these last tips to increase awareness and solidify your campaign:

1. Make the Most of Employee Advocacy

Since social media marketing is all about building close relationships with your patients, it makes sense to tap into the impact of the people they interact with most–your staff. Your team members live in the same communities as your prospective patients, they love your practice and know how to reach out to your followers.

Using employee advocacy tools like Bambu helps your employees curate and post content on their own personal social channels. This lets you reach a wider audience and gives your practice that human touch your patients crave.

Aren’t we a fun bunch? Dr. Sara Syed & team taking a brief moment to snap a birthday picture after a busy day! 😄 #dentaloffice#dentist#team#ottawadentist#gloucesterdentistpic.twitter.com/OmfPK7hdbA

— Dr. Sara Syed (@DrSaraSyed1) April 5, 2018

2. Be Personal, Not Clinical

Remember, your aim is to convince clients you provide a professional and comfortable experience. With that in mind, try not to be too clinical with your posts. A great way to add a personal touch to your campaigns is to show dramatic before and after photos that highlight your patients’ stories. Just remember to keep the HIPAA guidelines in mind. Ideally, your patient will share photos for you and you simply retweet or regram them.

Also, the odd joke or meme can go a long way to showing your customers that you’re more than just a teeth-cleaning robot too.

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— White Crown Dental (@WhiteCrownDmd) April 14, 2018

3. Share Engaging & Valuable Content

When people come to dentists, they’re looking for everything they need to enjoy a great smile. This means they want products and services to help with their oral hygiene, but they also want to learn what they can do to keep disease at bay and protect their teeth. When posting on social media, show your authority by giving valuable tips on dental hygiene.

If people find your posts helpful, they’ll be more likely to share them with friends and family. The end result is more engagement for your dental practice.

An important stat to know is 49% of people say they share content because they believe it’s informative and valuable to others. Content gives you a chance to show off your industry authority too.

https://t.co/995OvK5VSA Taking care of your dental implants in San Diego is essential to keep your pearlies fit as a fiddle. Read to know more. #DentalHealth#Dentist#DentalCare#DentalClinic#dentalimplants#cosmeticdentistpic.twitter.com/erbFO1QtIh

— Dentalimplant center (@dentalimplant24) April 14, 2018

4. Engage With Your Audience

Again, one of the most important things to remember about social media is it’s all about connecting with your audience. You don’t just want to post information for your potential patients, you want to elicit a response by creating content that gets people to click, comment or share.

One great way to encourage engagement from your audience is to ask a question. People love an opportunity to give their opinion on important topics. Ask questions that pertain to your patients’ oral health habits and encourage them to get involved with a compelling call to action.

How often should you visit the dentist? Read this to learn why it really depends on your individual needs: https://t.co/iPaXJPvzIy#healthnews#healthtip#dental#dentistrypic.twitter.com/xtYblPHKXk

— Ontario Dental Association (@ONDentalAssn) April 7, 2018

5. Make the Most of Live Video

Live video is one of the most exciting trends on social media right now. This tool is one of the best ways to engage your audience and expand your credibility as a dentist. Video options like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live allow you to go beyond standard dentist ads and have genuine conversations with your audience.

6. Generate Reviews & Referrals

Online reviews are another great marketing tool that can pack a serious punch for dentists. Around 90% of consumers are influenced to buy products or services purely by reading reviews online. The more testimonials you get from happy patients, the better new prospects will feel with their decision to choose your practice.

If you’re having trouble generating reviews to begin with, you can always improve your chances of earning a testimonial with office visits and dental hygiene product discounts or other items for people who offer feedback.

It’s great to receive reviews like this from our loyal patients. Thank you for you kind works!#Review#KindWords#GoogleReview#ThankYou#QualityCare#20Years#ADC#Swadlincote#Dentist#DentalCarepic.twitter.com/x9LoulEghD

— AlexandraDentalCare (@AlexandraDenta1) April 9, 2018

Using Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Just like any marketing strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to be successful in the social media world as a dentist. However, if you can recognize the importance of building a relationship with your audience through social channels, you can begin to create a brand that’s more credible, trustworthy and appealing for today’s patients.

Prove to your audience that they can trust you, and you’ll look forward to an army of happy patients who no longer dread going to the dentist.



How to Connect Email Marketing With Social Media Marketing

How to Connect Email Marketing With Social Media Marketing

Email is an old form of communication, they said. Some even declared it dead.

However, the power of emails for marketing never really faded, and it emerged as a legitimate marketing tool in the recent years.

Listen to this data on email marketing provided by Forbes:

  • Email has an average return on investment of $38 for each $1 spent.
  • Potential customers are twice as likely to sign up for your email as to interact with you on Facebook.
  • Email has a higher conversion rate than all social media platforms combined,

Not bad, huh?

Indeed, email is far from being outdated. In fact, it’s a perfect time for you to integrate your email marketing with social media marketing and improve their effectiveness.

If this sounds interesting, find out how to do it below.

1. Allow Email Contacts to Connect with You

Every email sent by your business contains a signature where you place the information about your site, phone, and address. Now, include social media icons along with some encouraging words to connect with you.

Adding the icons is easy. Use services like to find and download icons, upload them to free storage services and then insert the links in the email settings (for example, here’s how to do it for ).

2. Upload the List of Contacts from Email Accounts

All popular social media sites have an option to upload the list of contacts. For example, Twitter has the “Find people you know” link in the sidebar that opens your email account (after your permission) and securely imports all contacts to the platform.

From the LinkedIn home page, click on “My Network” and find “Invite your email contacts to join your network” feature below the invitations list. It works just like on Twitter.

Do the same on all social media networks you’re using.

3. Retarget the Audience You Added

Now that you have all your email contacts on social media, you should retarget them. This strategy requires you to install a tracking code on your website’s landing page (use for maximum effectiveness) that sends a promotional email and targeted social media ads to those people who clicked on it.

Every social media has its own official retargeting guidelines. Check out how to do it on and .

4. Encourage to Sign Up for Email List via Social Networks

Now, it’s the other way around: you’re promoting email list on social media. It is done by including the information about your email lists in social media posts and describing why people should subscribe.

For example, you could tell your social media audience about the cool stuff that happens on your email list and describe the benefits for particular users such as tips for professionals. “I find email lists for writers very useful,” says Nigel Lorenz, a . “They help me to keep my knowledge up to date.”

Winning a prize such as a discount or a free product or service is a great incentive your social media followers need to join your email list. So, and increase the number of people receiving your messages.

6. Sync Your Calendars

Last but not least, calendar sync. In case you have an email marketing calendar, it must be effectively looped in your social media team. This will guarantee that no one will wind up doing the same work twice.

Over to You,

These are the essentials of connecting email and social media marketing that should help you to take your customer relationship to the next level. We highly recommend you letting both of these great channels work together to provide personalized content and creating more interest around your brand.

About the author:

Nancy Spektor has sharpened her pencil at The Daily of the University of Washington. After graduation, she decided to combine her business degree with her passion for written communication at . Nancy writes about marketing strategies, content management and various other topics that she finds intriguing. If she is not composing on her laptop or notebook, you probably can find her playing with her dog, Bok Choy.

Social Media Marketing in the BVI – How much to invest?

 in the BVI is the perfect solution for businesses that want to increase their brand visibility on the Internet. Unlike traditional marketing, social media requires only a minimal amount of resources. For a relatively low investment, businesses can reach out to a huge audience.

There are several platforms of social media that businesses should take advantage of. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn should all be included in any business’ social media marketing strategy. Other platforms to consider are Instagram and Pinterest. 

It’s important to be on several social media websites because they all have a different purpose. Furthermore, not all consumers are on every social media website. Some people may have a Facebook page but are still reluctant to join Twitter. A thorough social media marketing strategy will include many platforms to attract as many followers as possible. 

That being said, social media marketing shouldn’t be the only platform you invest in. Some businesses make the mistake of basing their entire digital marketing strategy on social media. 

The reality is that social media falls short in some areas. It doesn’t have as good of an ROI as email marketing and it won’t solve all of your SEO problems. 

A recent  talks about the pros and cons of social media marketing. The article warns against investing all of your resources in social media:  

“Putting all your eggs in one basket is recipe for disaster. Social media marketing should be one part of a unique, and diverse marketing strategy. If that part of the strategy starts to decrease, you pivot instead of feeling the effects financially. Successful entrepreneurs are trendsetters, not followers of what used to work.”

Your best bet is to make social media a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Just remember that social media revolves around your entire digital marketing strategy, not the other way around. 

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“Ready for the New Rules of Social Media Marketing?” with Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #463

Kerry Heaps returns as co-host to discuss how social media changes are rocking the online business world. Are you ready to change how you use social media for your marketing? Ready to pay for ads to extend your reach? Social media isn’t what it used to be. Find out how to protect your business what to look out for as social media continues to evolve.

Kerry Heaps is the Publisher of Pageant Platform Magazine and the host of Pageant Platform Podcast. She is the Founder of Kerry’s Studio, a full-service Pageant training company that offers training to women ages 16+ all over the world.  Her passion is to help women succeed in Pageantry, build a successful platform and use it to build a successful career or business after exiting pageantry.

Her story starts in the spring of 2005, working in the corporate world as a recruiter she spent a lot of time at networking functions and participating in putting them together for other organizations. “It’s a lot of work putting together events and I thought to myself if I am going to do this, I should do it for myself. I was working part time to save money to start my image consulting firm, so I figured this would be a great way to add in some revenue while the business gets up and running.” She left her corporate job in the fall and started getting business owners together at a local book store café. “I still remember my first Monday after I left my job, I got up that morning and thought, what have I done??? Although there’s been a lot of bumps in the road I don’t regret my decision one bit. My passion is helping others succeed in their marketing efforts, I know how scary it can be to start a business and no one should feel alone on their journey.”  After a life changing evening in 2016, Kerry retired her marketing business to focus on her true passion, beauty and pageantry.

She is the Founder of Pitch like a Bitch Media, an online resource to gain more media exposure and the Author of Pitch like a Bitch, Top 10 tips to pitch like a Pro (Dec 2017) and the Create your own Media series for Podcasting, Publishing and Publicity.  She has an extensive background in Sales, Networking, Recruiting, and Training. She is a former Model who specialized in Trade Show and Print work. She is also an experienced judge on the beauty pageant circuit.  Kerry is also a contributing columnist for www.sbmarketingtools.com, www.swaaymedia.com and she also writes occasionally for www.sheownsit.com and various other publications.

Kerry has interviewed celebrities such as Co-Host of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran, Authors Larry Winget, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Former Miss West Virginia and QVC Talk Show host, Kim Parrish and many more successful business entrepreneurs.  She is a sought-after guest for many media outlets.

Also mentioned on the show:



Product Licensing: The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Product Licensing: The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Product Licensing. As you begin to get the word out about your product, you need to be careful about getting your ducks in a row. It is easy to overlook little details when you are excited about launching your product, but in order to avoid costly legal issues down the line, you want to be sure that you do not forget anything. Especially with regards to licensing deals, it is crucial to pay attention to the little details and go to great lengths to not let your precious rights and privileges slip away due to carelessness. Social media presents some unique challenges in this regard. There are a few things that you want to remember as you promote your product online.

#1 Precautionary Step

First, when in doubt, be clear about what a licensing deal for your product means. Anytime you put something into writing – and that includes all social media posts – you are opening yourself up to potential legal action. You do not want to make any promises that you do not plan on keeping because a promise that has been entered into the public forum is a promise to which you can be held accountable for in a court of law. Rather than offering the specific terms of any licensing deal, be a little vague and promise further communication down the line. It may be exciting and tempting to reveal everything and be completely transparent to a potential licensor. Even so, it is critical that you proceed your discussions in a proper manner to protect yourself. Nobody wants to undo months or even years of work spent developing and marketing this product. Especially on such a simple mistake as being careless in what you write and say publicly. It would be wise to consult your patent attorney when using social media to generate interest regarding your new product. Their expertise can prevent a disaster and may even guide you in a better direction to generate more interest. For example, they can ensure you use the needed terminology and procedures to build confidence in the other party that you are a true professional. This small step can pay dividends in this process.

#2 Precautionary Step

Second, be selective about the people you actually form licensing deals with. If you are using social media marketing, this is an important point to remember, because the net that you cast on social media is bound to be wide and slightly overreaching. Use all of the additional information available to you on social media to screen the people whom you are considering for potential product licensing deals. If possible try to contact any parties that have done deals with them in the past. For example, a product developer that also licensed their product to this person. This person can help you understand the true opportunities and challenges that are present when working with this individual. Information can range from their habits of responding quickly to whether royalty payments arrive in time. This insider information can help guide you when choosing whom to license to.

#3 Precautionary Step

Third, do not rush into anything. While the large reach of social media marketing can mean that you create a lot of screening work for yourself. Do mind that these leads may not be available for product licensing otherwise. Take advantage of this large pool of leads and chisel out licensing terms with which you can be happy in the long term!

Just as with all other aspects of a product launch, product licensing can benefit you in multiple ways from an intelligent social media marketing strategy. It is possible to get a drastically better product licensing deal for yourself by leveraging social media in the right ways.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Like so many other businesses today, law firms can greatly benefit from promoting themselves on social media. Knowing the best tactics when it comes to using social media as a promotional tool, however, will ensure the best results. When in doubt, you can hire experts who are experienced in marketing for law firms, such as those at Berbay. But if you want to try some strategies on your own, consider those listed below.

Use It to Show Off Your Expertise

Use your social media posts to show off your expertise in your field. For example, you can use LinkedIn to post about recent wins that you’ve had in court, or you can use your Facebook page to promote your recent blog posts on your website. You want to be able to connect with your followers and prove to them that you know what you’re doing and you can help them with their cases as well.

Use It to Learn About Concerns and Trends

By performing searches on social media, you can start to learn more about what is most concerning to your target audience. You can then use that information to, again, make yourself an authority on the subject and put their minds at ease. Social media listening involves doing research and seeing what other people are saying, rather than only focusing on what you can contribute. You can “listen” through Google Alerts, as well as the uberVU tool from Hootsuite.

Place Ads on Social Media

Another effective way to use social media to your advantage is by purchasing ads on websites like Facebook. These ads are surprisingly affordable, and you can really target where you want them to go and the audience that will ultimately see them. If you need to expand your reach, a sponsored post could be a good way to do just that, and you may be surprised by how many new likes you get on your page and how many new people you can connect with after running just one ad.

Answer Questions

If your social media pages end up grabbing people’s attention to the point that they start coming onto your pages and asking you questions, take the time to acknowledge their posts and answer those questions if you are legally allowed to do so. By doing this, you’ll prove that you really do care about potential clients and you’re willing to provide them with some valuable advice so they can get the justice they deserve.

Post on a Regular Basis

Finally, if you’re going to use social media to promote your law firm, use these sites consistently. Schedule your posts in advance so that you don’t end up suddenly disappearing for an extended period of time and people end up losing interest.

By following the social media marketing tips for law firms that are outlined above, you can start to take your presence on social media to the next level and really begin to harness the power of social media to enhance your career.



Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers; Inhouse, Outsource or Hybrid?

The argument for social media as a highly effective automotive marketing tool is not new and I’m certain we don’t need to waste energy or bandwidth defending it. The prediction that Facebook will be the most dominant online property of 2018 – even more pervasive than Google – should tip you over the edge if you’re still pessimistic.

The discussion you should be having is who should manage it

  • Should you attempt to do it in-house at the dealership level?
  • Should your dealership’s advertising agency drive it?
  • Your OEM’s PR agency?
  • The OEM recommended digital/social marketing services provider?
  • Your 19-year-old nephew and entrepreneur?

Social media and integrated programs that have a large social component became a key focus for the team I built and launched in 2010, ADP Social Media Reputation Management. The focus was so acute that we refined our structure and costing systems to accommodate the future waves of automotive social media marketing and reputation management innovation… Which has since proven to be a successful strategy for the car business.

Social media programs do not command the same budget allocations as larger advertising programs, but they have high value for automotive marketers. In response to this, we created new jobs for Social Media specialists that understand social platforms, PR and each dealer client’s brands and marketing objectives. Our social media team managed allsocialmediachannels for our clients that included constant monitoring, copywriting and specific online daily practices.

Social media also demands fast, inexpensive – and authentic – content different to traditional marketing communications. Production values are not as refined. The point of view has moved from corporate to sociable. It happens in real time and is ongoing. In many cases, this work doesn’t require a creative brief or the scrutiny of a creative director. Social media content also requires the ongoing production of cost-effective video and audio that is then syndicated across multiple channels and may have a short lifespan.

Social media strategies require writers comfortable with generating lots of content in a short time – unlike the traditional copywriter who is strong on concept, headlines, and short punchy copy. Video and audio producers who can record, shoot and edit independently with a minimum amount of creative and administrative support are also vital suppliers. In addition, many dealer groups and car companies still require the input from a creative director, strategist, and strong OEM agency account people that provide smart strategic direction based on brand values and automotive consumer insights.

The challenge with new digital strategies is maintaining your OEM and dealership brand values. You’re mistaken if you think you can apply everything you know about branding to social media. So much information about your brand and the behavior of your target communities is visible online…and it’s never static. Being brand focused means providing the right space, information, and experiences – aligned with both your brand values and your target audience communities. And then be vigilant in observing what happens next. The courageous automotive social media marketer will engage and interact with authenticity and a massive focus on speed.

Important tips to remember when planning an automotive social media strategy and implementation:

  1. Be clear about your objectives
  2. Be clear about your measurables
  3. Select the right suppliers and partners who understand your dealership’s regional brand, can generate fresh content and are comfortable in the social media environment
  4. Strive to include a mobile component remembering that Facebook has over 100 million mobile users
  5. Remain dealership focused while letting go and enabling the community to take a life of its own
  6. Be actively involved and respond in real time all the time.
  7. When selecting a marketing services provider to lead your social marketing program, be sure they have a good understanding of the methods, technology, and that they are devoted brand ambassadors with an in-depth understanding of your overall marketing and communications plan. Best is an agency that integrates PR, media planning, and online marketing as they will be well equipped to handle all social media activities and empowered to act with authenticity and immediacy.



The Importance Of Evaluating Your Posts On Instagram For Social Media Marketing

By Trudy Seeger

plays a pivotal role in promoting and marketing your business online. Instagram is a popular social media platform that helps you connect with approximately 800 million users across the world. It is an easy platform with a simple user interface. You post visuals of your business in the form of pictures, photographs or videos to reach out to the targeted audience.

The Importance of evaluating your posts on Instagram

Though Instagram is a popular social media platform, it is vital for you to evaluate your posts for assessing performance and follower response. If you take a look at Instagram today uploading and editing posts are easy however are you getting the desired number of likes, shares, and comments that are vital to the brand presence of your company. It is here that you must take a further step and study the analytical insights of your brand so that with the passage of time you understand which posts work for you and which do not.

Study your market competition

To make your Instagram posts effective, you should study the market competition and check the pages of your competitors. You should check their rates of engagement, the hashtags they use and the topics they generally post on. With the aid of the above insights, you can optimize your posts to get for your brand.

The importance of captions and hashtags

There is no point posting on Instagram if your followers cannot find you. You should create captions that attract the attention of visitors and are interactive. At the same time, you should be aware of the trending hashtags popular in the market currently. Use them in your posts and see the levels of engagement surging. When you use hashtags, ensure that you use at least 6 of them. The hashtags can also contain the keyword of your company so that you get more engagement. This helps you in and promotion.

Every post has a purpose – research on them before publishing

When you are creating posts for Instagram ensure that every post has a purpose. There is no point in creating a post that has no goal or objective. For example, when you wish to increase sales for your company, include a link that allows the visitor to go directly to the shopping cart where the visitor can add products. In case you wish to take customer details include a link to a registration form. In short, you should be aware of the goal of the posts so that you can grab the attention of your customers without hassles at all. Schedule your posts on Instagram with a specific objective in mind.

Instagram is a popular platform for you to attract a targeted audience and improve your sales. However, there is no point in having an Instagram account if you do not have results. This is why take time and research on your posts. Make sure to evaluate them so that you can reach out to your customers faster and effectively!

About Author 

Trudy Seeger is a social media specialist who helps clients increase real Instagram likes for their business and connect with their followers better with easy online tips and suggestions.