40 Roloff Wedding Ideas From ‘Little People, Big World’

What the Duggars are to having babies, the Roloffs are to weddings. Three out of four of Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids got married in the last few years with the youngest, Jacob Roloff, set to walk down the aisle in 2019! Luckily for fans, the nuptials — Zach and Tori’s, Audrey and Jeremy’s, and Molly Roloff’s to Joel Silvius — have played out both on their TLC show, Little People, Big World, and on social media. And though Matt and Amy separated in 2016, they both helped their children incorporate some personal touches to their celebrations — and not just because all three couples chose to get married on the family’s farm! Seriously, they were all pretty spectacular.

Even if a bride doesn’t have a sprawling, picturesque family farm to get married on — or a reality show or super huge clan to help pull it all together — many of the various elements from the Roloff weddings are totally achievable for real-life celebrations. The Roloff brides got quite creative, whether donning a flower crown instead of a veil, implementing childhood memories into their ceremonies, or opting for a one-of-a-kind alternative to a wedding cake, among other noteworthy touches that would make anyone’s special day all the memorable.

Here’s a look at some awe-inspiring photos to provide all the wedding inspo needed for brides-to-be to throw a similarly stunning soiree like the TLC couples’ — a woodsy wedding like Molly and Joel, a boho bash like Audrey and Jeremy, or a casual country celebration like Tori and Zach.

There’s a little something for everyone!



7 Rustic Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

1. Flameless Candle Votives

Have you considered illuminating your wedding by candlelight? So have we. But real candles can be expensive, and your reception may last longer than the candles do. So why not try flameless candle votives? What we love about these votives is that they have the same aesthetic as real candles without the hassle or the fire risk. While these flicker like real candles, they are battery operated, and can last 120+ hours. The ones pictured above can be found on Amazon, and are particularly inexpensive.

2. Burlap and Lace Favor Bags

Okay, these are burlap. But what’s so unique about these favor bags is the beautiful lace layered over them. While the predictable burlap maintains the rustic aesthetic, the lace gives them a particularly bridal look, making them perfect for wedding favors. We could see these being filled with dried lavender, sweets, or other little gifts to show your appreciation.

3. Wedding Luminaries

Another unique lighting option! These luminaries feature a lovely cut-out of a heart and two doves, giving them a bridal aesthetic. However, the way the light filters through the simple white paper gives them a unique rustic look ­– especially in the dark. We could see these being a beautiful way to light up a path or make your tables glow.

4. Wooden Wedding Welcome Sign

While rickety posts and (again) burlap signs are distinctly rustic, it can come across as a little too unpolished. This sign is the solution. While it utilizes natural elements and textures, such as greenery and wood, the well-crafted script lends it sophistication absent in many rustic signs. This sign also comes in a variety of stains, and can be customized to say whatever you’d like. It customization and versatility makes it a great way to add unique décor to your wedding.

5. Wooden Wishes Box

We love this unique twist on the guestbook! The chicken wire on this box acts as a holding place for all of the well-wishes you will receive from your guests. This is not only a wonderful way to preserve some memories from the day, but a seamless addition to your rustic décor. The antique wooden frame and wiring give it a unique look, and we can see it being a great addition to any bride’s rustic wedding day.

6. Feathers

We’ve seen decorations completed with natural objects like twigs, flowers, greenery, stones ­– why not try decorating with feathers? We think feathers would make a great addition to rustic wedding décor, included in centerpieces, napkin holders, flower arrangements, and maybe even your hair! They are highly versatile, inexpensive, and a great way to personalize your décor.

7. Jute Twine

Our last suggestion is jute twine. Like feathers, twine has a lot of uses – from wrapping glasses to tying bags to hanging decorations, twine can accomplish a lot of your decoration goals while still giving off a rustic vibe. The little things really make a difference, and using twine for all your little things can really pull your décor together.

Rustic wedding décor is all the rage, and we love burlap just as much as the next person. But we don’t only love burlap. Keep reading to see some beautiful rustic wedding décor you haven’t seen a billion times.

Nerdy Themed Wedding Ideas

As my own wedding draws closer, I get so much more excited. My dress is done. The décor is coming together and people are getting more and more excited as well. What a better way to start your life together with your significant other than letting your nerd flag fly? Bond over your mutual nerdiness and let the fun flow. I know Star Wars weddings have been done loads as have Doctor Who but who cares? They still rock! There is no shortage of material for themed nerdy weddings. I’ve pulled together some ideas for you! Personally, I am renewing my vows in October and am having a Viking themed wedding!

One idea is an 80’s arcade wedding. Decorate with different game memorabilia from Pac Man, Pitfall, Rampage, Alien Invaders, Tekken and Mortal Kombat. If you can find it, holding the reception in an arcade would rock!

Nerdy Themed Wedding Ideas

Luxurious Garden Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

The thoughtfully curated design begins with a serene backdrop and is filled with garden fresh florals and natural textures. From the waterfront ceremony to the garden wall reception, we’re excited to share all these beautiful ideas with you! See all the highlights below and grab a closer look at all the details in the full gallery.

Luxurious garden wedding

From Beso Weddings & Events: Wedding design begins with a love story, a vision, a dream. Our thoughtfully curated design concept showcases a luxurious garden wedding for the modern couple at one of the most beautiful natural settings, Chicago Botanic Garden. The Overlook is the perfect serene backdrop for a romantic ceremony and the English Walled Garden has an understated grandeur and lush surroundings that make for a truly unique wedding reception experience. Custom designed wedding invitations set a warm and welcoming tone and romantic feel for a summer garden wedding.

Garden ceremony design

The ceremony aisle is lined with walnut chairs combined with wood bench seating fitting for the natural surroundings. The altar is framed by two towers of blush, rose, coral, and ivory color rose blooms and lush greenery. 

garden party dinner

After cocktails and conversation, guests are invited to the upper English Walled Garden for dinner where they arrive at an exquisitely set table surrounded by stone columns and lush greenery. An oversized floral statement piece sweeps beautifully across the center of the table and is filled with lush garden roses amongst softer color blooms and vines. Delicately placed Ivy brings a fresh look and feel to each place setting. Guests enjoy a fresh and savory meal on the modern place settings at a table covered with a textured linen with creamy ivory tones and a touch of luxurious sheen providing the perfect balance of natural style and elegance.

asymmetrical square cake

As guests enter the dessert space, they are amazed by the towering 4-tier asymmetrical square cake with aged rough stone fondant finish and cascading vines of (sugar) sweet peas. The celebration continues as guests enjoy a slice of fresh cake and mini-desserts displayed in modern glass shadow boxes for an added special touch to the experience.

stylish bride and groom

The groom looks sharp in a classic black bow-tie tux with a vest for a modern look. The bride looks and feels amazing in her custom fitted wedding gown with embroidered and beaded Chantilly bodice and peach ivory ombre tulle. A beautifully embellished cathedral veil is intentionally placed low over her loose and wavy hairstyle for a fresh and modern look. Her bridal look is completed with hanging floral earrings and sparkling rose gold shoes. She holds a large, unstructured and airy bouquet filled with large summer blooms and accented with the perfect trailing hand-dyed natural silk ribbon.



37 Inspiring Fall Woodland Wedding Ideas


  • 37 Inspiring Fall Woodland Wedding Ideas

    Woodlands are a very popular place to tie the knot – what can be better than doing that in some beautiful natural place with gorgeous views? Woodlands are especially popular for the fall because they are incredibly beautiful with all those colorful leaves. Today I’d like to share some ideas for a fall woodland wedding to get you inspired.

Wedding Attire

    There are tons of ideas to choose for a fall woodland wedding but if you wanna embrace the location, try something bold and with a wow effect. A jewel-tone velvet wedding dress, a bold emerald wedding gown, a short boho lace dress paired with tall colorful suede boots. Add a trendy touch to your look covering up with a leather jacket – it’s a hot trend of this year.

a brown oversized leather jacket is perfect for a fall woodland bride
a chic princess-style wedding dress with a lace bodice and sleeves and lace gloves
a gold sequin wedding dress with an open back
a gorgeous wedding dress with a gold lace applique bodice and a flowy skirt
a short ivory lace wedding dress with bell sleeves and rust-colored suede boots
an emerald wedding gown and a bold fall wedding bouquet to embrace the season
burgundy bridesmaid dresses and checked scarves as coverups
cover up with a faux fur shawl for a natural touch

Wedding Florals

    Fall wedding florals are always bold: purple, burgundy, black, hot red, rust, yellow and browns. Add feathers to your bouquet and florals, go for cascading blooms and greenery, herbs, colorful foliage and various berries to highlight the season and the location.

a chic fall woodland wedding bouquet with fall leaves, berries and branches
a fall boho wedding bouquet with burgundy and pink blooms plus succulents
a fall wedding bouquet done in the shades of brown and rust plus feathers
a fall wedding bouquet with feathers, pinecones and herbs
a fall woodland wedding bouquet with fall leaves, dahlias and hydrangeas
a gorgeous wedding bouquet with greenery and cascading blooms, purple and rust flowers
a messy bridal hair updo with bold fall blooms and purple foliage
a moody fall wedding bouquet i the shades of green and brown
a purple and dark blooms plus pale succulents for a jewel-tone wedding bouquet
a red protea wedding bouquet with berries, thistles and cascading blooms
a subtle fall wedding bouquet with greenery, rust and white touches
a woodland wedding bouquet with berries, dahlias, ferns and leaves

Wedding Decor

    Make your decor lush and take all the advantages from the location. Go for fall leaves, berries, blooms, feathers, use tree stumps, pumpkins, ferns and herbs. Incorporate a hot trend: use a living tree as an altar and decorate it with leaves and blooms.

a boho woodland table setting with jewel-tone blooms and gilded touches for a lux feel
a bold fall wedding woodland wedding arch with leaves, greenery and blooms
a bold fall woodland arbor with fir branches and bold blooms
a fall woodland tablescape done with a moss runner, pinecones, antlers and nuts
a fall woodland tablescape with colored candles, an airy grey runner with fruits
a fall woodland wedding centerpiece with herbs, coffee beans and moody blooms
a lush fall woodland wedding arch with blooms and fall leaves
a lush fall woodland wedding table setting with jewel-tone blooms and herbs and pinecones
a moody tablescape in black abd red with colored glasses and black candles
a woodland wedding arch with fall leaves and air plants
an uncovered wooden table and leather chairs, blankets and hanging jars
fall woodland wedding favors, jam in jars
tree stumps with candles and antlers for a woodland look
use a living tree as an altar decorating it with blooms and greenery

Wedding Cakes

    A fall woodland wedding cake is usually a semi naked or naked one for an informal touch. Top it with blooms, herbs, leaves and berries and fall fruits. Add drip of your choice and you’ll get a yummy centerpiece!

a chocolate naked wedding cake with figs and blackberries plus a deer topper
a fall semi naked wedding cake with drip, blackberries and figs on top
a woodland cake display with a tree stump table and cascading greenery

by Mia

Night Before Wedding Ideas

After months (or even years) of planning, the big day is just one sleep away. Many brides and grooms choose to begin their wedding day preparations and the associated celebrations the night before, to really make the occasion feel extra special. We’re all aware of the things we shouldn’t be doing the night before the wedding – being hungover on your wedding day isn’t at all fun! In this blog post, we reveal six great ways to spend the night before your wedding day.

1. Complete last minute tasks

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have any wedding prep to finish the night before. But we’re busy people, so being fully prepared might be impossible. The week before your wedding, try and polish off any major last minute tasks, leaving only small bits and pieces to finish. The night before shouldn’t involve anything more stressful than washing your hair, packing for your honeymoon or indulging in some relaxing beauty treatments.

2. Have a sleepover

Spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest before the chaos of your wedding day is always a great idea. Try hosting your very own sleepover with the bridal party. Exciting sleepover activities are also great distractions if pre-wedding nerves are getting the better of you. Glamour shares a few pre-wedding sleepover ideas that are certain to make the 8-year-old you super jealous:

“If your bridesmaids are all around, gather them for a good old-fashioned pajama party. Talk about boys, play truth or dare (where the dares are as innocent as the ones you conjured up as a preteen), and share secrets. But no dipping anyone’s hands in water to make her pee their pants in the middle of the night! And start the festivities on the early side so you’re asleep sooner, too.”

3. Get in the mood

A sleepover is the perfect excuse for a movie marathon. Here’s 7 wedding films to watch at your pre-wedding slumber party.

4. Pamper yourself

Although beauty treatments are certain to be a part of last minute preparations, try turning your entire evening into the ultimate pamper session. Create your very own luxury spa evening and treat yourself as well as your bridesmaids or family members to a relaxing experience, whether you’re staying over at your wedding venue or at home. Make sure you only use beauty products that you’ve tried before, however, to avoid troublesome skin irritation so close to your special day.

5. Spend some quality time

Many couples observe the tradition of not seeing each other the night before the wedding. That said, it can be a great idea to spend some quality time together before you change your relationship status to ‘married’. Use this time to pause and reflect on your relationship. It can work wonders for settling any pre-wedding nerves – and don’t forget to get in one last kiss before you say your goodbyes!

6. Sleep!

Wedding planning is exhausting work. You may want to spend the night before your wedding not doing very much of anything at all. Take this time to look after yourself, drinking lots of water, eating well and getting a good night’s sleep so you’re completely refreshed for your wedding day.

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