Modern Elegant Blue and Gray Wedding Ideas

Inspired by wispy clouds in a clear, blue sky, this modern, elegant blue and gray wedding design is utterly gorgeous. With a palette of crisp blues and grays, warmed by soft pinks, neutrals and hints of copper and gold, a modern, minimalist look was created, while still evoking a sense of inviting elegance. Beautiful low-key blooms and a hand-painted backdrop created a stunning setting for the design, and the bride’s romantic, flowing gown was the perfect complement to this look. The talent of Beautiful Wild Design was behind this beauty that Cassie Valente Photography captured, and we can’t wait for you to be just as inspired by it as we are!

Isn’t the blue color palette so stunning? It’s such a popular color right now… do you love it too?

Vendors who made it all happen…

Photography: Cassie Valente Photography // Venue: Park Studios // Event Design + Floral + Backdrops: Beautiful Wild Design // Stationery: Lairsey Paper Co // Photography Assistance: Four Corners Photography // Wedding Cake: gingerspice bakery // Candles: Crate and Barrel // Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen // Hair + Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics // Rentals: presentime rentals // Film Lab: Photovision Prints // Wedding Dress: Elaya Vaughn // Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux // Bride’s Shoes: J Crew // Engagement Ring: Susie Saltzman

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Wedding ideas for gift cards and a money box

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When planning a wedding, it is important to make sure you have a container or box that guests can put cards in. Many guests choose to give cash or checks, and there needs to be a secure place for these. The container should be functional yet pretty.

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Finding the perfect card for a man can be difficult. Instead of wasting time searching for the perfect card for the man in your life, create your own. All you need are a few basic art supplies and 5-by-7-inch blank folded cards from your local statio

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Use wedding ideas for the colour green if it’s your favourite colour or if it has special meaning to you and your fiancé. Incorporate green into your wedding details, theme or colour scheme. Decide how much green to use by how significant the colour

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Gifts made from the handprints of toddlers are endearing to receive and fun for children to make. You can make gifts such as hand towels and flower pots with handprint designs on them. Calendars, cards, aprons, T-shirts and wall hangings can also be

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Making a birthday card yourself means you can tailor it to fit the personality of the recipient. Ties, cars, sports and tools are all good themes for men’s birthday cards. If your guy is not into any of those things, chances are you’ll find stickers

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At weddings, place cards let guests know which table is theirs for the reception. Using place cards can be beneficial to your wedding: Guests may feel more comfortable knowing they don’t have to struggle to find a seat. Additionally, the host or host

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Taking care of some of the wedding details yourself is ideal if you enjoy crafts or have more time than money to dedicate to your wedding. Recycle baby food jars to use as wedding decorations or favours for your guests. Using baby food jars for your

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Chances are your elderly relatives or friends have spent decades collecting coffee mugs, books and figurines, and when holidays and birthdays come up, you have no idea where to start shopping for gifts for them. If nothing in the stores seems like th

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Ivy is traditionally thought to have protective qualities and is said to keep negativity at bay. It’s evergreen nature signifies vitality, while it’s strong clinging ability represents attachment. Ivy is also a symbol of fidelity and friendship, maki

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Kids are inventing more than ever, and they’re coming up with some great ideas and even getting patents for their inventions. Inventing is creative and entertaining. A child doesn’t have to be a genius or be good at math and science to invent somethi

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Pegboard offers an inexpensive and adaptable option for storage throughout the home. Typically associated with the garage, pegboard also proves functional for sewing rooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and other areas. Hooks and hangers for pegboards offer

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Introduction Getting out and about with your baby can be a real challenge. Many mothers find the whole process just too difficult; it can be just too much hassle. Knowing where to go with your baby is key. It is important to have an idea about the pl

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Those who live in a small apartment or home without a designated guest room often have a dilemma: what to do to create a guest room. No worries. There are many ways to convert your living room to a guest room. There are also ways to make it less than

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Valentine’s Day brings to mind red-heart boxes of candy, stuffed animals and rose bouquets. The origins of Valentine’s Day are often overlooked but have Christian roots. The holiday is named after a Christian priest named St. Valentine. The love them

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While many people say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, most brides and grooms hope for sunshine. Wet weather does not have to be disastrous to taking a wedding portrait, however. It merely requires some special planning and creativity. Pro

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Add a few personal touches to the women’s bathroom at your wedding reception venue to make your guests feel welcome when they need to use the facilities. While you don’t have to decorate the bathroom the same way as the reception area, adding a few d

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For many organisations and charities, the work they do and help they provide would not be possible without the contributions of donors. In order to recognise donors for their gifts, many organisations and charities create donor plaques or shadow boxe

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A book of money would definitely get a gift recipient’s attention. Rather than just hand him an envelope with money, be creative and use a different approach to wrap a gift of money. Don’t be obvious; hide it inside a different gift or come up with n

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Card boxes are used for many purposes, including weddings, holding Christmas cards or storing birthday cards. They can be made various different ways and from different materials, such as cardboard or shoe boxes. You can easily create a card box of y

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Place card settings are more than just an organised way to keep track of guest seating arrangements during parties and events. They can add to the ambience of a wedding reception, dinner party or other formal dinner event, if they are created to matc


Dear Young Girl Who’s Obsessed With Pinning Wedding Ideas

I’ve seen your “Fairytale” board. I know, it’s all there, perfectly arranged…the ring styles, proposal photo suggestions, save the dates, invitations, dress options, bridesmaid proposal ideas, bachelorette party activities, color schemes, seating charts, the reception attire, checklists, meals, memorabilia, and honey moons. Heck, I’m convinced every wedding will soon have its own custom trademark font. (If it already exists, I DON’T want to know). The energy that has been put into your event before it even begins, and sometimes before you’ve met Mr. Right, far exceeds what you exerted for the final research paper of your Senior year.

After living on God’s precious earth for 44 years, I can not with a clear conscience let you continue to “pin” your heart out without sharing what I’ve learned about love. You see, six years ago, I was a single Mom who’d pretty much decided that true love just wasn’t in the cards for me. I’d kissed a few frogs, and they somehow never turned into princes. So, I was happy to accept a life where I took care of myself and my daughter, without the weight of responsibility and work that seemed to be involved with any prospective partners.

Then, along came the nicest guy. He entered my life with such ease, allowing me to develop trust for him like I’d never known before. Always the gentleman, he wouldn’t even sit on the couch with me when he came over to watch a movie. I was dumbfounded. Did he not feel a spark…a connection? So, this continued for several months, and the friendship we developed was based on nothing but honesty, respect, and admiration for each other.

Once it became obvious that we were more than friends, every step of the relationship felt completely natural and as though it were meant to be. The way he loved not just me, but also my daughter, blew me away.

Six months after we started dating, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He immediately decided to move in and take care of me as I underwent surgery to remove both of my breasts, which proved to be a much more challenging mental battle than physical. Next, he walked through the completely devastating side effects of 8 rounds of chemotherapy with me…the hair loss, the weight gain, the fears, the stomach issues, the aches and pains, the lack of energy and zest for life. Next came 7 weeks of radiation, and even more discomfort and fatigue, coupled with frustration and so many tears.

We were not even married. He could have walked away. But he stayed. A year after my diagnosis, while my hair was growing back in after chemo (not my most favorite look), with several pounds of chemo weight gain still hanging around, and a set of misshapen breasts, we headed to Vegas for a weekend wedding. I put on a fun rockabilly dress, ordered him a bowling-style shirt, and a poodle skirt for my girl, and in a one hour time slot, we became man & wife as Elvis sang us through our wedding dance.

Since that time, I’ve endured two more surgeries, including a hysterectomy and recently, breast reconstruction. During both of these experiences, he has proven to remain by my side through all of the ups and downs. He never left my side at the hospital, spending every night sleeping in my room. He’s been on the other side of the bathroom door while I struggle through the challenges of post-anesthesia “irregularity”. He’s emptied drain tubes, kept up with medicines, fed me, done the laundry, and made sure I have everything I needed to heal properly. I continue to be blown away by the selfless compassion and kindness shown to me by this man who has continued to express his growing love for me with each passing day.

There are no “pins” available for these things, which scares me a little for you young ladies. True love does not have a custom font, color scheme, or checklist. It is, however, there through the challenges and trials that are sure to come in this life. Making it through the “un-Pinterest-worthy” moments will be your proudest accomplishments, the things that cement your bond. So, while I hope that one day, your wedding is a very special and unforgettable celebration, my greatest wish is that you find an “un-pinnable” kind of love.

18 Summer Vineyard Wedding Ideas Worth Pinning

Vineyard weddings are perfect themes to consider for summer weddings. It’s a private, eye-catching and natural venue with wide open space, which allows you to create your big day in your own way. The energetic green leaves and vines, half-ripe fruits and some flowers will help make the whole wedding decoration adorable. Besides, barrels with wine on it will make themselves part of the decoration. It saves much efforts to create effect like that. For summer vineyard weddings, all the décor you need is maybe line up a string lights above, adding a touch of romance. Picture the scene that all of your families and friends are sitting in a private, simply-decorated vineyard, with cool weather and gentle lighting, isn’t it amazing? Save it now! Read on to enjoy the gorgeous summer vineyard wedding ideas to get started!

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A beautiful coral, turquoise and blush summer vineyard wedding in Virginia ( via: Artfullywed )

long table garden party lunch in the vineyards winery fruit orchard farm ( via: Pinterest )

Summer Winery Wedding with Pops of Pink ( via: Stylemepretty )

Vineyard wedding in Napa Valley of Sonoma,photos by Viera Photographics ( via: Junebugweddings )

California Vineyard Summer Wedding | Equally Wed ( via: Equallywed )

Dusky Pink Washington Winery Wedding via Magnolia Rouge ( via: Magnoliarouge )

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Bistro Lighting over a Romantic Outdoor Wedding Reception ( via: Pinterest )

Summer or Spring Wedding – Peonies and Hydrangeas – On SMP ( via: Stylemepretty )

everything about this Denner Vineyards wedding is just gorgeous!! ( via: Heartlovealways )

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Al fresco perfection. Photography: Vrai Photography – vraiphoto ( via: Stylemepretty )

Backyard vineyard wedding in Northern California | Farm to Table Catering ( via: Pinterest )

Fall Wedding Veritas Vineyard Charlottesville Reception Centerpiece ( via: Unitedwithlove )

Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding ( via: Stylemepretty )