Looking For Fall Glam Wedding Ideas? This Wedding Is It!

Have you ever been to an event that feels both relaxed AND high class? It is a very rare combination but when it happens the whole day feels like it is holding on to some kind of magic!  Leticia and Joan’s dream wedding styled and coordinated by Bodas de Cuento is just this kind of day and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

Keep on scrolling to find a pampas grass ceremony ring we know you’ll love along with a countless other vintage Fall inspired wedding details. You’ll find even more in the full gallery thanks to the fabulous photos from Raquel Benito.

The Ceremony

Leticia (Spanish) and Joan (Venezuelan) are living together in Belgium. Their dream was to get married in Spain and we found just the perfect place: Masia Ribas (Barcelona, Spain). We designed a vintage romantic wedding with a touch of modern details and a soft pink mood. 

For the ceremony, the guests sat comfortably in baroque armchairs and lounge sofas to enjoy the vows of the couple. After the ceremony, we prepared bubble blowers for the guests when the couple walked down the aisle. Overall it was spectacular! 

For the flower decoration, we worked closely together with Mireia Abras. The style was romantic but casual with a modern twist, you could see pampas all over the place, mixed with granate colored flowers and pastel pink roses. A giant circle was created with pampas and roses in soft tones for the ceremony. 

The Bridal Style

What to say about Leticia’s one in a million powder pink dress from the designer Emily Riggs, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Laia Martin, a professional makeup artist, transformed Leticia into an even more beautiful bride. 

The Food

The catering prepared a selection of typical authentic Venezuelan dishes: tequeños (fried breaded cheese stick), mini empanadas de cazon (fried stuffed pastry), cachapas (maize pancakes) and much more delicacies, the Venezuelan guests felt at home. They also enjoyed an extended national cheese buffet and the fresh soups. During the appetizer, we arranged a piano bar for some swing music while the guest could order their Camparis and Mojitos with the musicians directly! 

The Decor

The seating plan in watercolor pink was made with hand lettering by the bride herself. The place was filled with thousands of LED lights creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Each table had a hanging flower centerpiece with pampas and the table itself was decorated with the pastel pink roses and granate colored begonias and thousands of lights.  

The bride is an artist for a living and when we saw how good the hand lettering was, our eyes lit up! We asked her for a lot of things which she prepared herself, like the giant fabric sign with “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars”. 

The icing on the cake, literally, was the dessert buffet before which the bride changed into here second wedding dress ready to celebrate all night long with her brand new husband. 

Get a closer look at this vintage Fall inspired wedding by watching the wedding video from A&Y video below.




Popular Wedding Ideas

It’s getting to be near the end of the year, but we’re still hot on the trail of fun and popular wedding ideas. In 2018 we’ve seen a lot of technology free weddings or more simple settings.

One of the 2018 trends we love is the foregoing the favors. You can imagine on top of wedding cost the favors given to guests can add up. We love the idea that instead of small trinkets like cigars, chocolates or flowers. More and more couples are opting to spend funds on a live band or late night snack bar to make up for no favors. Plus, what do you really do with the favors from a wedding? They usually just get thrown out or eaten. A great memory lasts a lot longer than chocolate!

Going along with the no favors, more weddings are incorporating unique entertainment for their guests. Not just a live band. Couples can tailor the entertainment to their likes such as belly dancers, comedians, tarot card readers or even theatrical performances. The wedding reception is a place where awesome memories are created and a lot of fun! Instead of a photo booth your guests will not soon forget.

Another fun wedding idea we’re seeing this year is a first look that includes more than just your partner! What a fun way to capture the moment for all the most important people in your life. Perhaps your grandma or grandpa can’t make it to the wedding or stay for the whole thing – a first look gives them ample time to celebrate with you without the time constraints or having to stand so long. It’s also a way to make it more special for your bridal party who have put so much time and expense into being in your wedding! They get the first glimpse of the happy couple and share in your big day in an intimate way.

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Rustic Autumn Wedding Ideas – Ginger Ray

Rustic Autumn Wedding Ideas

The crisp mornings and shorter evenings are drawing in, so we think it’s the perfect opportunity to think about how this season can influence your wedding theme. There is something about autumn that gives a very relaxed, homey feel to an occasion.

Here’s a few simple ways you can add rustic autumnal touches to your special day.

Wedding Stationery

The theme of your autumn wedding will start with the invitations. It’s the first impression you give your guests of your big day, so it’s a good opportunity to introduce them to your theme by sending matching invitations. Our rustic country kraft paper invitations give that effect perfectly, especially the ‘Save the Date’s’ or ‘Tying the Knot’s’ which come with brown string to complete the rustic look.

You could even go one step further and include a pressed flower or foliage within the invitation to make them even more autumnal. Whichever style you decide on for your big day, choosing invitations that coincide with your theme will give your guests an exciting insight into your special day and keep everything cohesive.

Dress up your venue

With these few simple autumn wedding decorations you can transform your venue and give your wedding the autumnal, cosy rustic feel you dreamed of (or at least in our case, saved over and over again on Pinterest).

Tie these beautiful wooden-finish chair signs to the Bride & Groom’s chairs to make it easily distinctive from around the venue. Tie with hessian string for a rustic effect and add foliage or flowers to give them even more oomph.Chair signs are a great way to add a unique twist to your venue but super easy to switch up depending on the season.

Looking for some DIY autumn wedding decorations? You could tie with orange and red flowers paired with dark green foliage, the deeper the colours the more autumnal it’ll feel. Or if you’re having a spring / summer rustic wedding then you could keep it lighter with pretty pinks and bright whites.

Everyone loves a sweet treat at a wedding, right? With donut wall’s being quite the trend to have on your big day it’s an easy way to add a unique twist. Whether you’re using it as an alternative wedding cake or just adding something extra to your reception, the brown Kraft board will coincide with your rustic theme and gives you the freedom to choose the colour of your donuts and match them to your colour scheme.

Loving the concept but not sure how you’d put a Donut wall together? Check out our Donut Wall Cheat Sheet.

Autumnal Table Settings

Along with the decorations, table settings are where the themes for autumn weddings truly come to life. How you decorate your tables can make all the difference to a rustic wedding. This autumn we’re loving the small touches such as our wooden heart tealight holders, wooden slice place card holders paired alongside our large centre piece wooden slice. Why not add a cosy feel by adding our foliage string fairy lights to give a warm autumnal feel or orange flowers as a centre piece to tie everything together?

It doesn’t have to be complicated, and there are endless ways to incorporate autumn touches into your table settings. It’s the small details that will play a huge part in transforming your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Touches

Hangover kits – sounds interesting right? Place one bag on everyone’s seat filled with everything you think they’ll need to recover from a night of celebrating! With Kraft paper detailing, these will look gorgeous and fit perfectly with your rustic autumnal wedding theme – trust us, they’ll be thanking you the next day!

Another idea is to have sparklers. Guests waving sparklers as a send-off has become very popular touch for autumn weddings, especially as the evenings are getting shorter and offering the perfect opportunity for some great sparkler pictures.

After a night of celebrating, swap out the confetti for these sparklers to send you both off in style. Why not have your guests hold them up create an arch to give you both the perfect grand exit – the photos will look amazing!

We hope we’ve inspired you to incorporate a few of these autumnal touches into your wedding. Which are your favourites?

For more on rustic weddings, read our blog posts on How to Transform your Venue into a Rustic Country Wedding. Remember to share your real parties and tag us on Instagram @gingerrayuk!


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16 Cool Indie Wedding Ideas Perfect For Autumn Weddings

We will first start with the word“Indie”and it’s meaning. Indie rock is short for independent rock music. It started in America during 1980’s. And as for indie weddings, we describe them to be similar to bohemian weddings, which means a lot of colors, rustic look with elements of rock. There are no rules when it comes to indie weddings. Relaxation is number one. This makes not only planning far less problematic, but it also describes newlyweds, and their personalities.

Decorations are usually an industrial looking pieces of furniture. For example, lighting, tables, chairs are combined with other bohemian elements like candles, carpets and flowers. Most important thing is to create a comfortable and relaxed look of the venue. Although indie weddings are associated with abundance of colors and bohemian style, we also have a minimalist version of indie decor. This version leans to rustic look which often can be very minimal and simple. Read below on how to decorate your indie wedding and leave everyone speechless.


Table decor [photo: Etsy]

As far as the tables go, choose long ones instead of round ones. You can pick two themes when it comes to indie weddings. One that is minimal, and other filled with colors and textures. For the second one, use large flower bouquets. Choose vintage vases or jars, or you can combine them, as it’s encouraged to use lot of different textures. For example, you can getdark green tableclothsand decorate them with eucalyptus and golden candle holders with tall white candles. You can also a cool and relaxed vibe with placing different plates and wine glasses.

Table decor [photo: Etsy]

Many fans of indie weddings opt for things they have at their homes and they re use them. Like using old wine bottles, jars, they make old clothes into very interesting napkins. You can use this as an idea. Old wine bottles are beautiful when you fill them with fairy lights or field flowers. You can also use them for marking table numbers. When planning aminimal indie wedding, make sure to stick with only 3 colors. For example, dark green, gold and white. In this decor, eucalyptus, cactuses, olive branches and big gold candle holders and crystal glasses will achieve the desired look in a very sophisticated way. Also, wooden tables and chairs are obligatory. If you decorate them with simple elements, like white flowers and candles, it will look minimal but will also keep a dose of indie style.


Stunning Arch [photo: Couture Colorado by Rae Marie Photography]

One of unavoidable decorative items on indie wedding is the arch. No matter  if it’s for a venue, or if it will be used for photos or as an entrance to the farm, the arch is something you simply need to have. We could say that it is a very wide choice. You will also have to choose if you’ll go with minimal indie style or the one more colorful and detailed. If you opt for more minimal style, decorate a simple wooden arch with eucalyptus and one long white flag. Beautifully minimal and very romantic. As for the other version, you can really play with it. Not only with flowers, but with colors and textures too. Arrange opulent flowers and leaves over the whole arch, and additionally decorate with white, dark red or purple curtains. You can also put carpet or lamps beneath the arch.


Cake Table [photo:  ]

Who doesn’t like cakes? And is there a wedding that can’t go without them? And does a wedding can go without at least a few of them? Because of this reasons we recommend having a table with cakes. But not any table. A table that will look beautiful not only because it has cakes on it. Go and fin and old vintage table that you can decorate additionally, like painting it. Put lavish tablecloths on it, vases filled with flowers, and of course, cakes. Decorate cakes with fresh fruits and edible flowers. Also, provide a fruit bowl. Then write all the cake info on wooden tablets. For example, gluten free, vegan, strawberry cake, and so on… You can a knife on a gorgeous plate, and plates and forks on the side so your guests can help themselves.


Wedding Decor [photo: Style Me Pretty]

Don’t just decorate the interior, the outdoor also needs your attention. Complement obligatory candles and flowers with carpets and seating area. It can be an old couch, armchair or even hay covered with rustic blankets. Blankets are a perfect example on how to make the area more pleasant and functional. Put colorful blankets on couches, armchairs and hay. You also have a campfire. Surround it with benches, and put aside a table with marshmallows and corn. This will particularly be fun for kids.


Beer Bar [photo: ]

While listening to indie music, sipping a beer is a perfect thing, right? This is why we suggest having a beer bar. Make your special bar which will serve your favorite beers. It can be a self service bar, or you can have a bartender. Ideally, it will have to offer at least 2 types of favorite beers of bride and groom. Isn’t having a beer bar such a nice idea? Decorate the bar with flowers or dream catchers.


Wedding Bouquet Captured by Jenna Kutcher

Flowers are perfect for decorating the space, and it is heavily used with indie weddings. But, which types to use? Eucalyptus is a very modern choice, and great to use with minimal indie wedding theme. It’s equally great fresh and dried. Roses are unavoidable. They provide a sense of romance, and if you pick them in darker tones, it will perfectly fit into indie bohemian wedding theme. Because they are available all year around, they are not expensive and can fit any budget. Billy button is a flower that works great in big flower bouquets. Because of it’s strong yellow color, it lifts them up. We mustn’t forget field flowers where poppy flowers are the most noticeable. You can skip peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips when having a indie wedding.


Gift Idea [photo: ]

One of the perfect thank you gifts would be to give each guest a small cactus. But if you’re not up for that, you can make thank you gifts in shape of cake boxes, and give them cakes that were served on your wedding. Diy candle is also a great gift idea. You can add essential oils that you love and write your names and date of your wedding on the lids. You can put gifts on tables, or you can have a table situated near the exit that will only be used for guests to take their gifts from it when leaving. You can put a nice wooden sign on the table with a “thank you for being with us on our special day” written on it.


The Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles. Read more here, Zank You [photo: Heirlume Photography]

Venue is one of the most important pieces of your wedding puzzle. Not only it sets the mood of the wedding and atmosphere, but it is the first thing your guests will see. And you want to impress them, right? When it comes to indie wedding, unique + rad wedding locations are a MUST! Think out of the box, and be creative. Something like a tree house, or an old sugar mill will look amazing…. or even beautiful forest brimming with all of the beauty of nature that you can imagine.

Our recommendation for venue:

When we talk about indie weddings, first thing that comes to our mind is amazing music. And is there a better place to tight the knot then the King of Rock’ n Roll city, Las Vegas?

You all probably heard about the legendaryChapel of the Flowers, it is the place where weddings have taken place on the world-famous Strip for nearly 60 years. It features three unique chapels, traditional Victorian Chapel, the Tuscan- inspired La Capella Chapel and modern Magnolia Chapel. And you can also reserve the Glass Gardens, for the perfect enchanting rustic- chic outdoor wedding.


Polaroid Guest Book [photo: ]

We really love this idea! It’s so unique, so cool and fun! How it works? Instead of simple guest book with just a signature, guests snap fun photo of themselves and then place their photos inside a book, with a message to bride and groom or just with their signature. Cool, right? Best of all, you’ll only need an instant camera, like a Polaroid Or Instax, ton of film and extra batteries.You guests will love this!


Hanging Bottles Idea [photo:  by Jonathan Ong]

Hanging vases are definitely one of the best trends that we hope is here to stay. Not only it is perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, but it really gives that rustic and industrial feel. Best of all, you don’t need a ton of flowers to recreate the look, which is great if you are on a tight budget. You can use old beer, wine and milk bottles…  or even old light bulbs to achieve this look. Cut the twine to the appropriate length, and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, add your favorite flowers, and hang them on the tree. Easy, right?

You can also use bottles as a giant wish tree. Ask your guests to write a wish on a luggage tag and then tie it around the neck of a bottle.


Teepee [photo:  ]

Teepee as a arch? Yes, yes, yes! It looks super cool, especially on your wedding pictures, and it is probably the easiest way to get that indie, boho look. They can be decorated with macramé, dream catchers, bold flowers, greenery and whatever else comes to your mind.


Hankies For Happy Tears [photo: ]

Such a cute idea! Have a different vintage hankies for your guests at the ceremony when things get emotional.


Vintage Rugs [photo:  by The Nichols Photographers]

If you want to add a touch of eclectic flair to your big day, vintage rugs are perfect for you. Not to mention, they are HUGE TREND! Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are so many ways to incorporate these colorful textiles into your wedding decor. Mix and match similarly patterned rugs to achieve that indie vibe. We love the look of Persian rugs, but if you want to go in the other direction, bring in the vibrant colorful rugs for a fun look.

You can find the rugs on your local antique store, or even your Grandma’s house, and you’ll have the prettiest wedding aisle in the world.


Vintage Bath Tub [photo: ]

There are so many creative ways to have drinks reserved for your outdoor events. But have you ever thought about the vintage bath tub to hold you booze? It is genius!


Claddagh Ring Silver [photo:  ]

Wedding ring are the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own. After all, you will wear it every day, your whole life. It is a symbol of love, commitment and faithfulness of your spouse to you.  With that in mind,  wedding ring should represent both, bride and groom. It must be spectacular, something that you both like. When it comes to indie wedding rings, they are anything but traditional. With unusual shapes, designs, stones… There are so many great jewelry designers which offer perfect rings for indie wedding. FromLauren Wolf Jewelry, Lizzie Mandlerto the amazingCladdagh Design.


Boutonniere [photo: Etsy]

How beautiful is this boutonniere? We found it onEtsy. They  contain a few springs of dried natural seeded eucalyptus, dried, natural blue thistle, dried natural lavender and silvery gray ministar flower spays, in different combinations depending on each boutonniere theme in this set. One of them features feathers and also bronze, rose gold leaves.  It is really a beautiful natural composition that can become a keepsake, it is perfect for adding the perfect touch of greenery to indie bohemian wedding.



Bridal Shower Favor Ideas Martha Stewart In Peaceably Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Wedding Ideas Although Charm View This Image Diy Wedding Shower Favors That Are Stupid Easy ~ Www.fotoventasdigital.com

HomeHome designBridal Shower Favor Ideas

Peaceably bridal shower favors ideas bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas. Charm view this image diy wedding shower favors that are stupid easy. Nifty diy bridal shower gift ideas kcraft along with beach wedding favors diy ideas wedding photography beach weddingfavors diy ideas wedding photography website images. Multipurpose bulk wedding ideas and cheap beach med bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower favors. Assorted ideas cheap beach me bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower party favors ideas wedding ideas. Christmas breakfast at audrey decorated bridal edible party bridal shower favors lettering art studio. Rousing bridal shower baby shower bridal shower ideas bridal shower invitations baby shower ideas baby shower decorations bridal shower gifts bridal shower party glamorous bridal shower favors ideas homemad. Fascinating cheap bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower gifts cheap bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas. Alluring bridal shower tea party favors cheap cheap bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas.

Peaceably Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Wedding Ideas in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Peaceably bridal shower favors ideas bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas in bridal shower favor ideas.

Charm View This Image Diy Wedding Shower Favors That Are Stupid Easy in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Charm view this image diy wedding shower favors that are stupid easy in bridal shower favor ideas.

Nifty Diy Bridal Shower Gift Ideas Kcraft Along With Beach Wedding Favors Diy Ideas Wedding Photography Beach Weddingfavors Diy Ideas Wedding Photography Website Images in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Nifty diy bridal shower gift ideas kcraft along with beach wedding favors diy ideas wedding photography beach weddingfavors diy ideas wedding photography website images in bridal shower favor ideas.

Multipurpose Bulk Wedding Ideas And Cheap Beach Med Bridal Shower Favors Cheap Bridal Shower Favors in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Multipurpose bulk wedding ideas and cheap beach med bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower favors in bridal shower favor ideas.

Assorted Ideas Cheap Beach Me Bridal Shower Favors Cheap Bridal Shower Party Favors Ideas Wedding Ideas in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Assorted ideas cheap beach me bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower party favors ideas wedding ideas in bridal shower favor ideas.

Christmas Breakfast At Audrey Decorated Bridal Edible Party Bridal Shower Favors Lettering Art Studio in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Christmas breakfast at audrey decorated bridal edible party bridal shower favors lettering art studio in bridal shower favor ideas.

Rousing Bridal Shower Baby Shower Bridal Shower Ideas Bridal Shower Invitations Baby Shower Ideas Baby Shower Decorations Bridal Shower Gifts Bridal Shower Party Glamorous Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Homemad in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Rousing bridal shower baby shower bridal shower ideas bridal shower invitations baby shower ideas baby shower decorations bridal shower gifts bridal shower party glamorous bridal shower favors ideas homemad in bridal shower favor ideas.

Fascinating Cheap Bridal Shower Favors Cheap Bridal Shower Gifts Cheap Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Wedding Ideas in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Fascinating cheap bridal shower favors cheap bridal shower gifts cheap bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas in bridal shower favor ideas.

Alluring Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors Cheap Cheap Bridal Shower Favors Ideas Wedding Ideas in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Alluring bridal shower tea party favors cheap cheap bridal shower favors ideas wedding ideas in bridal shower favor ideas.

Impeccable Images About Wedding Shower Ideas On Bridal Showers Mad Libsand Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Favors Bridal Shower Ideas Bridal Shower Bridal in Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Impeccable images about wedding shower ideas on bridal showers mad libsand bridal shower bridal shower favors bridal shower ideas bridal shower bridal in bridal shower favor ideas.

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Photo Gallery of Bridal Shower Favor Ideas



20 Cozy + Romantic Fall Wedding Ideas

Harvest Festive

The coziest season of the year, fall is packed with warmth and vibrant color. Incorporate the romantic moodiness of autumn into your bridal bouquet with a harvest-toned mix of rust-orange, white and mauve dahlias, pumpkin spice ranunculus, crimson astilbe and flowing seasonal greenery in various shades of red and green.

Gorgeous in Gilt

We are head over heels for this sultry, gold-and-watercolor combo. Jazz up any wedding accent such as place cards or invitations with gold leaf for a high-end look. Want to go all-out glam? Try edible gold leaf for cakes and desserts.

See Ya Never Mason Jars

Step away from the mason jars and other Pinterest faux pas and say hello to the new rustic-chic: vintage cross-back chairs, moody blue table runners and mismatched metallic vessels.

Woodsy + Whimsical

Avoid the unpredictable weather by bringing the outdoors in for your big day. Say “I do” beneath a woodsy, whimsical backdrop adorned with seasonal hanging branches and greenery vines.

Dare to Be Different

Who says bridesmaids have to carry a traditional bouquet? Not us! Dare to be different by opting for an alternative bouquet like these chic, flower-filled lanterns.

Crazy for Copper

Brighten up your venue by replacing standard, boring chairs with sultry copper. This season’s most desirable wedding metallic, copper complements any fall tablescape perfectly, adding just a hint of glitz without going total glam.

Color the Way

Think outside the standard fall color palette. We’re loving the teal candlesticks and goblets mixed with hints of peach, ivory and dark plum in this gorgeous tablescape.

Cozy Up

Having an outdoor ceremony? Provide guests with a blanket to keep warm and cozy. The plush goodies can also double as wedding favors when the night is over.

Rose Gold Royale

Dress up a traditional white wedding cake by incorporating color and texture. Rose gold paint, sprinkles and fondant combine to create an art deco-inspired cake fit for a celebration. And the best part? You can make it yourself. Get the step-by-step instructions below.

Agate Accents

Naturally colorful, agate accents are all the rage right now. Incorporate this trendy stone into your wedding decor as DIY table numbers or as a background for detail photos of the ring, invitations and more. Also, how can we not mention the burgundy and plum centerpiece here? Fall flower goals!

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding reception with moody linens, plates, candlesticks and florals in varying shades of slate.

Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice

Warm guests up at the reception with a coffee bar stocked with all the essentials. Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?

Fall Leaves

Think outside the box (and save $$) by putting nature to work. A magnolia leaf serves as a place card and pops against a black place setting on this romantic, moody tablescape.

A Nod to Neutrals

Extend the Olive Branch

Don’t forget about the guys! An olive branch, celosia and wax flower boutonnière pops against a herringbone suit on this dapper groom.

Seasonal Signature Sips

Swap the pumpkin spice for this delectable, caramel apple cocktail, a signature drink that’ll have all your guests (21 and up of course) savoring the season, one sip at a time.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones, especially emerald green, are a must for a fall celebration. Combined with trendy watercolor and soft gold inserts, these invitations are all of our seasonal dreams come true.

S’more, Please

Autumn weather brings bonfires which of course means s’mores. No fire pit allowed at your venue? S’mores on a stick will provide the same bonfire taste, no flame required.

Dinner by Candlelight

Set a cozy, romantic mood with pillar candles, tall candlesticks and votives. Combined with soothing accents like a slate-blue table runner, blue and white china and loose eucalyptus stems, your guests won’t want to leave their tables.

Guest Book Alternative

Traditional guest books are a thing of the past. Greet your guests with a signable faux pumpkin — a unique way for family and friends to send well-wishes that will double as a special piece of fall decor for years to come.

Photo By: Tec Petaja

Photo By: Opal & Onyx Photography

Photo By: Lindsay Nickel Photograhy

Photo By: Kate Touzel

Photo By: Finding Eden Photo

Photo By: Sarah Street Photography

Photo By: Kate Touzel

Photo By: Lovers of Love Photography

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Alexandria Monette Cardenas

Photo By: Sawyer Baird

Photo By: Lauren Rae Photography

Photo By: Lindsey Nickel Photography

Photo By: Brz Photography

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Alexandria Monette Cardenas

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Michael Boekestyn, Ballad Photography



Unique Destination Wedding Ideas in Ontario

Memorable Destination Weddings, near or far north from Toronto

The conventions around what a wedding should look like are changing rapidly, and, thankfully, tired traditions are being pushed aside in the face of both creativity and imagination. People are looking to create a wedding experience that captures who they truly are, and a big part of that is finding the right venue or experience to accommodate your vision.

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a classic Ontario wedding, one that, perhaps, might look very much like your parent’s own special day. That being said, there’s never been more room to experiment with what your day can look like because the possibilities, quite simply, are endless. However your wedding day unfolds, it will surely be a day you’ll never forget, but what if you planned an event that ensured that it was a day that every single person who attended would never forget?

The big day is yours and yours only, so you ought to do things your way, but it’s hard to know what that looks like in practice. Luckily, there are a variety of vendors who are catering experiences that are outside of the norm, but might just be your cup of tea. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to take a sip.

Relish the Chance for a Pop-Up Wedding

The historic Sherwood Inn has hosted the who’s who of Canada’s citizens over the years, but now they’re looking open their ever exclusive doors just a little bit. The Sherwood Inn is now offering four lucky couples for one memorable day in October. They want you to celebrate your sprouting affection, among their ancient trees lining the shores.

Sherwood Inn Pop Up Wedding – Click here to read the poster.

This famous 49 room inn near Port Carling, on a quiet bay of Lake Joseph, is looking to be a little unconventional and, as such, they’re offering a low flat fee package which includes a two night stay in the Premium Maplewood Room, a photo session with a local photographer, an experienced officiant to perform the ceremony, a floral bouquet, and access to resort amenities. Sherwood Inn wants to offer the exclusive setting without the exclusive price-tag.

It’s all happening for these four lucky couples , so don’t hesitate to contact them if Lake Joseph is calling your name.

Make Your Wedding Historic

Canadian history buffs rejoice – when it comes to weddings, it turns out you’ve got options.

If the stresses of modern times have got you fed up, why not go back in time just a little? Discovery Harbour, a beautiful, historic site on Penetanguishene Bay, has recreated a site of crucial importance to the British naval war efforts both before, during, and after the War of 1812. You can utilize the recreated military and naval bases, as well as the lovely Captain Roberts’ Table Restaurant and King’s Wharf Theatre to .

Discovery Harbour at sunset

Discovery Harbour’s Tecumseth at sunset

If the 19th century just isn’t far enough back, don’t fret, there’s something for you as well in the form of . Sainte Marie among the Hurons was actually Ontario’s first European settlement, and was the headquarters of a French Jesuit mission beginning in the early to mid 17th century. The settlement lasted just ten years, but, at one point, it was home to about twenty percent of New France’s population.

Now, Sainte-Marie among the Hurons has been recreated on its original site, right on the shores of Georgian Bay, and their nearby 3500 square foot hosting facility is ready and willing to host a celebration for the ages (note receptions only, ceremony must be off-site).

Wed on a Rustic Ranch

An outdoor forestral wedding chapel, a pavilion which can hold nearly 150 guests, and the opportunity for a campfire cookout, tractor-drawn wagon rides, and a whole lot more – that’s what is on offer at .

Rounds Ranch - Western Weddings

Rounds Ranch – Western Weddings

Located in between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach, Rounds Ranch is looking to offer you something you can’t get anywhere else. They’re all about providing the rustic western setting that many people might have been dreaming of, but just didn’t know where to look. It’s a wedding venue that, should you book it, few are ever to forget, and, it’s unique enough that you likely don’t have to worry about folks trying to copy your style.

Geri Rounds, the owner of Rounds Ranch, summed it up well when saying, “the Ranch is extremely reasonable considering all that we offer.  It is very affordable for the couple who wants a country rustic theme.”

Celebrate Your Union on a Wedding Cruise

Typically, couples head off on a cruise for their honeymoon, but what if you just couldn’t wait?

Miss Midland at sunset

Miss Midland at sunset

The offers a several hour cruise through some of Ontario’s most picturesque landscapes, and you can tie the knot on board. They’ve got a full service licensed bar, the opportunity for live music, and more. They’re all about providing you the moving venue of your wedding dreams. As Lisa Forti, the manager noted, “We’re very flexible, we want people to custom make their dream wedding.”

Sunset Cruises - wedding

Sunset Cruises in Port Carling (Muskoka)

If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate style wedding cruise, operating in Muskoka, might be your best bet. The Peerless II is a restored historic supply boat that’s ready to host you and roughly 50 others as you make your own piece of history. Not to mention, you’ll be putting through some awfully gorgeous scenery when you tie the knot.

Your Wedding Day, Your Way

Whether you’re thinking about , , , or , Ontario has got you covered when it comes to Ontario weddings, and you’ll be able to have your celebration your way.

Especially in this case, these options aren’t for everyone, but that’s precisely the point. Weddings are expression of the love of two unique people and if any of the above options speak to said people, then that’s marvelous. Not everyone envisions themselves walking down the aisle of a relatively bland white church – some people want be on a ranch, to go back in time, be by a shore of ancient trees, or even out on the water.

What’s marvelous is that you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to make your dream come true, you just have to embrace all that Ontario has to offer, in all its eccentricity. So, make a statement, have some fun, and build out a day that will live on in the mind’s of your guests for a long, long time, and in your heart forever.

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Christopher Mitchell is Canadian travel writer, blogger, photographer and podcaster. He’s visited nearly 80 countries, and lived on 4 continents, but his focus now is on what makes Canada, and specifically Ontario, special. He’s been published both nationally internationally and writes regularly on his blog, . You can also find him on social media on any platform at @travelingmitch.



Beautiful Beach Wedding Ideas Inspired By Pampas Grass

When it rains, sometimes the creative ideas just pour out into wedding decor magic! This beautiful wedding inspiration came about by pure happenstance when a weddings planned florals were canceled due to rain. So what does one do with unfulfilled ideas and leftover materials? Throw together a stunning wedding inspiration, of course! 

The Inspiration

The inspiration for this shoot came about a little differently than most do. This shoot was actually born out of a surplus of extra florals and materials left over after a wedding that previous weekend that called for repurposing and refresh. The wedding was rained out and the true vision for these fluffy grasses was to be outside on a large arch blowing in the wind. 

Like most creatives when you have a vision in mind it needs to be born. So, when the incredible floral designer Zoë of Signature Florals asked if I wanted to create a design that would give these materials the glory they deserved, I jumped at the chance. I must confess I LOVE tight deadlines so four days was just enough to make it happen while the florals were fresh

The Ceremony

The design really was inspired by the materials and how they would react to the venue that we were able to secure, South Seas Island Resort in Captiva. At the tip of an island, it gets rather windy and I wanted the pampas grasses to be able to freely blow as they would in nature so we buried them and added similar shaped long lean florals to add color to the circular design. 

The circular ceremony backdrop was created with Pampas Grass, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and pink Larkspur in the sand to keep it natural and organic. The two satellite pieces were created with the same adding Roses and King Protea.

The Table

The table was sourced days before at a second-hand store as was the glassware and then it was a matter of just piling on textiles and textures. After all, nothing says boho like textiles! We had no time to special order hand dyed fabrics so this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at a little DIY by dipping the cheesecloth in coffee and wine to get that perfect muddy pink tone. 

I wanted to keep everything very light and airy so incorporating the vellum into the stationary gave the feeling on fluidity. Lorena of Script Me Pretty put together place cards and the invite in just a couple days, again, using leftover materials she had on hand. By adding in kiwi and sea salt I was able to give the table a little life by adding a little less refined feeling to an obviously curated space. 

The Cake

The basic white cake which was originally created for a past shoot out of foam by my dear friend Karen of Kakes by Karen found its place in the spotlight again by just adding a tassel and top embellishment using bits of the materials from the ceremony space. 

The Style

Stacy of Set Free Photography found our beautiful model days prior and the insanely talented Katherine Kemper made her that swept away glowing bride we hoped to find. Stacy captured the scene beautifully, proving that anyone can have a gorgeous thoughtful elopement with little money, time, or effort if they work with inspired professionals that love what they do.



Traditional Hamilton Inspired Wedding Ideas

From the heart of Florida we stumbled across this stunner of a styled shoot. conceptualized this with inspiration from Hamilton amidst a lovely palette of blues. Scroll through to see more…

Working with a blue palette and inspired by tradition a la Hamilton, Green Pearl Photography put together this lovely design, perfect to inspire a fall wedding. Our was set against a wood table from RW Style, setting the perfect place for dinner. Running the length of the table alongside our velvet-inspired runner were lovely arrangements from .

To really give the design that traditional look, chairs from RW Style were brought in a set of wood-based styles. Paired alongside the French-country inspired style seating, Green Pearl Photography brought in two scrolls to use as chair backs – such a creative piece of decor!

And the venue couldn’t have been more perfect! in Winter Springs, Florida it’s a gorgeous venue. We’re in love with all the details – from sky-high windows to sparkling chandeliers.

Would you head to Central Florida for this stunner of a venue? We’re certainly there!

Creative Partners//

Photography and Concept: @greenpearlphotography | Film Photography: Emily @theganeys | Venue: Luxmore Grande Estates @luxmoregrande | Hair + Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry @laurareynoldsartist | Calligraphy: Andi Mejia @andiimejiaa | Floral Design: Flowers By Leslie @flowers_by_lesley | Cake: The Pastry Studio @thepastrystudio | Linens: Nuage Designs @nuagedesignsinc | Furniture Rentals: RW Style @rentalsbyrwevents | Dish Rental: Ever After Vintage Weddings @everaftervintageweddings | Shoes: Bella Belle @bellabelleshoes | Bridal Accessories: Edera Jewelry @ederajewelry | Wedding Dress: The White Magnolia @whitemagnoliabridal | Wedding Dress Designer: Hayley Paige @misshayleypaige | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Calvet Couture @calvetcouturebridal | Whipped Apricot Bridesmaid Dress Design: Blake by Jenny Yoo @jennyyoonyc | Nude Bridesmaid Dress Design: Dinah by Nouvelle | Men’s Attire: Bespoke & Co. @bespoke_and_co | Coordination: Christine with Coastal Coordinating South | Heirloom Hankerchief: BumbleBee @bumblebeelinens | Model: Karla Goodwin @iamkarlagoodwin | BMG Model: Yianni Tsafonias @yianns | Model: Rose Meyers @rosemeyers | Model: Ralph Alphonse @llcooldreads | Model: Charlene Anderson @modelcharleneanderson | BMG Model: Chris Keough @chrismkeough | Young, Scrappy & Hungry Spoon: Etsy – Grace Began to Grow | Specialty Tea: K-Teas @kteastime | Custom matchboxes + matches: PortmanteauPaperCo @studioportmanteau | Book: Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Oxford Exchange Bookstore @oxfordexchange