Wedding Ideas on a Budget!

Not all of us want an extravagant, expensive wedding. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want our wedding to be as amazing as possible while still saving a little bit of money. There are plenty of ways to make your wedding incredible, beautiful, and entirely you while still not breaking the bank. Here, we will present you with a few suggestions.

Don’t make our guestlist unnecessarily huge. While people are often tempted to invite everybody they know or have ever run into to their wedding, it makes the ceremony less intimate and adds a lot to the cost. Decrease your guest count by twenty percent and see how you feel.

Hold the wedding ceremony or reception in a beautiful outdoor space rather than renting a venue. While there will still be associated costs for outdoor necessities such as tents, it can be a lot cheaper to rent those items than to rent an entire venue.

If the wedding is small, you may be able to do the catering yourself. Well, maybe not yourself. But your family can likely help you with it. This will drastically cut down on food costs. If you have a family member who is a great cook, ask them to help! You can cover the cost of food if they will provide their services. You may find that they’re flattered and pleased to help cook for you and your guests. Or, you can always ask at a family run restaurant as well. They will still charge you of course, but they will likely be more accommodating to your budget needs and can deliver unparalleled and personalized service.

Flowers can be expensive. Keep them simple. Sometimes simplicity can be more elegant than extravagance. A single flower for each bridesmaid and one simple, beautifully done bouquet for the bride can often be more visually appealing than a hugely expensive and potentially visually overbearing bouquet.

Consider buying used decorations or shop for sales: Selling used wedding decorations is a big business now! People want to re-sell what they used for their own wedding to try and make a little money back. You can help them and help yourself by buying their (slightly) used decor. Or, if you would still prefer to buy new, you can check for sales throughout the year. Try and plan ahead for this. The more in advance you know what your decoration needs will be, the more likely you will be to find it on sale.

Plan a simple, relaxing honeymoon. While it may be tempting to want to plan something big and international, or to stay in an expensive resort somewhere tropical, it will be cheaper and more relaxing to stay closer to home. The ultimate goal of your honeymoon is to unwind. Travelling to far off destinations may be appealing, but it’s often not as relaxing as people think. Spending full days in airports and navigating flight connections can add stress after you just stressed for weeks to plan and execute your wedding. You could rent a small cabin near a lake somewhere near you and hide from the world for awhile. This is far more romantic than most other vacations, and definitely a lot cheaper.

These were just a few ways to save money on your wedding. Remember that it doesn’t require tons of money to make your big day truly special. Get professional and effective comprehensive range of wedding services available at Affinity wedding magazines. Affinity wedding Planner helps you plan a dream wedding at the most affordable budget and meets your exact needs. Our events wedding planning services include wedding invitations, wedding venues, excellent photography, decorations and many more.


Free-Spirited Bohemian Wedding Ideas at The Wildflower

Free-Spirited Bohemian Wedding Ideas at The Wildflower

By: Ashley

Dip kiss love

We’re loving the free-spirited look and feel of this bohemian wedding inspiration at The Wildflower, one of Dallas’ newest outdoor venues. Surrounded by nature, ponds and open meadows, this location is perfect for a wild and free wedding in the great outdoors.

We’re dying over the gorgeous circle arch hand built by the florist, Wild Rose Events, and covered in gorgeous greenery and giant proteas (which later turns into the cake table!) and how about an adorable row boat ride for two? Keep scrolling for more, and don’t miss the full gallery from Adria Lea Photography.

King protea bouquet

Gorgeous ceremony circle archBeautiful wedding dress

Perfect wedding hair with florals accessory

Free-spirited bohemian

From Adria Lea Photography: This styled shoot was held at a brand new venue in the DFW area called The Wildflower. The Wildflower is located on 25 acres in Emory, Texas between Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork. Surrounded by large tracks of open meadow, huge Oak and Cedar trees, and a pond with nature and wildlife everywhere. Our inspiration behind the shoot was all things “wildflower” themed…free-spirited, bohemian, and natural!

Ceremony backdrop circle ideaGorg florals for this circle ceremony arch

Circle ceremony backdrop

Circle ceremony arch
Outdoor ceremony

Kiss the bride

Row boat ride for twoFloral filled row boat ride

Row boat love

Relaxed sweetheart table

Floral and candle ccenterpiece ideaVintage dishware for the sweetheart table

Cheers to this romantic shoot

Cheers to love

Floral swing love

Bright and airy

We wanted to keep it bright and airy with the colors so we chose light blues, pinks, and greens and it blended with nature perfectly! The ducks even wanted to be a part of the shoot (no, we did not plan that)! And to top it all off, the florist handmade the arch. She built it in a way that it could transform into a dessert table with a “floating shelf”. Also, Caitlin and Chandler are actually a real engaged couple, so the chemistry was 100% genuine!

Gold and blue painted wedding cake

Romantic cake table ideaGorgeous cake table

Calligraphy invitation suite


Minimalist Wedding Ideas for the Alternative Bride & Groom

Minimalist Wedding Ideas for the Alternative Bride & Groom

By: Ashley

Gorgeous ceremony backdrop idea

To all those alternative brides and grooms out there, this ones for you! Less really is more, and this next wedding shoot from Poshum Events and a talented team of professionals proves just that. A clean and simple color palette of crisp white and loads of greenery allows each detail to really shine.

White ceramic dishes, copper flatware and concrete candle holders add a natural look and feel to the space. They even had some fun, yet slightly eerie fox and bunny masks for the bride and groom to go along with the woodland creature place cards and invitation suite. Penelope Photos captured this day at the Wine Museum beautifully, so be sure to visit the full gallery for a closer look.

unique and modern wedding ring

Modern feather necklace for the brideGreenery bouquet

Minimalist bridal lookThe modern bride

Alternative wedding ideas

From Poshum Events: Vineyard surroundings, a picturesque estate with hidden treasures, our dancer couple as bride & groom, organic, ceramic materials and plain greenery for flower arrangements. Throw in eerie masks of a rabbit and a fox and there you have it, a minimal interpretation of an alternative -styled shoot- wedding.

White candles and eucalyptus ceremony decor

Alternative wedding ideas

Place card display idea

White and green modern weddingIllustrated place card

Minimal yet contemporary

Our team, POSHUM Events, along with a great team of creative wedding professionals put together a different wedding shoot, captured magnificently by PENELOPE Photos. Our main goal was to present a minimal yet contemporary and alternative version of a wedding. The Wine Museum was the prefect location because apart from the vineyards, provided us with many little non conventional spots to set up our scenes and backgrounds ideal for our concept.

Green, white and copper table decor

Modern table with white ceramic detailsWhite ceramic dish for a modern tablescape

Fox mask for an alternative weddingBunny mask for the alternative bride and groom

Modern bride

Ceramics + copper details

Our dancer couple handled the special garments by Orsalia Parthenis in a great way, with a sense of static motion, and the overall styling followed the minimal guidelines. The art de la table made only by ceramics and copper cutlery, concrete candlesticks and greenery were a perfect match with the amazing work of ATELIER invitations at the wedding stationary. The masks were handmade especially for the photo shoot. All the creatives did a great job, we had a blast shooting this unconventional wedding!

Minimalist cake table with white cakes and greenery

Illustrated invitation suite

Minimalist wedding ideas for the modern couple


Rustic Wedding Ideas to Tie the Knot in the Most Pure Way

Color palette plays a major role in bringing a balance and consistency in your theme. You can use colors like rust, gold, pine, brown, and champagne color shades for your rustic wedding.

It’s the most important day of life, but, planning a wedding is no easy task. If you want it to be different and unique then why not opt for a rustic wedding. It is the perfect theme for those who like to keep things simple, and want to be with their loved ones and nature on the day.

The charm of a rustic countryside wedding is unparalleled. It offers everything; beauty, privacy and simplicity. You can relax, and truly enjoy each moment, which is hardly possible in the city.

Planning needn’t be a task, as all friends and families can be involved to make it grand. To make it a little easier, we have sorted all the details for you, and compiled some of the best ideas. Take a look!

You can make your rustic wedding invitations simple yet interesting. If a wedding has a theme, it should reflect through the theme. You can make use of colors like gold, brown, or cream. Sending invitations in old-looking envelopes is also a good idea, make use of brown crushed paper for this. Keep the invitation wording simple, avoid the use of jargon or too much flowery language. Nor only is it contradictory to the theme, but it can also confuse the guests.

You can have a barn or farm as the setting, for an uncomplicated and rustic look. The key to a perfect setting is the use of right elements. Vintage cars, cycles, barrels, baskets, and other such elements will make the place look absolutely picturesque.

Rustic Wedding Reception Setting

Rustic Decorations – Bouquets on Wooden Background

Rustic Decorations – Flowers on Wooden Background

Rustic Decorations – Rings and Vows

Rustic Decorations – Birds on a Wooden Background

Rustic Decorations – Cheerful Signboards

Rustic Decorations – Candles and Hearts

The best part of a rustic wedding is the decoration. There are no strict rules, and anything that you have collected over the years can be part of the celebration. Colors like gold, yellow, umber, sage, russet, or shades of brown will instantly give a country style look.

Rustic Decorations – Unusual Light Arrangements

Rustic Decorations – Flower Arrangement in Cages

Rustic Decorations – Flower Arrangement in Cages

Rustic Decorations – Wall Hangings

There’s no limit to how creative you can get with these. Right from beautiful vases with dried flowers and leaves, from vintage frames to any sort of antique elements that you think would add to the rustic feel, anything will do. Just remember it has to be eye-catching.

Don’t go for a boring white cake, make it rustic! Cakes that have flower or leaf decorations, or are made like a log of wood or tree trunk are some options worth trying. If you want to stick to a conventional cake, no problem, just keep it on a trunk of tree, to add that rustic feel. You can even decorate the table with some dried leaves or flowers.

Rustic Wedding Cake with Flower Icing

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas – Cupcakes with Flower Icings

Go for a fuss-free yet graceful look for an added appeal. A gown lined with pretty lace or even a country style gown with long sleeves would look elegantly old-style. Add some flowers in your hair, or other ornaments that go with the theme.

The Rustic Look for the Bride

The Rustic Look for the Bride

Ahh… the bride! Yeah also the groom! They just have so many ways to look rustic, regal and beautiful on their special day. It’s all about adding little elements that will take the look to entirely new notches altogether. For example, a cream-colored gown would give it a more countryside wedding look rather than a white one.

Rustic Wedding – Couple Portrait

Rustic Wedding – Couple Portrait

Rustic Wedding Guestbook Idea

Here’s your chance to go truly rustic. A beautiful antique lamp, thick old book, all perched on a slab of a tree trunk. Sounds good, right! Think out of the box, and showcase your creativity through this one.

A rustic wedding will not only give you a peaceful, pretty environment, but will also save you a lot of money! So, go ahead with these ideas and make your wedding a perfect fairy-tale, but a simple one!


Moody Fall Wedding Ideas for the Cool Bride

Striking just the right balance of edgy and feminine, The Wedding Haven brings moody Fall wedding ideas for the cool bride that create the perfect blend of glam and ethereal beauty. If Autumn runs in your veins with the thrill of pumpkin spice everything, cuddling around bonfires and the changing leaves, then Jo Cole Photography’s stunning gallery is going to have you falling in love all over again. These highlights and details spilling over in tones of radiant, bold reds, deep burgundy, vibrant oranges and refreshing Fall greens, are going to put the exclamation point on this colorful season! With a modern tablescape by Blossom Tree Dubai and swoon-worthy Dubai Bridal Showroom bridal gowns, we are loving the dreamy combination, cozy details and the juxtaposition of the Dubai’s skyline from the Rixos The Palm offers.

Moody Fall Wedding Ideas for the Cool Bride

They say that Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – perfectly showcasing this idea are two floral wow factors.  The robust bouquet filled with a variety of textures and vibrant colors. And the hanging installations that bring a modern, yet rustic charm and remind us of the season’s brown sugar and cinnamon flavors. These moody Fall wedding ideas not only serve up a dose of pretty that’s perfectly in sync with the harvest season, but bring ideas to the table on how to put just the right amount of panache into your planning. Beginning with Blossom Tree Dubai’s stylish paper suite to the enchanting wooden place holders. The four-tiered cake exquisitely tells the story of romance in sleek black and white silhouettes created by the venue’s culinary team. Right down to the bride’s style with hair by Steve Wahab and makeup by Louise Monique this team thorough executed the best of in this season for the cool-toned bride using a refreshing cooler palette that brings a bit of show stopping elegance. These moody Fall wedding ideas for the cool bride are exactly how the season paints in colors Summer has never seen.

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Soft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas

Inspired by the natural and simple beauty of the Maine coast, Back Bay Bride created some absolutely gorgeous Maine wedding inspiration. Incorporating soft blues, the muted backgrounds of the beach, and carrying coastal textures all throughout, the design showcased the organic beauty of Maine’s surroundings in the most perfect of ways.

Mixing natural materials and textures like rattan charger plates, a macramé runner, and driftwood escort cards provided a simple organic feel. An elegant contrast was created by incorporating metallics and hand-lettered details. We absolutely love the wild and lush centerpiece created by Fiddleheads Florist, as it added another layer of organic style with greenery and white blooms in a wood trough style arrangement.

We think you’re going to love all of the cool coastal details captured by Lauren Dobish Photography… enjoy!

Soft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via TheELD.comSoft Blue Coastal Maine Wedding Ideas via

We love the misty fog that rolled in as they styled this wedding look. Beauty can be found in all weather, and we love how perfect this look came together.


Photography: Lauren Dobish Photography // Floral: Fiddleheads Florist // Calligraphy: Allison Lauren Letters // Event Planning: Back Bay Bride // Rentals: One Stop event rentals // Stationery: Little Ivy Paper Goods // Beauty: Stacia Tetrault Beauty // Wedding Dress: Blush Portland // Linens: Hustle & Sew // Wedding Dress: Sassi Holford // Groom’s Attire: The Tie Bar

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