Halloween Wedding Ideas for Fall

‘Tis the season for goblins, ghouls, witches, and… weddings? Yup, that’s right. Fall wedding season is actually the perfect time to incorporate Halloween‘s moody and slightly spooky touches to your big day. Case in point: these 11 frightfully fabulous details. Scroll on for all the scary-chic ideas.

black nail art can instantly lend a mysterious vibe to your bridal style. (via )




Hocus Pocus on repeat (although we certainly recommend it) to know that a witch’s brew is mandatory for any Halloween affair. Serve up your signature cocktails in beakers like this and your guests will have no problem getting in the spirit. (via )







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26 Best 2nd Anniversary Wedding Ideas

Elizabeth Cooney/Modcloth

Two is definitely better than one in terms of wedding anniversaries because, by this point, you’re officially another year older and another year wiser within your marriage. Even though a 2nd anniversary seems less significant than the 1st, it’s still a cause for major celebration and shouldn’t be overlooked. You might have the perfect romantic evening planned to commemorate saying “I do,” but the festivities won’t be complete without a corresponding gift. Take your 2nd wedding anniversary to the next level with these gift ideas your partner will love…almost as much as you.

2nd Anniversary Traditions

Each wedding anniversary has customary traditional and modern gifts. While it’s not mandatory to rely on these every year, they definitely help narrow down gift options. For 2-year anniversaries, couples traditionally give each other cotton. This soft material symbolizes resilience, adaptability, and versatility—key components of any marriage. Cotton also reflects increased comfort within married couples.

For a modern spin, china or porcelain have been used for 2nd anniversary gifts, as these embody both the strong and delicate aspects of marriage. The customs don’t end there—red is the traditional 2nd anniversary wedding color, the designated gemstone is garnet, and cosmos are the conventional 2-year flower. Whether you choose a traditional, modern, or unique route, your anniversary gift will speak volumes.

romantic getaway trip, where she can put the bag to use immediately. Perhaps go back to the spot you proposed or had your first date.



jewelry collection. Plus, the fiery red color fulfills another second anniversary tradition.

Tassel Ball Earrings, $24.50, J. Crew



J. Crew



anniversary has to call for an elaborate celebration. If your significant other considers himself a self proclaimed movie buff, spend the night in with a humorous binge watching kit, which has all your couch potato needs covered. Featuring a pair of socks, drink coasters, a sofa yoga guide, stain remover, a chip clip, tissues, and even dental floss, you only need to supply the movies.

“hers” lipstick version.


tech toys. Made from fine leather, this portable device ensures that his phone battery will last forever (just like your love), so there’s no excuse whatsoever for them to ever miss any of your calls…wink wink.

Native Union TAG Lightning Cable, $49.99, available at Nordstrom


home décor and a sentimental wedding reminder. This hand-crafted canvas is custom made with sheet music from a couple’s first dance song. It’s totally “aww” worthy and makes perfect bedroom or living room art. Canvas sizes range from 10×20 inches to 30×60 inches.

cooking together, pair this cotton kitchen set with a cookbook for a second anniversary full of delicious eats. And, don’t worry—the reverse side of the oven mitt reads “Hers,” so she can still call dibs on wearing it.

Kate Spade New York His/Hers 2-Piece Kitchen Linen Set, $25, available at Bloomingdale’s



anniversary treats.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Stoneware Dessert Bowl, $3.99, available at Target



8 movie-inspired wedding ideas you can actually pull off

— wedding bells

Paramount Pictures

Your wedding theme will dictate most of your decor choices and, probably, the reception venue as well. Needless to say, it will be one of the very first decisions you’ll have to make early in the planning process (#nopressure). So if you’re stuck and not sure in which direction to go into, why not let Hollywood lend you some inspiration?

Now let’s be clear—we’re not suggesting you show up at your Little Mermaid-theme wedding donning red hair and a purple bandeau top (although if that’s your thing, by all means go ahead). You can simply take certain elements of the movie as a starting point and work your personal preferences into it.

We reached out to Sheila Camp Motley, longtime wedding planner and owner of Sheila Camp Motley Event Design + Management, for her pro tips on how to bring to life, in a chic way, of course, the vibe of some of Hollywood’s most-beloved classics.

The Great Gatsby

Warner Bros.

How:“The perfect historical mansion is critical to bringing this theme to life. Guests love the opportunity to dress in a Roaring Twenties theme, so welcome the chance to. Think champagne coupes and beaded dresses.”

Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney Pictures

Where: The garden of a country estate

How: “Whimsical fancy at an afternoon tea? Mix a range of pastel colors with an eclectic combination of vintage furniture. Dress tables with a fun mix of potted herbs in china tea pots.”

The Little Mermaid


Where: An oceanfront venue

How:“Bring this theme to life with wonderful colored special-event lighting and project under the sea images throughout your event space to transport guests.”

we love you



School Themed Wedding Ideas for Teachers and Class Sweethearts

These school themed wedding details would be perfect for a couple who met in school or a pair of school teachers who are tying the knot!

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Wedding Ideas on a Budget!

Not all of us want an extravagant, expensive wedding. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want our wedding to be as amazing as possible while still saving a little bit of money. There are plenty of ways to make your wedding incredible, beautiful, and entirely you while still not breaking the bank. Here, we will present you with a few suggestions.

Don’t make our guestlist unnecessarily huge. While people are often tempted to invite everybody they know or have ever run into to their wedding, it makes the ceremony less intimate and adds a lot to the cost. Decrease your guest count by twenty percent and see how you feel.

Hold the wedding ceremony or reception in a beautiful outdoor space rather than renting a venue. While there will still be associated costs for outdoor necessities such as tents, it can be a lot cheaper to rent those items than to rent an entire venue.

If the wedding is small, you may be able to do the catering yourself. Well, maybe not yourself. But your family can likely help you with it. This will drastically cut down on food costs. If you have a family member who is a great cook, ask them to help! You can cover the cost of food if they will provide their services. You may find that they’re flattered and pleased to help cook for you and your guests. Or, you can always ask at a family run restaurant as well. They will still charge you of course, but they will likely be more accommodating to your budget needs and can deliver unparalleled and personalized service.

Flowers can be expensive. Keep them simple. Sometimes simplicity can be more elegant than extravagance. A single flower for each bridesmaid and one simple, beautifully done bouquet for the bride can often be more visually appealing than a hugely expensive and potentially visually overbearing bouquet.

Consider buying used decorations or shop for sales: Selling used wedding decorations is a big business now! People want to re-sell what they used for their own wedding to try and make a little money back. You can help them and help yourself by buying their (slightly) used decor. Or, if you would still prefer to buy new, you can check for sales throughout the year. Try and plan ahead for this. The more in advance you know what your decoration needs will be, the more likely you will be to find it on sale.

Plan a simple, relaxing honeymoon. While it may be tempting to want to plan something big and international, or to stay in an expensive resort somewhere tropical, it will be cheaper and more relaxing to stay closer to home. The ultimate goal of your honeymoon is to unwind. Travelling to far off destinations may be appealing, but it’s often not as relaxing as people think. Spending full days in airports and navigating flight connections can add stress after you just stressed for weeks to plan and execute your wedding. You could rent a small cabin near a lake somewhere near you and hide from the world for awhile. This is far more romantic than most other vacations, and definitely a lot cheaper.

These were just a few ways to save money on your wedding. Remember that it doesn’t require tons of money to make your big day truly special. Get professional and effective comprehensive range of wedding services available at Affinity wedding magazines. Affinity wedding Planner helps you plan a dream wedding at the most affordable budget and meets your exact needs. Our events wedding planning services include wedding invitations, wedding venues, excellent photography, decorations and many more.



Minimalist Wedding Ideas + Design

Embrace the “less is more” mindset for a minimalist wedding filled with clean lines, neutral hues, and understated elegance.

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Free-Spirited Bohemian Wedding Ideas at The Wildflower

Free-Spirited Bohemian Wedding Ideas at The Wildflower

By: Ashley

Dip kiss love

We’re loving the free-spirited look and feel of this bohemian wedding inspiration at The Wildflower, one of Dallas’ newest outdoor venues. Surrounded by nature, ponds and open meadows, this location is perfect for a wild and free wedding in the great outdoors.

We’re dying over the gorgeous circle arch hand built by the florist, Wild Rose Events, and covered in gorgeous greenery and giant proteas (which later turns into the cake table!) and how about an adorable row boat ride for two? Keep scrolling for more, and don’t miss the full gallery from Adria Lea Photography.

King protea bouquet

Gorgeous ceremony circle archBeautiful wedding dress

Perfect wedding hair with florals accessory

Free-spirited bohemian

From Adria Lea Photography: This styled shoot was held at a brand new venue in the DFW area called The Wildflower. The Wildflower is located on 25 acres in Emory, Texas between Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork. Surrounded by large tracks of open meadow, huge Oak and Cedar trees, and a pond with nature and wildlife everywhere. Our inspiration behind the shoot was all things “wildflower” themed…free-spirited, bohemian, and natural!

Ceremony backdrop circle ideaGorg florals for this circle ceremony arch

Circle ceremony backdrop

Circle ceremony arch
Outdoor ceremony

Kiss the bride

Row boat ride for twoFloral filled row boat ride

Row boat love

Relaxed sweetheart table

Floral and candle ccenterpiece ideaVintage dishware for the sweetheart table

Cheers to this romantic shoot

Cheers to love

Floral swing love

Bright and airy

We wanted to keep it bright and airy with the colors so we chose light blues, pinks, and greens and it blended with nature perfectly! The ducks even wanted to be a part of the shoot (no, we did not plan that)! And to top it all off, the florist handmade the arch. She built it in a way that it could transform into a dessert table with a “floating shelf”. Also, Caitlin and Chandler are actually a real engaged couple, so the chemistry was 100% genuine!

Gold and blue painted wedding cake

Romantic cake table ideaGorgeous cake table

Calligraphy invitation suite