Intro To Dinner And Dance
It’s the time of the year to organize a special night to gather and reward your employees for the good work they have contributed for the year. Dinner and Dance is a social event in which companies host as a form of appreciation where the announcement of the company milestone and long service award recognition will be held, usually lasting 3 to 4 hours. Dinner and dance also boost the employees morale and allow the employees to forge a stronger relationship with their top management in an out-of-office setting, making it easier for them to approach.

Dinner and dance is also a great way to highlight company culture and core values. By awarding employees with recognition prizes, employees will feel valued and important. These awards will do wonders for productivity in your office! Activities such as team building games could also be incorporated to bridge the gap between leaders and employees. Team building activities will help employees see their bosses as a peer rather than an unapproachable authority, which can work magic in the office.
By hosting the dinner and dance at a different environment will also allow them the opportunity to talk to new people in the company that they do not usually interact with. As a company have various departments and might be relatively huge in numbers, employees might have missed out on some of their colleagues’ presence, this is the time for them to interact. Who knows? They might hold a discussion that sparks creativity and new original ideas for the company that can help improve the business model.

Tips On Organising Dinner And Dance

Want to plan a truly memorable dinner and dance party? Here are some tips to consider beforehand:

1. Venue – If you wish to host your dinner and dance at an exciting venue and willing spend the extra cash to motivate your guest, here is a few venues to consider in Singapore.
Venue recommendation: Attica, Pit Building, Gardens By The Bay, Alkaff Mansion, The Screening Room, Sea Aquarium
2. Event Theme – Having a theme can enhance the fun of your event. Put a little effort to get your guests to dress up according to themes. Best dress get prizes too!
Themes proposed: Starry Starry Night, Black Tie Event, Retro Night, Tropical Paradise, Red Carpet
3. Guest list – Have your guest list planned out in alphabetical order so that you are able to tick them off quickly if a huge group arrives together. This helps in attendance management efficiency so they can get in and grab a drink asap. You can also use guest check in mobile application so that guest do not need to queue up in line.
Mobile Apps recommendation: EventBrite, Zkipster, Social Table, Check In Easy, Event Farm
4. Dietary requirements – Do not wish for something to have an allergic reaction during the event? Always remember to ask about their dietary requirements when they RSVP for the event.
5. Sufficient Table Plans – Most guest upon arrival would forget to check their seating arrangements when caught up in a sudden conversation. Ensure that there are sufficient table plans laid out at noticeable areas, printed with names written clearly! If you have a theme, use funky table names as no one will forget they’re sitting on the “Trendsetter” table.
6. Seating Arrangements – Take the time to think through on how you want to have the seating arrangement done. Seat them in departments or are you going to mix them up for interaction based on their personality? Try not to mix people who do not know each other in one table. This can have a big impact on the atmosphere of the party.
7. Double E’s. Having an excellent entertainment could build the event atmosphere. Start the event with a spectacular performance that engages audiences attention. Want to get people hitting the dancefloor? Engage dancers to hype up the event by pulling the crowd to the stage and make sure that the DJ put on good tunes for them to groove to.
8. Free Flow Alcohol – Alcohol! Because no great story ever started with someone eating salad. Consider how many hours of free flow alcohol will you be providing to your guest. If your event ends at 10pm, your bar should not close at 9am. That might just dampen the event atmosphere.
9. End Of Party – If you want to seem like a really thoughtful boss, go the extra miles by sparing a thought for your employees. If your party ends after the last public transport, is it easy to get cabs at the event venue? For overseas guest, is accommodation arranged for them? Always ensure that your guest are your priority and well covered.

From planning your company dinner and dance needs, to event theme ideas, we will plan a truly memorable party for your company! Being a professional company dinner and dance organizer, we have the ability to liaise with our pool of partners to give you the most affordable rates local or overseas.
We provide the following event management services for your company dinner and dance:
1. Venue, Food and Drinks
2. Audio Visual, Lighting Equipment and Crew
3. Professional Emcee
4. DJs
5. Event Models
6. Entertainers
7. Themed and Basic Decorations
8. Designed Backdrop and Designed Banner
9. Pre-Event Activity
10. Cameraman and Videographer to capture all those memorable moments!