Thinking to organize an annual staff retreat event out of the norm where all your staff can unwind? Or perhaps to hold your corporate event at a unique location overseas? Depending on your budget, we could work out something to give the best overseas experience ever.

As events is growing internationally and hosting one overseas might be more affordable as compared to hosting it locally! To ensure a memorable event, we will recommend the appropriate venue for your event. From booking flight and accommodation, entertainers, activities, insurance, food and drinks, we will have you all covered and well taken care of.

Tips To Selecting The Right Overseas Destination
To shortlist the overseas venue to host your event, there are a few requirements to look out for:
Ø Event goals and objectives – What do you wish to achieve at the end of the event?

Ø Attendees profile – Will the destination excites your attendees?

Ø Programme Content – What type of activities will be suitable for the attendees to take part in?

Ø Budget – Is the destination able to meet your budget set?

Ø Preferred Date – Always decide on a date so that rates are able to be negotiable with suppliers in the early stage.

Ø Space Requirements – What is the expected attendees?

Ø Accommodation Requirements – Is the hotel able to accommodate all the attendees in one location? If not, alternative sister hotel nearby?

Ø Catering Needs and Quality – Check to ensure that the food catered is able to meet all attendees’ dietary requirements

Ø Size of Exhibition (If any) – Is the exhibition hall able to host the amount of expected crowd?

Once you have shortlisted your destination choices, we would recommend doing a site-inspection of the location and venues to check out the feasibility of hosting your event at the said venue. Things to take note of when doing site inspection are:
Ø What are the visa requirements to enter the country? (If there are overseas attendees)

Ø The duration to travel from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the event venue. Is there any traffic along the way that might delay the event?

Ø What are the wet weather plans in any case that your event is hosted outdoors?

Ø How late can your event be held till at the venue?

Ø What are the customs to take note of at the overseas destination?

Ø Does the caterer have an established reputation? Is the food to your liking?

Ø Is the hotel easily accessible to shopping centres and eateries?

Ø What equipment is available on site?

Ø Is there any permit required for your event? (International conferences or exhibitions)

Ø What time is the set-up and break down?

Ø Is there WiFi available?

Ø Is the quality of the facilities up to safety standards?

Ø What are the unique experience that your attendees can take home?

With all these inspections done, you will be able to better understand where you want your overseas event to be held and then start planning for your event.

Company Retreats
To cater to the increasing trend in companies hosting their retreats beyond the local shores, countries across the region are stepping up their game by offering a compelling mix of cutting-edge event venues, luxury hotels, and unique activities to engage and train staff members. With the growth of Asia’s emerging markets, destinations like Yangon, Manila and Colombo are also emerging as one of the popular destination to host an overseas event.

Why A Retreat Is Important
A retreat can make a staff feel appreciated and rejuvenate them physically and emotionally by providing a relaxed environment. It is also an opportunity for colleagues to bond out of the office environment to get to know each other better and improve working relationships within the office.

A retreat is also the perfect chance to gather everyone in one location to share the firm’s achievements for the year and make important announcements, thank and reward employees for their service, as well as highlight what to expect in the coming year. It helps to motivates staff, boosts their confidence and renews loyalty in the firm. It is also the best time for CEOs to take time out away from work and interact with their employees on a personal level.

What an Effective Retreat Offers
An effective retreat should help employees to relax, interact with one another and be relevant to the retreat objectives. Programme highlights should be infused with a hearty dose of fun. The retreat should aim to involve everyone’s participation and having ample opportunity for casual communication between colleagues, bosses and subordinates, which brings down barriers. These positive social interactions will strengthen relationships within the workplace, making it more pleasant and bringing renewed commitment from staff.

Some personal time should also be given to the employees to reflect and interact with colleagues in a neutral environment. Who knows? They might just come up with fresh ideas that might be useful for the business.

What To Consider When Planning A Good Retreat
Always plan ahead and do some research by obtaining employees feedback. Have an agenda on what you wish to achieve at the end of the retreat. Another consideration is duration of the retreat. A short retreat requires lesser budget and is suitable for small teams. A longer retreat provides better opportunity for teams to enhance their creative potential by fully utilizing it during team building activities, but might be pricier.