Having a headache deciding where to find talents for your event? Need an experienced emcee for your event? Need influencers to market your brand? Need a live band or DJ to hype up your event? Need model promoters to push your brand out? Fret not as we provide you with a one-stop-shop solution!

At Eventsmasivas, we have a pool of dedicated talents for our discerning clients. Our talents not only excel in the fields of performance, but are also skilled in handling public relations as well as people management. They are experienced, proactive and have displayed great chemistry among themselves and with our different clients, to ensure a harmonious yet productive event.

With our vast array of emcees, models, dancers, singers, bands and other unique and exciting performance acts, we ensures you would be spoilt for choices, but never end up with a spoilt choice!

Talents that we provide
Models – Hire professional models for fashion, commercials, and events (shows, launches and exhibitions).

Influencers – Need to reach a wide range of people on social media? Work with our Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to get your message out there.

Emcees – With our pool of professional emcees, they will be sure to engage your audience! Some of our emcees are even trilingual! They will be sure to fill your event with fun and laughter!

DJs – Need some music to spice up your event? No worries as our professional local DJs will be sure that your event ends with a bang!

Live band – Looking for an acoustic band that can sing soulful music for your event? We will find the right talent for you!

Dancers – Want some entertainment for your event? Our professional dancers will light up the stage.

Talent Management Process
There are 4 phases to our Talent Management selection before we recommend to our clients. The Submission, Audition, Confirmation, Fitting. The main goal of this process is to get to know and acquire the best talents for our client events.

Firstly, talents will send in their portfolio and we will then filter the talents that best fit the event. For example, a beauty product launch, talents that we will look out for have to be of a certain caliber. Talents must be presentable looking, and have some knowledge in the beauty industry to communicate the correct information to the audience.
Secondly, we will host an audition to get to know the talents better in person. This can be done over phone call audition as well, to see how well the talents articulate and present themselves.

Thirdly, once talents have been selected, we will notify them and check with their date availability for the event dates required.
Lastly, if costumes are provided, talents will have to come down another round for fitting to ensure that they look their best during the event.

Why should you hire talents?
Talents such as a professional emcee is able to help you manage your time, engage your audiences and provide entertainment. As corporate event tends to run late due to long-winded speakers, the emcee will ensure that speakers limit their presentations to the time allotment and they will expertly introduce the important person and ensure smooth continuity of your event. When the event gets dull, professional emcee will supply your audience with comic reliefs to lift their spirits up. They are well rounded with talents and can be motivational speakers, comedians, game master and much more!

Hiring a talented live band or DJ to get your crowd excited. A band leader could also double up as your event emcee, interacting with the crowd and paying attention to the event atmosphere and sings the right songs. A DJ on the other hand have their own characteristic appeal, and if you are looking to have an after party event, they will definitely rock the crowd till the wee hours!

Influencers are able to make your event go viral through social media marketing. As influencers are the trend-setters, they are able to engage with your targeted audiences to bring your event or brand message across. It not only increases your engagements but also helps with your company SEO!

Our eye-catching model talents are able to make a statement and set the tone for your event and branding. Many of our model talents can speak eloquently and able to manage your event reception with a warm smile. They are skilled in promoting your brand, converse with the audiences, generate new leads and many more.

Tips on how to engage the right talent for your event
Ø What sort of image should the talent convey? It’s understood the most companies want to hire talents who are attractive, but attractiveness comes in many flavors. An exotic, “sexy” talent might not have the right tone for your product. Is a “sporty” or “wholesome” look better than elegant beauty for the brand image you want to establish?

Ø What duties will you require from the talents? Do they have an outgoing personality? Should they be able to deliver a sales pitch in a convincing manner? If so, in which languages? Will they need to be trained on information-gathering devices like handheld computers? Are you ready to train them?

Ø What is the experience and reputation of the agency you will use? Do they have a long history of supplying talents for successful events? A good agency should manage the talents almost transparently to you as a client

Ø Has your staff been briefed on what the talents should do, and how they will be expected to coordinate with the talents’ work? Does your staff buy-in to the concept?

Ø Do you have the uniforms, costumes, and other parts of the “look” down for the talents? Some talents will gladly wear their own clothing, but likely, you as a client will need to invest in something like a uniform to make a strong brand impression at an event.