Beautiful and perfect. That’s what you want your wedding to be.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and one of the happiest moments that you couldn’t buy with all the money in the world. It is about two people coming together and bond as one to create everlasting love. Thus, we believe in ensuring that every nitty-gritty aspects of your wedding have no room for errors. Being the host of your wedding, you want to have peace of mind and you want your guests and bridal party to have a great time!

With a wide range of services that we provide, we help couples to plan their wedding economically, as well as alleviate any pre-wedding stress by taking care of all the coordination that is needed. From conceptualization, research, budgeting, vendor bookings, wedding photography and itinerary planning, you can safely entrust it in the hands of our specialist. Our wedding planner will be your companion and guide through your preparations, while our wedding day team got your back! Count on us to do most of the behind-the-scenes work, while you and your loved ones have a blast!

Planning weddings are very subjective. It depends very much on your preferences, and what you are looking out for. Many a time, couple tends to forget about the little details, and most soon-to be couples are so busy with work that they aren’t really free to plan their wedding in time. We have categorised a number of wedding styles that couples tend to host:

Simple but posh
Today’s brides and grooms do not like to host a traditional wedding, they would prefer a simple wedding, yet being able to look posh at the same time. A simple elegant wedding would allow couples to host their wedding the classy way, without having to break their bank. A minimal outlook where flower decorations are mostly used to enhance the venue outlook is the way to go, making it look posh. This type of wedding theme is suitable for couples who wishes to host their wedding with guest seated from 80 to 100pax.

Recommend type of venue: One° 15 Marina Club, Lewin Terrace, La Catina, The Halia, Forlino, Churches, Cruise Chapel

The Once Upon A Time
Recreating your childhood fantasy or favourite fairytale makes a wedding full of fun. Popular whimsical themed wedding are usually magically done tastefully in style, yet not going overboard. Want to indulge in romantic flowing dresses, dreamy décor and twinkling tree lights? Then try the secret garden theme! With so many choices to choose from, let’s make your fairytale come true!

Recommended type of venue: W Singapore, Villa Halia, Pollen, Sofitel Singapore, Sky Garden, Vineyard, Chijmes, The Royal Albatross, Blisshouse.

Military Wedding
Military weddings are always spectacular, what with the sharp-looking uniforms and even different customs for the cutting of wedding cake! Walking down the aisle under an arch of swords signifies a safe passage for the newlyweds into their life together. An archway of swords is formed by 6 to a maximum of 12 sword bearers positioned in two rows along the aisle. To spice things up, the first pair of sword bearers would usually lower the arch of their swords so that the newlyweds are deny entry till the couple fulfill a display of love for each other, such as sharing a kiss, or the groom carrying the bride in his arms through the Arch of Swords. Are you ready to embark on your journey to being a military wife?

Recommended type of venue: Alkaff Mansion, Swissotel the Stamford, Raffles Hotel, Tamarind Hill

So are you excited to start planning your wedding? Here is a one step guide to planning your wedding!

Setting a budget
Always spend within your budget and do not conform to external pressure. Hire a professional if needed and they will be sure to work within your budget.

Set a date
Set your wedding date. But always be prepared to be flexible in case of your dream venue being booked on the date you wanted to host your wedding.

Find a venue
It is always best to book your dream venue a year before your actual wedding date to secure it. This usually requires you to go for multiple hotel inspections and do your online research, which is time consuming.

Select the theme
Figure out what wedding style do you want your wedding ceremony to be. A simple elegant wedding, a traditional wedding, a whimsical wedding or a military wedding? Once you have figured out the wedding theme, then you can start looking out for the decorations to compliment the venue.

Guest List
Decide who you wish to invite to your big day! But choose wisely as the more you invite, they higher your cost would be. (Tips: Cutting guest numbers by 10 could save you at least $1500!)

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dress
Find the perfect wedding dress and bridal dress for your big day by going to different bridal vendors. Of course, do your research online first to know their credibility!

Services (Makeup, Photographer, Videographer, Photobooth)
The best ones usually get snapped up quickly, so make sure you engage the right one!

Engaged a live band or DJ set to entertain your guests through the banquet while you are busy taking photos and changing out of your dresses.

Find the right decorations
From your bridal bouquet to reception decor, discuss seasonality of your favourite blooms and the all-important arrangement composition with your florist. Also decide on your guestbook and ang bao box style that you wish to have (which you might have to DIY yourself unless you hire a professional to do it for you)

Finding the right JP
Holding your solemnization during your wedding day? Don’t forget to find the right JP to commission your marriage!

Think about this, why don’t you save the hassle and engage a wedding planner instead where we can cover all aspect for you big day.